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On May 26, 1868, the Senate impeachment trial of President Andrew Johnson ended with his acquittal as the Senate fell one vote short of the two-thirds majority required for conviction


On May 26, 1907, John Wayne, the American actor famous for his roles in western movies, was born.


1994 Pop star Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley were married in the Dominican Republic. (They were divorced 19 months later.)

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May 26


1521 - Martin Luther's writings were banned by the Edict of Worms


1647 - The first person hanged in America for the crime of witchcraft, Alse Young.


1864 - Montana territory created


1896 - Dow Jones Industrial Average first published


1897 - Bram Stoker's novel Dracula goes on sale in London


1951 - Sally Ride was born

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May 26


1232 - Gregory IX issues the bull Declinante jam mundi, bringing the Papal Inquisition to Spain.


1647 - Alse Young, a widow, is hanged for witchcraft in Hartford, Connecticut. Her daughter Alice is accused of the same offense 30 years later, in Massachusetts.


1868 - In England's last public execution, Michael Barrett is hanged at Newgate. All subsequent hangings are held behind prison walls. Presiding over the event is executioner William Calcraft, who frequently supplements his income by selling the clothes and noose worn by the condemned.


1960 - America's UN Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge charges the Soviets with having bugged the Moscow embassy. He shows off a large wooden carving of the United States seal which had been hollowed out to conceal a sophisticated resonant cavity transmitter. Less than 30 years later a newly-rebuilt Moscow embassy is determined to be "structurally riddled with eavesdropping devices."


1978 - A safety officer at Northwestern University opens a suspicious package which had been delivered to a professor. The object explodes in Terry Marker's hands, making him the first victim of the Unabomber.


1980 - By orders of military dictator Chun Doo Hwan, and with the blessing of the Carter administration, the South Korean government massacres 2,000 pro-democracy protesters in Kwangju city.


1994 - "Price Is Right" host Bob Barker admits to having had an 18-month sexual relationship with former co-host Dian Parkinson. The onetime Playboy model was suing the game show's host and its production company for sexual harassment. Barker denies that the sex had been anything but consensual, claiming that "she volunteered the hanky-panky." Parkinson later drops the suit.


1994 - Dogged by rumors of pedophilia, Michael Jackson weds Lisa Marie Presley in the Dominican Republic. The couple keeps their marriage secret for six weeks, then files for divorce 18 months after that.

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Friday May 27th, 1988


I took the Oath of Enlistment for the United States Army and began my Basic Training:


"I, _____, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God."

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May 27th:



St. Petersburg was founded by Czar Peter the Great




British ships sank the German battleship Bismarck off the coast of France, resulting in the loss of 2,300 lives.



Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco opened.

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I have no idea where the recurring thread is - maybe it should be pinned or else we do one for each day.


June 9


1963 - John Christopher Depp is born in Owensboro Kentucky


1973 - Secretariat wins Triple Crown


1856 - the first Mormon handcart company leaves Iowa City.


1943 - Pay as you go tax established (income withholding)

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June 9 in history


1870—English novelist Charles Dickens dies after suffering a brain hemorrhage.


1898—Hong Kong is leased to Britain from China for 99 years.


1934—Donald Duck is "born" when he appears in the cartoon The Little Wise Hen.

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At this moment, it's on page 2 of the Cotton Candy Factory.

I looked for it yesterday but just in Off topic dsicussions, not in the Cotton Candy Factory. No wonder I couldn't find it, :hug::cloud9:


I went ahead and posted in the old thread to bring it into recent postings.

Edited by trekz

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June 10th:



Alcoholics Anonymous was founded by "Bill W."



Affirmed won the Belmont Stakes and the Triple Crown.

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June 27



Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints founder Joseph Smith was murdered by a mob in Carthage, Ill.



Helen Keller was born



President Harry S. Truman ordered the Air Force and Navy into the Korean War.



The national do-not-call registry, formed to combat unwanted telemarketing calls and administered by the Federal Trade Commission, enrolled almost three-quarters of a million phone numbers on its first day.

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Today in History - June 27

By The Associated Press

Today is Friday, June 27, the 179th day of 2008. There are 187 days left in the year.


