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  1. It was a fun ep to watch. We get to see Spock use mental telepathy again ( I think the first time was in 'A Taste of Armageddon'). Plus the ideas of liberty and freedom are universal. Neat way to convey that message imo.

  2. :Hmmm...: This was a fun ep to watch. It had the guy that played Captain Kangaroo as the Troyian ambassador and it was neat to see Kirk and Elaan go from hating each other to falling in love with each other. The intrigue was good too. But, what i really liked was when Elaan threw a knife at Captain Kirk and you can see the string it is attached to as it flies towards him.

  3. TOS: None. I like them all.

    TNG: The Outrageous Okona. I liked the guest turn of Teri Hatcher, but the story never did it for me.

    DS9: If WIshes Were Horses. A story about a game board in which the DS9 denizens are game pieces...really!? SO bad the Parker Bros. are puking.

    VOY: Endgame. I thought this one could've ended much better imo.

    ENT: None. I liked them all. I thought it was overall a good series that was underappreciated imo.


    Films: Insurrection and Star Trek (2009). These two struck me as being more non - canonical than anything else in the Trek universe. It is their unbelievability that turns me off.

  4. Its been a while since I've posted here. Its good to be back. I rated this episode a 4. Overall, a good ep with some nice interactions between Quark and Odo.

  5. I don't get it, Koenig is most widely known for his stints as Trek's Chekov and Babylon 5's Bester. I'm familiar with some of his other projects including various screenplays and comics and his passion for model trains and antique toys.... It seems like he has always had his hands full, right??


    I'm surprised he just doesn't enjoy retirement...but still happy that he wants to stay active.


    I wish him the best of luck. :clap:

  6. Great actor yeah but as we've all seen...he shouldn't be directing.....ANYTHING!



    When you've achieved his accomplishments then you can dictate what the Shat can and cannot direct...until then he's got free reign to do as he pleases. :) :wub:

    Oh make no mistake. I'm totally down with the Shat. He just can't direct worth a lick is



    I thought he did a fair job with the TekWar series :wub: