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  1. I don't know why, but last night I decided to log into this website and have a wee look. Had been a long time! Just noticed now this evening that to the day, I joined this site eleven years ago. Time just flies, it really does ... scary lol

  2. What was the cause of ENT's demise?




    I would say it failed because it lacked charm and a sense of humour. It was too serious - the series focused too much on being 'realistic' and gritty. The stories of seasons 1-3 just unfolded without any major points of interest or novelty.


    The characters always seemed depressed which affected the audience. I often didn't care what happened to them. They weren't playful like the TNG crew - they were always fed up about something or other, moaning away.


    The Enterprise itself, as a ship, was rubbish and didn't feel like a character in itself, just a dark, flat CGi, thing that the mundane characters inhabited and flew about in, worried, stressed and miserable. I hated the bridge - boring and without novelty - and I hated engineering. The fact that Enterprise was a prequel meant that everything had to be 'older' than TOS so it was doomed from the start.


    I think with futuristic programmes and films the only way to go is forward - further into the future (to wow us and test our imagination) not back into flat screen tvs etc. I know that the new Star Trek Movie was a prequal but it embraced the iPod era and just said oh to heck with overly retro technology lets just throw out canon and go with something very funcky and futuristic. Enterprise: you were a slave to the canon and you killed it as a result...

  3. :rolleyes: I'm only messing with you. Not rich, nothing so exciting. Just joking about. Why is the site so quiet - every time I check in there seems to be less and less activity...


    Whew, I am glad to hear that.I know it is sad, but I still believe things cycle and the site will become busy again.


    Maybe it's because there isn't much new happening with Trek. There are only so many "who is your favourite captain" posts you can discuss lol

  4. Hello people of Star Trek fans dot net. I am sure you all have had exciting life experiences since I last wrote. To be honest I have sorta forgotten about this website. Is that bad? I write this because I am back home in my kitchen, which is big and shiny and lovely. I've actually become rich since I joined this website 8 years ago. I dont actually log on to internet sites anymore. I am too busy doing stuff to think of such things. I am actually just home from a mad party and I just happened to decide to log on and do things on line like this. I am sure this is not the most cool thing to do but I hosestly think that this is the last thing that Commodor Prometheus 79 will ever type on this website.I am sorry. I lovbe you all. You have been there in the best and the worst of times xxx Kieran

  5. post-120-0-09333500-1317847523_thumb.jpg


    I am looking forward to seeing TNG in Blu-ray as the re-runs look awful now on a big 40-odd inch sized screen especially when you are used to the high quality we have these days. Even TOS looks better than TNG in its remastered format. I wonder if the silly little things they put into TNG Ocudagrams in the background (like the rubber duck) will show up in HD? I am so glad I have not bought TNG on dvd...

  6. Maybe the Borg have a competetion to see who the new Queen will be ... the Borg factor. Panel consisting of Locutus, Borg Queen from First Contact, Seven of Nine and Hugh.


    Borg Queen from First Contact: "Honey, love the slimy skin, just the right shade of green, but you need to work on lowering your head down onto a pvc clad body..."


    Seven of Nine: "I agree, you got the attitude and the look but I was not impressed with your head to body skills tonight ..."


    Locutus: "Awful, I thought you just droned on all night, you were no better than a level one service drone ..."


    Audience: BOOOO oooo OOO ooooo


    Locutus: "No, no, I stand by my comments, a level one service drone in an auxilliary sphere in the Gamma Quadrant!"


    Hugh: "I like her, I liked her, I did"

  7. SPOCK: What do you think Captain?


    KIRK: Me me me, me me me. Look at me as i say me with me, myself and I.


    MCcCOY: Damn'it Jim






    SPOCK: Not logical Captain


    KIRK: ME


    SPOCK: Indeed


    KIRK: ME

  8. She did say during one of her outings in Voyager that she was herself from a member of species something or other. Alice Kridge came back as the Queen at the end of Voyager - Endgame. Not sure whether she was supposed to be the same Borg Queen as that which appeared in First Contact. Timetraveling etc. But think yes she was ultimately a manifestation of some sort of leadership, collective decision making programme, appearing as a single form, easier for the old Humans to interact with. Unsure why her voice isn't the one we hear though when the Borg says "we are the Borg, blah, resistence is futile"

  9. Now Sky 2 are reshowing DS9. Just watching Trials and Tribble-ations... CBS Action are showing Season One of TNG and they have hired a local Trekkie to introduce each episode (as they did with TOS Remastered recently) which is very admirable...

  10. This was just a fairly interesting "episode" of TNG. Just like Insurrection. Generations had movie quality. First Contact was just coming down with movie-ness. But not the last two movies.


    Data was the new Spock in these movies. His character was always so central whilst during TNG all characters proudly were given the same attention: you had Troi episodes, Riker episodes, Worf episodes - even the boring Geordi had episodes. But Data was just too central alongside Picard in these last two films and he was too cheesy "Saddle up, Lock and Load" was second to "to hell with StarFleet" in First Contact - okay we get it, you're not just a robot any more. You've got sass. Now put it away! Even B4 was sooo cheesy - "why does that man have a shiney head!" What?? Really!


    In First Contact Work was worked in brilliantly. In Insurrection he turned up and "it was a long story" why he was there and that was it. In Nemesis he seemed to be back to work on the Enterprise which just flies in the face of continuity and logic at the end of DS9. "Oh but he might have changd his mind and went back to the Enterpise" one might cry but then again ... no, don't be stupid. They might as well have just given him a Duras sister outfit and said he had a sex change to Worfina - why not? It COULD happen.


    What we needed was something substantial. Something epic. Brought in more folk from other series but with some style. Not Admiral Janeway calling Picard "Jean Luc" in that way that every admiral has always referred to him like an old buddy. Sad.


    We only got a taste of Star Trek movieness again thanks to the last Star Trek. You only had to watch that film for ten minutes to know it was going to be good and you were not going to just sit blankly through another mundane pile of tripe...


    I leave you with these images:


    Data in a haystack with a small child telling him to play a bit everyday


    followed by:


    Riker saying his chin was a smooth as an android's bottom.



  11. I liked this episode. It was on again recently. Voyager really knew how to throw in those TNG references didn't it? I mean, there were references to Riker, Picard, Data, Spock, Troi, etc etc.


    I liked the simple nature of the robots and how there were two bands of them going about, hating each other.

  12. Deanna Troi in go-go boots a big jelly-fish shopping mall, and a wee small bridge, like the bridge, only smaller and crapper.


    A bridge with a crapper?


    Yeah, the battle bridge had a crapper built into each seat, which had a dual function:


    1. If you could not control yourself with excitement during a battle (eg. "oh no we're going to die or get assimilated, eek" [poop!])


    2. If you needed a wee-wee but it's your job to fire phasers and torpedoes at the other side so you can't really pop off to the loo for 5 minutes...


    There was a custom on the battle bridge of saying "torpedoes away!!" if you were using the built in crapper.


    There was a button you could press on your console which discretely retracted back the underside of your seat whilst simultaneously pulling back your pants allowing you to use the loo, then it would use a sonic blast up yer jacksie to give you a clean sensation, before retracting back and flushing. Your waste then was used as material to replicate more torpedoes to fire at the enemy.


    The Klingons always just took a dump wherever they wanted on their ships.


    The Romulans had a miniature black hole inside their underpants which sucked their Romulan poo away to another dimension. To this day, no-one knows where...


  13. Has to be Encounter at Farpoint.


    Deanna Troi in go-go boots a big jelly-fish shopping mall, and a wee small bridge, like the bridge, only smaller and crapper.


    Need i say any more.


    Oh yes, and as with all th early eipodes, Worf lurked around like a Klingon weirdo in the background all the tme, looking furtive...

  14. I think really they would have stayed in touch for a while ... emails, coffee, maybe a night out ... and then drifted apart. It would be like working somewhere for 7 years and then leaving. You know what happens. There might be one person you'll stay in touch with but that's it.


    Not Neelix. Neelix would be like that person you work with, maybe based in IT or something, always cheerful at work events etc but ultimately if you weren't working with him you wouldn't ever see him...

  15. Episode 02.08: Ponn Farrt


    Lieutenant V'rak feels the urges of his ancestors upon him, despite only being 6 years into his fourth cycle. As he packs to go to Vulcan, a big wet eggie one blows out of his v'anus and he realises ... it was just wind.