On June 27, 1957, more than 500 people were killed when Hurricane Audrey slammed through coastal Louisiana and Texas.


On this date:


In 1846, New York and Boston were linked by telegraph wires.


In 1944, during World War II, American forces completed their capture of the French port of Cherbourg from the Germans.


One year ago: Former Treasury chief Gordon Brown became British prime minister, succeeding Tony Blair. In her first televised interview since being released from custody, a demure Paris Hilton told CNN's Larry King she would never again drink and drive and that her time in jail was "a time-out in life."


Today's Birthdays: Singer-musician Bruce Johnston (The Beach Boys) is 66. Writer-producer-director J.J. Abrams is 42. Actor Tobey Maguire is 33.

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Today in history, August 9th.




378 Battle of Adrianople, Visigoth Calvary defeats Roman Army

480 -BC- Persia defeats Spartan king Leonidas at Thermopylae

1638 Jonas Bronck of Holland becomes 1st European settler in the Bronx

1673 Dutch recapture NY from English; regained by English in 1674

1778 Capt Cook passes through Bering Strait

1786 1st ascent of Mt Blanc

1790 Columbia becomes 1st US flagged ship to voyage around the world

1803 1st horses arrive in Hawaii

1829 "Stourbridge Lion" locomotive goes into service

1831 1st US steam engine train run (Albany to Schenectady, NY)

1842 US-Canada border defined by Webster-Ashburton Treaty

1848 Barnburners (anti-slavery) party merges with the Free Soil Party nominating Martin Van Buren for president

1849 Hungarian Republic crushed by Austria & Russia

1854 Henry David Thoreau publishes "Walden"

1855 Battle of Acapulco during Mexican Liberal uprising

1862 Prelude to 2nd Manassas, Jackson is victorious at Battle of Cedar Mt, however Gen Charles S Winder is killed

1893 1st US bowling magazine, Gut Holz, published in NY

1902 Edward VII of England crowned after death of his mother Victoria

1923 NY State Golf Assoc formed

1925 Only time Babe Ruth pinch-hit for, Bobby Veach flies out

1930 Betty Boop debutes in Max Fleischer's animated cartoon Dizzy Dishes

1936 Jesse Owens wins 4th gold medal of Berlin Olympics

1942 British arrests Indian nationalist Mohandas K Gandhi

1945 US drops 2nd atomic bomb "Fat Man" on Japan destroys part of Nagasaki

1946 1st time all major-league baseball games (8) are played at night

1956 1st state-wide, state-supported educational TV network, Alabama

1956 South African women demonstrate against pass laws

1960 Race riot in Jacksonville Florida

1961 James B Parsons is 1st black appointed to Federal District Court

1963 Britains rock TV show, Ready Steady Go, premiers

1964 Bunning continues pitching perfectly to the NY Mets until 2 outs in 5th, when Joe Christopher beats out a bunt. He totals 15 innings

1965 Singapore gains independence from Malaysia (National Day)

1969 Manson family commits Tate-LaBianca murders

1970 Peruvian Airlines jet carrying 45 US exchange students explodes

1971 Le Roy (Satchel) Paige inducted into baseball's Hall of Fame

1972 Rockwell receives NASA contract to construct the Space Shuttle

1973 Henry McCullough & Denny Seiwell quit Wings

1973 USSR launches Mars 7

1974 Richard Nixon resigns presidency, VP Gerald Ford becomes 38th pres

1975 1st NFL game in Louisiana Superdome, Houston beats Saints 13-7

1976 Pitt Pirate John Candelaria no-hits LA Dodgers, 2-0

1976 USSR launches Luna 24, last Lunar flight to date from Earth. GhostofMajorHayes born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

1977 NHL refuses merger of 6 WHA clubs

1978 Yanks score 5 in bottom of 9th beat Brewers 8-7

1981 6 English lifeguards set relay swim record the English Channel (7:17)

