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Emissary, Part I & II

What rating would you give "Emissary, Part I & II"?  

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  1. 1. What rating would you give "Emissary, Part I & II"?

    • 5. It's great, I loved it!
    • 4. It's good
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Season: 1

Episode #: 401 & 402

Episode Name: The Emissary


Teleplay by: Michael Piller

Story By: Michael Piller & Rick Berman

Original Air Date: 1-3-1993




The episode opens with a the destruction of the U.S.S. Saratoga during the battle of Wolf 359. With the destruction of the Saratoga Jennifer Sisko, wife of Benjamin Sisko, is killed. Benjamin Sisko and his son Jake Sisko are able to escape the destruction of the Saratoga.


Three years later, Starfleet has taken command of Deep Space Nine at the request of the Bajorian Provisional Government. Deep Space Nine is a fromer Cardassian station that was abandoned, and heavily damaged after the end of the Cardassian Military occupation of Bajor. Commander Benjamin Sisko has been assigned to take command of the station in hopes that the Starfleet presence would aid in preparing the Bajorian people for Federation membership.


Commander Sisko meets with the Bajoran national, Kira Nerys, who has been assigned as the first officer of Deep Space Nine. He finds that not all of the Bajoran people are happy about Starfleet's presence on the station. He then meets the other members of his crew as he moves through the station.


Major Kira advises Sisko the Bajoran spiritual leader, Kai Opaka, is the only person that can unite the Bajoran people. Sisko then meets with Opaka and is informed that she will not call for the unity of her people until the Prophets, the Bajoran gods, have been warned. Opaka privides Sisko with an orb to aid him in finding the prophets.


Sisko returns to DS9 and assigns his Chief Science Officer, a joined Trill, Jadzia Dax to investigate the orb and attempt to locate the Celestial Temple of the Prophets. Lt. Dax is able to locate a history of unexplained events in the Denorios belt near Bajor. Commander Sisko then tasks Odo, the stations shapeshifting Security Chief, with disabling the sensors of the Cardassian starship that is docked at the station, in order to allow him to investigate the Denorios belt undetected. After the Cardassian ships sensors are disable, Sisko and Dax take a runabout to the Denorios where they find an aritificially created wormhole leading to the Delta Quadrant.


Inside the wormhole Sisko and Dax encounter a race of non coporial beings. These beings were responsible for creating the wormhole and for sending the orbs, thus meaning that Sisko has located the Prophets. The Prophets then return Dax to DS9 inside one of the orbs, as Sisko continues to learn more about the species and himself.


Meanwhile on the station Major Kira is fending off an attack by the Cardassians, who are convinced that the station has destroyed one of their ships. The stations crew create a mass allusion that causes the Cardassian sensors to display false readings about the stations defensive capabilities.


Back inside the wormhole Sisko is not only learning about the Prophets, but he is also learning about himself. Sisko is finally able to come to an agreement with the Prophets to restore traffic through the wormhole. Sisko then returns to the station with the missing Cardassian warship in tow, which difuses the confrontation with the Cardassians.







Avery Brooks as Captain Benjamin Sisko

Rene Auberjonois as Odo

Terry Farrell as Jadzia Dax

Cirroc Lofton as Jake Sisko

Colm Meaney as Miles O'Brien

Armin Shimerman as Quark

Alexander Siddig as Doctor Julian Bashir

Nana Visitor as Kira Nerys



Guest Cast:

Patrick Stewart as Picard/Locutus

Camille Saviola as Kai Opaka

Felecia M. Bell as Jennifer Sisko

Marc Alaimo as Gul Dukat

Joel Swetow as Gul Jasad

Aron Eisenberg as Nog

Stephen Davies as Tactical Officer

Max Grodenchik as Ferengi Pit Boss

Steven Rankin as Cardassian Officer

Lily Mariya as Ops Officer

Cassandra Byram as Conn Officer

J.G. Hertzler as Vulcan Captain

April Grace as Transporter Chief Hubbell

Kevin McDermott as Alien Batter

Parker Whitman as Cardassian Officer

William Powell-Blair as Cardassian Officer

Frank Owen Smith as Curzon Dax

Lynnda Ferguson as Doran

Megan Butler as Lieutenant

Stephen Rowe as Chanting Monk

Thomas Hobson as Young Jake

Donald Hotton as Monk #1

Gene Armor as Bajoran Bureaucrat

Diana Cignoni as Dabo Girl

Judi Durand as Computer Voice

Majel Barrett as Computer Voice


Creative Staff:

Director: David Carson

Teleplay By: Michael Piller

Story By: Michael Piller & Rick Berman


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I voted 5 because its one of the best episodes on the season. I especially liked the space battles in the beginning because I could clearly see those ships in action. There were some "slow" parts though... when Sisko was experiencing the Orb thingey. I think Mrs. Sisko is pretty hot too - but that was just a side bonus.


