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  1. Hehehe, Syperphobia is apart of my science fiction fanbook, still in progress, not able to read on the net... just a fun hobby. On this planet they had a guy who had the ability to create and manipulate water, but as a child he had a fatal illness which made his water creating skills known to be the water of death instead of the fountain of youth. Anyways, as a teenager, he went on a missions trip to another world (not knowing this disease he had) and created a river for a local towns people, almost everyone drank the water (it was a big river), and all died. He inhertited the name Syperphobia cause his name is Syper and of coruse, phobia is fear... so instead of Aquaphobia they have Syperphobia.

  2. Hello, I am feeling very sorry that I have left this fourm to help build up another fourm from my friend. That fourm is doing really well, but I have had some bad experiences with it and decided to migrate over to I am feeling very regretful for this since I felt that it was a stab in the back, I havent gone to this place for SOOOOOOO long and I have a lot of catching up to do. Well, all I can say is that I am glad to be back and hope that I make a lot more friends :hug: and interesting pepople in this place. :P


    :) :) :)

  3. I have to agree with all of you, It seems better than ENT, I'm a Queer Eye fan, and wish that was a new addition to the series of trek.


    Maybe they can have it as a 30second paradoy of Star Trek at the end of ENT episodes! :(


    soon too come: Borg Style for the Alpha Guy :P

  4. I like the episode of 'In the Flesh' cause it made me appreciate the sport of boxing. I thought it was just a bunch of man meat spackin the 'good for nothings :P ' out of each other, but the way he described it made me understand the sport as a skill and also made me appreciate the character of Chakotay a lot more :(

  5. I've Seen That Ad, lol


    Another Ad I've Seen...Which Is Downright Insulting...Shows These 2 "Nerds" At A Party Sitting On A Couch With Two Girls.  To Distract The "Nerds" And Get Away, They Turn On The TV And You Hear Star Trek Coming On, Then The "Nerds" Stare At The TV As If Nothing Else Mattered, And The Girls Get Up And Leave.


    Who Comes Up With This Crap?  :P

    That's what I'd do. I mean COME ON! Its Star Trek! Girls... Star Trek... Girls... Star Trek... Star Trek!


    Which series was it by the way?

    Hey, mention Harry Kim OR Voyager and I'm drooling.... anyways, I love paradoy's and star trek guest stars. The latest I seen was the priceline commercial where our good ol captain kirk is gettin downsized and they say who is going to replace him and who walks in the door but spock (i think that was him), he looks back at the people with a wtf! :( expression and the commercial stops. I almost died laughing


    Anyways another rude comment about Kirk was when a famous late night talk show host said something about him being in a Wendy's commercial eating a salade. They said can you ever picture HIM eating a salade, and people start laughing... This I think was very wrong and think they should of not joked him this way :(



  6. As of today SPIKEtv will be airing DS9 episodes starting with Emessary and continuning until... (?) unsure of their regular scheduling for this program, but they seem to have a special marathon for this week. The question is will you be watching the rerun episodes of this epic story. I will because I never had the chance to watch DS9.



  7. I voted - Car


    I know they make a lot of polution, but I'm hoping we will be able to replace the internal combustion engine with an electric, solar-powered, or fusion-powered engine. :( I'd like to own a Dodge Ram truck and a Dodge Durango.  If I had the money, maybe a Dodge Viper too. :P


    As for goats, you can't ride them.  They're backs aren't strong enough. :(

    I see the shuttle to be a newest form of car evolution, kinda like the ones they used in the the 5th element, only sleeker and hydrogen powered cells, so they wont have any pollution :(

  8. I took Starship...

    2nd: teleportation, but I would have chosen time-machine if there was that option...


    Some strange reason I never thought of a time machine as a mode of transportation. Transporting through time and space belongs to the job of a Q. :P

  9. Do you pick apart episodes saying this can't happen or that's truth or that's impossible?  Do you accept what you see or do you pick it apart?  Do you try to figure out how some things came to be? Saying well, if this happened that could be possible? What I'm saying is do you think that most of what we see could be possible in the future? And yes, I know Startrek is fiction. I'm not that far gone yet :drool: You'll have to excuse me now, my WarBird is sitting in the driveway warming up  :clap:  ^_^

    STAR TREK is fiction, so that's how I take it as - fiction. However, it is fun to ponder which technologies they have that we might develope in my life time. ^_^

    Dear god this comin from the person who i call the 'pickiter', lol... anyways


    I only like to pick out details from episodes that completely dont make sense to me. I try to find a common reason and how it relates to life and the message that it is trying to protray, I dont find a fault with the episode cause come on its fiction, not everything is true. :P

  10. There, just choose the one that you like the best. I think I have everything listed in there.


    I chose Train (Type Two, although MARC trains are interesting for traveling within the city. I use the other train the most and think its the best cause its the most comfortable)


    :( ^_^ :drool::clap: ^_^ :P