1981 NL beats AL 5-4 in 52nd All Star Game (Cleveland Stadium)

1984 Daley Thomas of Britain sets the decathalon record (8,847) in LA Cal

1984 STS 41-D vehicle again moves out to the launch pad

1987 LA Rams beat Dallas Cowboys 28-27 in London, England (NFL expo)

1988 Cubs beat Mets 6-4 in their 1st official night game at Wrigley Field

1988 Edmonton Oilers trade Wayne Gretzky to LA Kings for $15-$20 millions

1988 Just 1 day after 8/8/88 NY's daily number is 888

1990 12 Arab leaders agree to send pan-Arab forces to protect Saudi Arabia

1992 25th Olympic Summer games close in Barcelona, Spain

Edited by GhostofMajorHayes

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On March 14, 1794, Eli Whitney received a patent for his cotton gin, an invention that revolutionized America's cotton industry.


On this date:

In 1883, German political philosopher Karl Marx died in London at age 64.


In 1923, President Warren G. Harding became the first chief executive to file an income tax return.


In 1939, the republic of Czechoslovakia was dissolved, opening the way for Nazi occupation of Czech areas and the separation of Slovakia.


In 1964, a jury in Dallas found Jack Ruby guilty of murdering Lee Harvey Oswald, the accused assassin of President John F. Kennedy, and sentenced him to death. (Both the conviction and death sentence were later overturned, but Ruby died before he could be retried).


In 1967, the body of President John F. Kennedy was moved from a temporary grave to a permanent memorial site at Arlington National Cemetery.


One year ago, a tornado ripped into the Georgia Dome during the Southeastern Conference tournament, sending debris tumbling from the ceiling and prompting fans to flee.


Today's Birthdays: Former astronaut Frank Borman is 81. Actor Michael Caine is 76. Composer-conductor Quincy Jones is 76. Former astronaut Eugene Cernan is 75. Country singer Michael Martin Murphey is 64. Rock musician Walt Parazaider (Chicago) is 64. Comedian Billy Crystal is 61.


Actress Penny Johnson Jerald is 48. She played Casidy Yates in DS9!

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1666 -- The great fire of London broke out, destroying much of the city, including St. Paul’s Cathedral.

1789 – The U. S. Treasury Department was established.

1901 -- Vice President Theodore Roosevelt gave his "speak softly and carry a big stick" speech, regarding foreign policy, at the Minnesota State Fair.

1945 -- Japan’s formal surrender in World War II was celebrated as Victory over Japan (V-J) Day.

1945 – Ho Chi Minh declared Vietnam an independent republic.

1963 – Alabama governor George Wallace prevented the racial integration of Tuskegee High School by encircling the building with state troopers.

1969 -- North Vietnamese president Chi Minh died.

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1189 – Richard I (the Lion-Hearted) was crowned king of England at Westminster Abbey.

1658 – Oliver Cromwell, the lord protector of England, died.

1783 – The Treaty of Paris officially ended the Revolutionary War between the United States and Great Britain.

1939 – Great Britain and France declared war on Germany during World War II.

1967 – Nguyen Van Thieu was elected president of South Vietnam.

1974 – Frank Robinson was named the first African-American manager in major league baseball.

1976 -- The unmanned U.S. spacecraft Viking II landed on Mars and took the first pictures of the planet's surface.

1978 – Pope John Paul I was installed as the 264th pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church.

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1900 -- A hurricane struck Galveston, Texas, killing about 8,000 people.

1935 -- Louisiana Senator Huey P. Long, "The Kingfish," was shot and mortally wounded by Dr. Carl Austin Weiss, Jr.

1951 -- The San Francisco Peace Treaty was signed, formally ending World War II hostilities with Japan.

1952 – Ernest Hemingway’s Old Man and the Sea was published.

1966 -- Star Trek premiered on television.

1974 – President Gerald Ford gave former President Nixon a full pardon for all federal crimes he may have committed while he was in office.

1998 – Mark McGwire’s 62nd home run broke Roger Maris’s record of 61 homers set in 1961.

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1776 -- The Second Continental Congress changed the name of the nation to the United States of America, from the United Colonies.

1850 – California became the 31st state.

1893 – President Grover Cleveland’s daughter, Esther Cleveland, became the first president's child to be born in the White House.

1926 -- The National Broadcasting Company (NBC) was created by the Radio Corporation of America.

