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  1. I wonder if Kor is going to buy a Kor Potato Head? That could be his wife's new cutesy nickname for him, she could call him her little potato head. ;) If she gets mad at him she could yell hey POTATO HEAD!!! :P


    Why do I have the feeling that I had better stay away from car shows around Baltimore to keep from getting run over by a red Dodge? :)


    J/K Kor but this was just too easy and I refrained from the rest of my ideas.

  2. I think at the time people here were trying to visit with each other. As Kor pointed out a while back people are probably going to face book to visit. I know I have not seen Kor for a long time.



    A major part of what made me (and a few others) stop going into the Saturday chats was the juvenile sexual innuendo and in many cases flat out stupid sexual comments of one member. I found that member's behavior to be rude and in some cases downright vulgar. There are plenty of websites for that. I have that member on ignore but he ruined the chat for me.

  3. Quinto is just acting like a spoiled brat actor that has let fame go to his head. He needs to realize that interviews are part of the fame and money he desires. Come on his favorite ice cream flavor is too personal? What an ass.

  4. If I read this right they may or may not use Khan as the villain, there might or might not be Klingons or a there may or may not be a new kind of bad guys. It sounds like they don't have a clue what they are going to do and are looking for more fan input to decide.

  5. As most of you know, I am not a Star Trek fan at all. But this show, Big Bang Theory, cracks me up every week. I blame Kevin each and every time I understand a Star Trek reference.

    you are aware of the name of this site? lol



    Yes, I am aware. If I remember correctly, and VBG can verify this, it didn't start out as STF.



    Interesting, what did it start out as?