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  1. Hello BakulaBabe.


    The next movie already has been putting out info, some of it quite spoilery.


    Many pics of uniforms and aliens, a couple of standing sets, one which appear to be of a spoiler and a spoiler to the spoiler of the "spoiler", have been leaked.






    Hi AE :)


    Interesting stuff at that site! When I saw one of the uniform pics, I thought "What is this for, Star Trek: The Virtual Reality Game?" :blink: I'm looking forward to seeing more pics of aliens. There's one at that site that looks like it might be a very distant relative of a Star Wars character. :laugh:

  2. Well Howdy Hi everybody! *waves*


    I check the site almost every day to see what's going on, but I haven't signed in for a long time because I had nothing to add to any of the posts. It seems like there's not much to talk about because there's not much happening in Star Trek lately. As soon as the next movie starts putting out some info, there will be plenty to talk about! :lol:

  3. I haven't been back for a long time due to forgetting my login. I wanted to know how active the site is, there are lots that I no longer see, which I get. I wanted to know if there are still people here keeping this place that used to make me so happy alive?


    I check out the main page often, but I don't log in unless I have something to say. I just wish there was more Star Trek to discuss!

  4. Perhaps this parallel universe Spock is going to lean towards his Human side more than his Vulcan side, just take different choices which would lead him to things like dating Uhura...




    I find a Spock with a REAL internal struggle between his Vulcan and Human side extremely exciting and I can't wait to see where they go with this. I hope this Spock decides that he is going to embrace the better or more dynamic aspects of both cultures he belongs to and meld them into a personality that is just almost too cool to bear. Throw it all out except the characters and their backgrounds and let the new chips fall where they may!


    Although I was surprised by Spock/Uhura, I'm looking forward to seeing where they go, and how Spock will incorporate his humanity. The more I see, the more excited I get!


    *off topic*


    I LOVE your "Gunslinger" quote!!!

  5. I knew it was Khan because some idiot on Facebook in England posted it. In spite of that, and my disappointment that they were "re-using" a villain, I was pleasantly surprised with Khan's attitude in sickbay - even tears! Not at all what I expected! I loved Benedict Cumberbatch's performance, too.


    The "radiation" scene in the engine room, with Kirk's and Spock's roles reversed, caused me to think "Oh, come on, REALLY???" As it continued, though, I was shocked by Spock's reactions, and thought "OMG where is this going? I was NOT expecting THAT!!!"


    I'm still not liking the sets, or Scotty's "Get down!" buddy, too much, but I'll get used to them eventually.


    Although I was a little disappointed with the re-doing of "Space Seed" and "Wrath of Khan", I'll probably see it as a reasonable thing to do for this movie, since there's bound to be both similarities and differences in how the characters' lives and adventures work out with this "alternative timeline" Star Trek.


    Basically, I loved Star Trek Into Darkness (and Spock/Uhura!), in spite of my various general issues, and in spite of the spoilers I saw.