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  1. I would have been seven of nine in endgame mainly for one manly reason



    I mean Yes please sign mew up for some kissing from that man!!


    Well the least we can say is she had some taste as well as a figure, I personally would kill for, but anywho.


    Failing that I would be B'Elanna Torres I have and own and have named that temper where things go flying. My mother can and will at the drop of a hat atest to it!!




    And I have the feeling I have been feeding my emoticons too many enchaladas, I mean look at the effect!!!

  2. I love my PC, it's the first computer I have owned and is a pentium Four, I have a dvd player on it and well, I need never step out of my room for tv needs.


    I have used a laptop at college, and if space is an issue it's the best there is, but I prefer a PC!

  3. I like this song, and I suppose the song delineates that it is a break with treks before


    I agree that the lyrics are epic enough to carry the sentiments and are therefore absolutly right for the show.


    The re-mix would have been more appropriate for the beginning and not the third, considering the darker nature of the show.


    Diane Warren, the writer of the song in question has official said that she dislikes re-mixes of her songs as she feels it to have been taken form it's original genesis point and to be honest, I have to agree with the woman, it does detract from the song lyrics


    At the end as Brannon Braga said, don't like it turn the sound down!


    I appreciate the song and perhaps also like the fact that the show isn't like a half million shows that have just orchestrations.

  4. Although J. Michael Straczynski, was an expert in weaving the storylines and he managed to make an exportable show, it hasn't the humour and the frustration mix the way stargate has, infact they at the end of B5 killed their main -and went for a new season minus any threat


    Stargate manages to kick all sci-fi shows in to touch they have a good cast who look as though they like their place of work and storylines that get better AND THEY REPLACE THEIR ENEMIES WITH WORSE ONES!

  5. Fave performances from a trek actor in a non-trek role;


    1Scott Bakula - Quantum leap

    2 Connor Trineer - Sliders

    3)Jolene Blalock - Stargate

    4)John Billingsley - Stargate

    5)Terry Farell - Becker, girls funny

    6) Rene Auberjonois (escuse the spelling) - Stargate

    7) Patrick stewart - Everything, I liked the adverts for a mediocre chain store

    8) Whoopie Goldberg - Jumping Jack flash and any comical role she undetakes! She's even as good stand up!

  6. I agree with sloan, It would be surprising to see Enterprise cancelled before the seven year run and if that happened, I feel that they would have a strong response form fans as the did in the mid 60's, this time possibly utilising the electronic devices we have all taken so much to heart.


    I think that those in charge of the networks know this and wish to avoid the influx of mail that subsequently flood their offices as they did to NBC in the 60's.


    I believe that as a one writer put it in his book about voyager's early production said, that we, the fans, own star trek, we are the ones that make and break it and inevitably, if we don't fall into the apathy of the modern era, we are the ones that the networks are accountable to, should they cancel our televison programs. We have the power to desert shows and kill their ratings and make other shows more successful.


    So to the network should they deign to cancel this show,


    :) :) :borgqueen: assimilate this!

  7. I honestly think there should be a character who is interesting and funny, who is competant in their job and is one of the main players. I think the fact that this character happens to be gay should be a secondary consideration for the most part.


    I have seen television shows tackle this question, DS9 did it quite well, though character circumstances threw a spanner in the works for Jadzia, it was hinted at that she could be a bi-sexual.


    Maybe Trek should take cues from shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer managed to include a gay character in the main players and still carried the ratings well. Why? Beacause the characters sexuality wasn't a main part of her but was a part of a much more rounded character, it was a facet that was intergrated in.


    The reason this show wasn't losing major amounts of ratings? because it wasn't shown every five seconds, and because there wasn't a huge episode point made of it. They showed she was a lesbian and left it at that, she was still valueble. The fact that the character was a lesbian wasn't a huge thing, but really an evolution in a) the shows ability to tackle the real life aspect of us all and b ) the character in concern.



  8. Hey, I don't know what time you went there, but ppl should have said Hi or hey, we normally do, it's one of the few reasons I stuck around. SHAME ON THEM IF THEY DIDN'T. We feel very welcomed by this site and hope this continues into the future!


    It is a sad day in's book that they feel the need to close their open chat room and force a significant proportion of their regular viewers to other venues, this has managed to catch all us fans by surprise.


    Therefore there is a huge shame on you from us refugee's to, a thank you to for their welcome and the promise of a slow but sure welcome reception from the refugees to anyone chancing on the chat room whilst we're there!


    Thank you,

    Uanadopted Angelic :spock: