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  1. Bev's mates are disappearing - fast! Before you know it, there's just her and Picard on the bridge. Poor Patrick Stewart - here is this wonderful Shakespearean actor trying to do a scene where just him and this doctor are flying a ship designed for over a thousand, by themselves. Bev decides to "say what they never say" (oh brother - pure cheese - not again!!!) and then poof, he's gone. Awful. Watching this again after so many years makes me cringe...
  2. For me it was actually quite late in the series. It was the season five episode Violations. Having been a fan of the TOS Movies I didnt really take to the TNG characters all that much. The episode was a little weird and not 'action' enough for me. The next episode I watched was 'Ship in a Bottle'. I was very impressed. A lovely tale which I managed to work out even though holodecks were all new to me. Believe it or not, 'Genesis' was the next episode I watched. TNG was on 2 channels in my area though, and one was two seasons ahead of the other. So I started to watch episodes on the one that was behind and then watched all the repeats. It has remained my favourite series.