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  1. Let's be honest here. First Contact was all business. Not even 2 minutes into the movie the Borg threat was already in your face. There wasn't time for a lot of off-duty socializing. Even that scene with Riker, Troi, and Cochrane in that bar was part of the mission. Who had time to be gay?

  2. If you go by the books and screenplays Hawk had 3 different first names. The actor aand producers all deny he was intended to be gay.


    You have to wonder what the actor must be thinking. "I had one line. I thought my voce was deep enough. Did I sound gay? Really, do I come across as gay?"

  3. I seen it. It's not bad. The young Xavier has some lines about his hair. There is one flaw however. We see the spinal chord injury that confined young Xavier to his wheelchair but in The Last Stand we see a flashback with Stewart up and walking around.


    Mystique is a young hot blonde in this one. Horny too! 3 different guys she wanted to bang. Nice.

  4. But they were the three main characters. That's the way Rodenbery set the show up. They were *supposed* to get the most lines and scenes!


    However, you have to admire how Shatner made it part of his persona. Remember, Shatner left Trek with the common image that he wasn't a very good actor. Now he wins Emmys! You think he would have been offered roles with 3rd Rock from the Sun, Boston Legal, Shit My Dad Says, and Priceline.com if he didn't cultivate an image of himself as a washed-up egotistical buffoon? Forget it. His career would have been over with Trek. Yeah he took an unusual gamble by feeding into what his critics despised about him, but it paid off big time.


    During Trek's run Leonard Nimoy was hands down the better actor, and he was just as much a household name as Shatner. But did Nimoy get any significant gigs after that? Nothing non-Trek fans would know about. Shatner went on to get other roles because while we laughed at him we also laughed *with* him.

  5. Can we put Darwin on our money like the Brits do?


    Seriously, one thing that does need to be eliminated are small coins. It costs the US Mint 4 cents to make a penny and I think 8 cents to make a nickle. Nickles are used over and over again, but pennies are only useful to most people to see how far we can throw them.