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  1. A new Star Trek series? YAY!!!
  2. Hi AE :) Interesting stuff at that site! When I saw one of the uniform pics, I thought "What is this for, Star Trek: The Virtual Reality Game?" :blink: I'm looking forward to seeing more pics of aliens. There's one at that site that looks like it might be a very distant relative of a Star Wars character.
  3. Well Howdy Hi everybody! *waves* I check the site almost every day to see what's going on, but I haven't signed in for a long time because I had nothing to add to any of the posts. It seems like there's not much to talk about because there's not much happening in Star Trek lately. As soon as the next movie starts putting out some info, there will be plenty to talk about! :lol:
  4. As sad as I am about the death of Leonard Nimoy, I'm also happy that he left such a high-quality legacy of TV shows and movies we can enjoy over and over again. Although he's gone, he'll never truly leave us.
  5. I'm a little worried about that choice, because I haven't seen any of his other movies (no interest), but I enjoy the TV show he's involved with, Scorpion. I was really hoping for Jonathan Frakes. Oh well! :)
  6. I wonder if there's some good Trek done by fans that we can discuss while waiting for rumors about the next movie to go crazy over. :biggrin:
  7. So how's Windows XP working out for you? *sigh*
  8. I'm about to have a cup of Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Decaf Green Tea with Jasmine and Lemon.
  9. HAPPY! (I can't figure out how to post an actual video, even with the "Insert media" thingy) :blink:
  10. I'm grateful for the rain we're FINALLY getting (and will continue to get for a few days) here in SoCal!
  11. Decaf Folgers coffee with milk and Bailey's Irish Cream Creamer (non-alcoholic). :)
  12. Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Tea (like every night around this time).
  13. I check out the main page often, but I don't log in unless I have something to say. I just wish there was more Star Trek to discuss!