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  1. They have got to be smoking some crazy stuff at Warner Brothers. The worst part is that there are fans who will pay $80 for a 1 season television show burned on DVD-Rs that have a limited lifetime. DVD-Rs are the same thing you burn on your computer and do not last "forever" like a regular production DVD. This is the same BS that they pulled with Genesis II, Planet Earth, and Strange New World. The only good thing is that they did restore The Lieutenant unlike the others that are produced not restored using the prints they had available.

  2. I'm not that excited about a TNG remastering. The effects are already pretty good and I'm not sure how noticable a remastering would be. The remastering of TOS was incredible given the giant leap in special effects but I'm not sure that a remastered TNG would have such a "Wow" factor.


    It may not be much of a "wow" factor but Paramount is pushing it hard. They set up special theatrical screenings of a couple of the episodes. It is a marketing thing to sell lots of Blu-ray sets of something they already sold lots of on VHS and DVD.

  3. Shatner drops pants at L.A. airport

    Toronto SUN First posted: Thursday, June 28, 2012 08:35 AM EDT | Updated: Thursday, June 28, 2012 08:43 AM EDT


    Star Trek legend William Shatner was left nursing a bruised ego when his trousers fell down during an airport security check in front of dozens of fellow travellers.


    The actor was queuing at Los Angeles International Airport to catch a flight to South Africa when he was singled out for a search by officials.


    He had decided to wear loose-fitting clothing for the journey and did not have a belt holding his pants up - and he was left red-faced when they fell down, exposing his underwear.


    Shatner says, "It was awful to have people looking at me with my pants down, probably the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to me... It was a long flight so I wanted to wear loose clothing because I didn't want anything to bind me."


    Read the original story and any updates at :

    Shatner loses pants

  4. Dumbest idea.................EVER!!!


    As you are well aware there are "fans" out in the world that will buy anything no matter how stupid or idiotic if it says Star Trek or has a Trek logo of some sort on it. I am waiting for Paramount to put out disposable diapers with a command emblem where the kid is supposed to take a bowel movement and "fans" will buy and hoard them to sell on eBay for 20 times what they cost and fools will buy them.

  5. Billingsley is right on target. The Star Trek franchise was a Paramount cash cow for a long while, from the TOS syndication reruns onward. Paramount was not concerned with quality in latter years but in quantity of product and the cash it would bring in. A prime example of quantity over quality would be Star Trek Nemesis, it was a good action movie but it really wasn't Star Trek. The Star Trek franchise generated billions of dollars of revenue between all of the series, movies and of course....MERCHANDISING. Paramount is a business and they are in business to make money but they lost sight of what made them that money, giving the fans what they want to get them to spend that money. The bean counters at Paramount in latter years must not have been around when there were not overlapping Star Trek series on TV.

    Many of the newer fans could not really comprehend a period without at least one Star Trek series on the air and a movie every couple of years. They were hungry for anything with the name Star Trek but were given a product that was sub-par in latter years. They missed the dark time between 1969 and 1979 when the only new Star Trek was The Animated Series.

  6. Instead of the old K/S, Kirk/Spock, gay fanzines, we'll now get the S/S (Sulu/Spock) ones.....


    What seemed really strange about the old K/S stuff was that it was written by women, then I met some of them. *shudder* :eekout:

    After meeting the authors it didn't seem strange anymore.