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  1. In a few weeks we leave for our annual trek back to my homestate of Michigan. We go early for the Ann Arbor Art Faire, which is really about 5 fine art shows together. Last year when we were there it was right as the final Harry Potter book was about to be issued, so people were going about town in wizard robes, dark mark henna tatto's and lots of wood workers had made some really fantastic wands. We usually stay at my sisters, she has a house on a lake front. We also plan on making a side trip to Sandusky, Ohio to go to Cedar Point.


    After a long weekend with my sister we head "up north" to the lake that my fathers family has been going to for the past 70 years, Hubbard Lake. It's the second largest inland lake in Michigan is is very remote, and peaceful. My entire family helped to build the home on the lakefront lot and it truly is the one place in the world that is "home" to me. When my Dad died 6 years ago my siblings and I decided that we'd always try to be there over Mom's birthday so that she'd never be alone on her special day. It's like a family reunion really. The cousins play together, we all get to drink margerita's and catch up on life, and of course get really good sun tans from all the sailing, kayaking, canoeing, skiing and just floating in the water on a hot day.


    It's my favorite time of year.

  2. I don't think ESP is the right name for it, but yes I believe that we are all capable of heightened awareness, intuition some would call it. Some would call it a gut feeling, or instinct. Whether or not yours is more heightened than other people's would have to take into several different things I think. How "real" you are, how much your ego plays a part in your life, whether or not relying on your instinct was championed in your formative years, and so on.

  3. Thanks Kor!


    I was away for many reasons, but a while back I was diagnosed with a disease that causes non malignant growths in your head. I'd had it years ago, only one growth though, and the treatment went well, very quickly. This time their were alot more. About the same time as this I became really disillusioned with many Trek sites, basically I felt too many people on them were nutters. :P That they didn't represent the values that Trek itself did. So I decided with being ill, it would be just easier if I left Trek sites all together and had one or two small sites with some very close friends that I would pass time at.


    I've had 3 MRI's now that show everything is all clear, and I'm slowly beginning to revisit all those placed I used to love.


    How's things at your end?

  4. Today I chose disappointed.

    Someone I know has been making choices that contradict who I believed they were.

    For me, there is a level of dishonesty attached to this.

    Who and what I thought, and one time knew they were don't seem to be in jive with that.

    I'm at a crossroads with them.

  5. A person I love would come first before a TV show, no question. But I would miss Trek



    That's very sweet and true, but let's face it, the reality of it is that getting married is about the whole package.


    I would think this sort of thing would be applicable if you were an extreme watcher, and even then, if the possible future partner was really into you, they'd just ask you to tone it down a bit.


    That being said, I know alot of folks who put their personal relationships on hold so that they can watch their favorite sport, WWE, or other interests.

  6. Well Brit, I would tend to think you'd differ your opinion on that if it were to happen, Oh wait, it has.


    Anyway, I think it's the way of people that just haven't matured out of middle school. Typically they aren't responsible for their own actions either, so they have to find something "wrong" with others in order to feel better about themselves.


    It's rather the disappointment I feel in people that is more disheartening. You put trust and faith in them, and they let you down. Trust is big, very big with me.

  7. None


    Too many already make promises they don't keep [ie Barbra Streisand and Alec Baldwin are still living in America even though Bush got re-elected] and in all honesty, not many of them have the education to make it possible.


    If another "paid" actor gets in office, and lets face it, that's a version of a politician, than I believe it will be someone lesser known, more below the radar.