Yeah, its a great show. I should watch it again as soon as I get a new DVD player.

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Emissary was a great episode for many reasons. It gave us a much different view of a Starfleet officer in Ben Sisko. The anger and even hatred that he showed toward Picard was something we hadn't seen from a Starfleet officer since the Original Series episode Court Martial. From that, we know right away that this isn't going to be our "typical" Star Trek show.


With the show set on an old Cardassian space station that was built by Bajoran slave labor and sitting at the mouth of a worm hole that leads to the Gamma quadrant you have all the elements needed to make an exciting and entertaining series.


Emissary was the perfect beginning for a great series.


I rate this episode a 5.

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The instant "clicking" of the cast was a joy to watch ... everyone was pretty much completely developed from day one on this show. They obviously got richer as the years passed, but this was an awesome beginning.


I loved the whole mysticism of the Orb. I loved the scenes where Ben would run into that Vedek on the station prior to actually going with him to Bajor. Especially that last, "It's time."


The whole segment on moving the station to the mouth of the wormhole was also really cool, because we get to see O'Brien finally being the "Mack Daddy." Who knew he was so qualified and talented? Even the long-suffering and annoying Keiko's reaction to DS9 was completely understandable, taking much of the annoying edge off of her for me.


Every time I watch this show, I leak at the eyes when Jennifer dies in the opening segment. Brooks is wonderful as Sisko. I feel his pain when he has to leave her on the Saratoga. He's got to think about Jake, but all he wants to do is die with her.


Fantastic beginning to THE best series of the franchise. IMO.

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Since I am new to DS9.

This was the first episode I watched of it.


I really wasn't that hooked into it when I saw the first few episodes, but it has definetly grew on me.


For someone new to watching DS9.

I wouldn't recomend watching Emissary first off

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A good opening for the DS9 series. In fact, it sets the stage for the first two years of DS9- Sisko is impeccable,Kira is snarling,Bashir is irksome,Odo is inscrutable, and Jadzia is flawless. This really was good trek as it was the first star trek ep to air after the inauguration of then president Clinton. :nono:

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It is remarkable how the characters changed during the run of DS9. DS9 had the best character development out of any of the Trek series.

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I give the episode Emissary parts 1 & 2 a five out of five. DS9 characters really did develop over the years. Star Trek Deep Space Nine is my favorite out of all Star Trek series. :blow:

QUOTE(Kor37 @ Sep 23 2007, 05:28 AM)


It is remarkable how the characters changed during the run of DS9. DS9 had the best character development out of any of the Trek series.

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5. Striking how they patterned this episode after "Encounter At Farpoint"... a Starfleet head honcho having to prove humanity's worthiness to an alien species that thinks of humans as a danger. I have to admit, I don't think they gave shape to Odo and Quark as well as they could have, but still a very solid episode.


And besides, Felecia Bell in a bikini...yowzah!!

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I said three, and two of those points were earned by Picard. This was a decent ep, but it could've been done better.


I just wasn't convinced that a species so advanced as the wormhole aliens would need to be taught Existence 101.

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It was a good episode. I loved the battle of wolf 359 begining though, that was great how they did the destruction of the Melbourne too. a 4 out of 5.

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5 out of 5 no doubt about it!


Many great scenes.


And the overall theme of 'You are the sum of your experiences' = GREAT STUFF!!!


Vastly superior to the fair at best Next Gen premier Encounter at Farpoint.

Edited by DaboGirl

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as a two part siries premier it did a execent job of

giving us a insite to the main people.

also as it is my favorite as per my name.

i give it a 6 out of five. :lol:

am a shapeshifter after all

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