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    I am beyond pissed about this episode. This was a slap in the face to the cast of Enterprise, and the fans. For one, the finale was a TNG episode. Granted, the episode would have been fun as a single episode in the middle of the season, but NOT the finale. No Archer speech? Another insult. But, this finale was more than an insult to just the cast and fans. It was an insult to Jonathan Frakes and the Riker character. Think about it...The same Will Riker who stood up and defied the Borg has to look into the holodeck for inspiration on how to break an order? That wasnt the Will Riker that I knew and admired.


    Not to mention the fact that Trip's death was over dramatized, and pointless. Did he really need to sacrifice himself to overpower 3 people? His speech when he was beraking Archer's order was NOT Trip.


    I could go on and on, but as far as I'm concerned, Terra Prime was the finale. I have been an Enterprise supporter since day one, but this "finale" in my opinion was the single worst Trek episode to date.

  2. Lang watched as his fellow captains took defensive positions around the two warbirds. This is what Tolley sends to defend the Slanina system and Project SOUL from Romulans aggression Lang thought to him self with contempt for his former captain. An Intrepid class, two Yeager class, and one Akira class starships with the exception of the last, these ships where better suited for exploitation and scientific missions not combat.


    “Report” Lang snapped as he turned toward Bandi, he didn’t mean to be short with his friend he just couldn’t help it. Here he was with a secret on board that could shake the very foundation of the federation, a couple of Romulan warbirds on his door step and all Tolley can send are a couple of science vessels.


    Luckily for Lang, Bandi new his friend well and take no offence to the verbal assault. If it helped his captain to elevate stress, Bandi was more then willing to take the abuse. He couldn’t blame his Captain for feeling a little angry at the moment, as he felt angry himself. He was on the bridge the day Lang confronted Tolley, and knew full well that Tolley made a grave error that day. The Gallamite held his own contempt for the admiral, and this situation didn’t help matters. “The Intrepid class ship is the USS Intrepid, captained by Debra Lynch. The two Yeager class ships are the USS Sucher and the USS Ramirez, and they are captained by Russ Grander and Tebok Taris respectively. The Akira is the USS Forester. She is captained by Lamia of the Grail keth.” Bandi reported.


    Lang listened to Bandie's report half-heartedly, it really didn’t matter what the names of the ships where, and he didn’t recognized any of the captains. That is until Bandi read of the name Lamia Grail; now that was a name Lang hadn’t heard in a long time “Lamia” he said as he smiled at his second officer “How did that blue skinned seductress get her hands on a Akira class star ship?”


    The Gallamite knew without asking what brought a smile to his captain’s face. Lamia served aboard the USS Saluda with Bandi and Lang long before the dominion war started. In fact the Captain and Lamia where something of an item on the Saluda for quite some time. But it all ended when Lamia left Star Fleet in order to take care of her dying mother on Andore. On the many nights the Captain and the Gallamite drowned their troubles, Lang often referred to her as "the one that got away". “Maybe she stole it” laughed the Gallamite as his brain sloshed up and down with the movement of his laughter.


    “She was quite thief want she?” Lang asked the Gallamite, not really wanting an answer “first she stole your grav-boots, then she stole my heart. I wouldn’t put it past her to steal a star ship”


    Lang had fond memories about serving aboard the Saluda, he regretted the fact that it ended so badly. But with that thought he shook his head. This was on time for a walk down memory lane; not with the Romulans, Project SOUL and Vialam all in the same sector. “Bring us be hind the Forester Helmsmen” ordered the Capitan “but not to close, remember she cant see us, and if things get hot we don’t want to be in her way”.






    T'maekh wasnt worried at all. Everything about his demeanor made that point obvious. He had this fleet of inferior ships out gunned. All they were to him was an annoyance, and a delay of his plan. He certainly got caught caught in Federation space, but it was ok. This was the part of the plan that the Remans had so graciously volunteered for.


    "Federation Captain Lynch," he said with an icy cold hiss that would make even the bravest person cringe."We are here because one of your starships entered the neutral zone, and our space. One of our ships went to intercept it, and...well, you see the result. The Federation ship opened fire, and tried to run. Our ship followed back into Federation space, where they did battle. They crippled the other ship. Life support failed, but not before they sent a distress call. We responded, and found your Federation ship loading Vialam from the moon. We destroyed them. In a way, you could say that I did you a favor by ridding you of this person. I dont believe Starfleet would condone one of its captains behaving in this way."


    Captain Lynch was stunned. Could Captain Lang really have gone rogue? "I dont believe you," she said, with some of her previous confidence gone. "Even if you're telling the truth, you've done what you came to do. Now, I'm tell...asking you to leave Federation space."


