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  1. Here are the Christmas Pictures for 2008!
  2. This person is unemployed and he got upset over macaroni dinner. Maybe he should get a job than he can get a better dinner.
  3. Your Linguistic Profile: 55% General American English 20% Yankee 15% Upper Midwestern 5% Midwestern 0% Dixie What Kind of American English Do You Speak?
  4. Can we depart the village idiots back to idiotville or something.
  5. Well, he didn't have to worry about someone robbing him.
  6. I hope daddy is enjoying sleeping alone on the couch or either working a second job to cover court costs to pay for a name change :) You can get the name change on the birth certificate without costing a dime after the birth of the baby. Many parents do change their minds on the name, and there are misspellings. They can go to the hospital where the baby was born at have it done for free, because they are responsible to make sure the name is spelled correctly before spending the information off to the county and Social Security. Once the birth certificate has the real name changed the other documents are also free.
  7. The mayor has to show proof that the creators of Batman took the name of the city for the comic book hero. Other than that he will not get a dime. If he does win Buffalo, New York should sue everyone that uses "Buffalo style..." The city should could use the money! :)
  8. I heard that one on the radio. She was very smart by bring the fox. The treatment really sucks.
  9. Your clones should have known better...
  10. Happiness is watching Anthony WALK!!!
  11. I have a feeling the trading will stop soon.
  12. She can write all she wants it does not mean people will go out in droves to buy her book. She is yesturdays news.
  13. Well, if you are in a vacuum it might be harmful. Anyway, I believe you will get more radiation from the sun than from Scotch Tape. That is my opinion along with some training I got when I first got on board USS Harry S. Truman.
  14. I am glad that charges where dropped. I am not surprised at all. It is too bad they can't get along. They would gain so much if they got along. Infamous words of Rodney King, “Why can’t we all just get along?"
  15. Well, it almost that time of the year. I wonder where doe's fawn's hidding spot. Deers are very protective of their fawns.