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  1. Greetings, my friend. How is life treating you??

  2. Have a great weekend! Loved the topic about changing Voyager!! 2 thumbs up!!!

  3. I'll check that out. Thanks for the info, YBHYR.

  4. Greetings! I would only be able to tackle a task that big with your expert help YBHYR. :)

  5. Greetings! How is everything??

  6. Thank you for your service to our nation.

  7. Your welcome! If you were any sweeter you would melt in the rain ;) Always a pleasure to come here and see how you become more beautiful everyday!

  8. I'm great!! funny thing is I was thinking of you today. Thats why I logged in here and sent you a comment. Btw, cool song!! :)

    Later, my gorgeous friend.


  9. Hi there stranger!!! How goes everything?

  10. I couldn't have been the only one with good taste. :)

  11. Hi there! You are welcome. I am doing great thanks for asking. Btw, cool avatar. It got my vote. :)

  12. Hey, Whats up?? Cool Paisley song!

  13. Hey there!! How have you been??

  14. Your welcome. It is easy to be honest imo. :)

  15. Just keeping busy. I hadn't heard from you in awhile, I kinda figured you may be in school or doing a photo shoot for Cosmo :) It is good to hear from you.

  16. Greetings! Good to see a fellow martial artist on a sci fi board.

    Live long and prosper!!

  17. I don't know if you got my last PM, it seems that their were technical difficulites. Alas, the person you named is one in the same with a certain ex.

  18. Yeah, everything is fine. I sent you a msg. explaining my brief absence. So how is everything, my fave Romulan?

  19. Hey there!!!

    Talk to ya later!!