1948 -- The People's Democratic Republic of Korea (North Korea) was created.

1956 – Elvis Presley appeared on television for the first time on The Ed Sullivan Show.

1976 -- Communist Chinese leader Mao Zedong died in Beijing at age 82.

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1814 – Francis Scott Key composed the lyrics to The Star Spangled Banner.

1901 – President McKinley died of gunshot wounds inflicted by an assassin. Vice President Theodore Roosevelt succeeded him.

1927 -- Modern dance pioneer Isadora Duncan died in Nice, France.

1940 -- Congress passed the Selective Service Act, providing for the first peacetime draft in U.S. history.

1959 -- The Soviet space probe Luna 2 became the first man-made object to reach the Moon when it crashed onto the lunar surface.

1982 – Princess Grace of Monaco died from injuries sustained in a car crash the previous day.

1994 -- Acting commissioner Bud Selig announced the cancellation of the 1994 baseball season on the 34th day of a strike by players.

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Sept. 14


1997 - Chicago White Sox retire Carlton Fiske's number.


1984 - First MTV awards hosted by Bette Midler and Dan Aykroyd


1981 - Entertaniment Tonight premieres on US TV


1975 - Pope Paul VI declares Mother Seaton the first U.S. saint


1960 - Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi-Arabia and Venezuela form OPEC


1938 - Graf Zeppelin II, world's largest airship, makes maiden flight


1752 - U.S. and England adopts Gregorian calender (no Sept 3-Sept 13th)


1741 George Frederick Handel finishes "Messiah" oratorio, after working on it non-stop for 23 days


1716 1st lighthouse in U.S. lit (Boston Harbor)

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1789 -- The U.S. Department of Foreign Affairs changed its name to the Department of State.

1821 – Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador gain independence.

1835 – Charles Darwin and the HMS Beagle reached the Galapagos Islands.

1917 – Alexander Kerensky proclaimed Russia a republic.

1935 – The Nuremberg Laws deprived Jews of their citizenship and made the Swastika the official emblem of Nazi Germany.

1963 -- A church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama, killed four young black girls.

1989 -- Pulitzer Prize-winning author Robert Penn Warren, the first poet laureate of the United States, died.

2004 – The National Hockey League lockout began. The 2004-2005 season would ultimately be canceled.

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1630 -- The Massachusetts village of Shawmut changed its name to Boston.

1810 – Mexico began its revolt against Spanish rule.

1908 -- General Motors was founded by William C. Durant.

1919 – The American Legion was incorporated by an act of Congress.

1940 -- The United States first adopted peacetime conscription when President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Selective Training and Service Act into law.

1974 -- President Ford announced conditional amnesty for Vietnam War deserters and draft evaders.

1975 – Papua New Guinea became independent.

1982 -- Lebanese Christians massacred hundreds of Palestinian refugees in Beirut.

1987 – The Montreal Protocol was signed by 25 nations, limiting production on substances that harm the ozone layer, To date, 168 nations have joined the protocol.

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1787 – The Constitution was completed and signed by a majority of the delegates attending the constitutional convention in Philadelphia.

1862 -- The bloodiest day in U.S. military history occurred at the Battle of Antietam when more than 23,000 were killed or wounded.

1908 -- Lt. Thomas Selfridge, a passenger in a plane piloted by Orville Wright, became the first airplane fatality when the craft crashed.

1920 -- The American Professional Football Association—a precursor of the NFL —was formed in Canton, Ohio.

1980 – Anastasio Somoza Debayle, former president of Nicaragua, was assassinated in Paraguay.

1994 -- Heather Whitestone of Alabama became the first deaf Miss America.

2004 – Barry Bonds became the third baseball player to hit 700 career home runs, joining Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth.

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1792 -- The French National Convention voted to abolish the monarchy.

1897 -- The New York Sun published its famous editorial, "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus."

1937 -- The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkein was first published.

1938 – A hurricane struck New York and New England with extensive damage and more than 600 deaths.

1949 -- The People's Republic of China was proclaimed.

1964 – Malta gained its independence from Great Britain.

1981 – Belize gained its independence from Great Britain.

1996 – John F. Kennedy, Jr., married Carolyn Bessette.

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