    T'maekh smiled. He had succeeded at getting into Lynch's head. "In time, my dear. In time." He nodded, and his image disappeared from her view screen. At the same time, the Romulan ships disappeared behind their cloaks.


    "Give me a secured channel to Admiral Tolley in my ready room," Lynch said, walking off of the bridge, not expecting the guest that would be waiting for her there. She knew she was out of her league, and couldnt figure out why Tolley had placed her in command of this small fleet. She had inherited the Intrepid from Captain Kevin Dobson, where she was First officer. Captain Dobson had retired after an accident with one of the Intrepid's shuttlecrafts. He had been contacted by Admiral Tolley, and ordered the Intrepid to Starbase 45 where Tolley boarded the ship. The 2 of them then boarded the shuttlecraft, and departed. They were gone for 3 days, and all Debra knew was that when they returned, the shuttlebay was sealed until it was taken back to Earth, and locked away in an underground bunker in Texas. She also knew that her captain was no longer the same person anymore. He never said anything unless he needed to. All the friendly conversations they had were gone, and his usually high spirit, and smile was replaced by a blank stare. 2 months later, this stranger retired, and Debra was promoted to Captain of the Intrepid.


    "Andrew?!?" Captain Lynch said with confusion. Andrew Lang was standing in the corner of Captain Lynch's ready room. "How-?" she said, but was quickly interrupted by Lang. "I'll explain," he said. "But not right now." He wasnt ready to let her in on the little secrets that were on board the USS Selby. She was too naieve to know about it, and besides...She was about to contact Admiral Tolley, and Lang suspected that he was somehow responsible for everything that was going on. "Just talk to Tolley, but dont tell him that I'm here with you. I know that we dont really know each other, but I need you to trust me on this. There is something going on that is much bigger than you see here." Lynch was very confused, and Lang could tell. "I did know your former captain very well, and I'm sure that what happened to him has something to do with Tolley, as well as what is going on here. Dont rat me out, ok?" "Well-um-I-," she stammered. "Trust me, Debra." Lang said. About 30 seconds of tense silence went by until she said "Ok." She opened communications, and Admiral Tolley's face appeared on the viewscreen on her desk, with Captain Lang standing out of visual range. "Hello, Debra," Tolley said. Debra Lynch then told him of the confrontation with the Romulans, and about what the Romulan Commander said about the Federation ship.

    "Well, Debra," Tolley said. "It's probably a good thing that the Selby was destroyed. I've recieved intellegence that that she was carrying illegal weapons that he stole from the Borg sphere that crashed on Mars last year." Tolley knew that was a lie, but as far as he knew, it was a lie that no one would ever be able to bust him on. The evidence against him was destroyed, so no one would ever know that he, and a group of Federation officers had equipped the Selby with Project Soul. The whole time, Captain Lang's face was turning beet red, and Debra could see it. "The Romulans probably have not left yet, so be ready for them. Get ready to fight if they come back. I'm sending 2 more ships to assist you. Tolley out."


    Debra Lynch was stunned. With Lang standing right in front of her, Tolley had just accused him of being a criminal. "Now," she said with some of her confidence that had gone away earlier. "You have 5 minutes to convince me of why I shouldnt arrest you right now, Andrew." "Thats fine," Lang said. He had a disk in his hand. He handed it to her, and she put it in her computer. "Its all there. Project Soul, and my mission log." "Project Soul?" She said with a puzzled look. She hadnt heard the "rumor" because she assumed command while the Intrepid was deployed. Her look of confusion turned to anger as she read. "And, the Selby was the unknowing participant in Project Soul?" she asked Lang. Lang nodded, watching her reaction, and knowing that she was reevaluating her opinion of Shawn Tolley, and Starfleet.



    His shallow berth hung in the thin air, as condensation once again formed on the screen in front of him. His body felt as though it was ready to fall apart, each bone creaking as he slowly moved to wipe the moisture from the dim screen. He had to keep is mind occupied for fear of falling asleep and took to playing strategy games over an hour ago.


    It was dark and cold on the bridge and bodes where floating around as if locked in a morbid dance that would last an eternity. He didn’t mind the darkness, in fact it was the only comforting thing he could hold on to, it reminded him of home and all those who where waiting there for him. The cold on the other hand he couldn’t stand, his body like all of his brotheren was use to the heat of the dilithium mines, the mines he longed to be in at this moment even if it was at the wrong end of a romulan whip.


    His bridge crew was dead, some died in the initial attack, some took their own lives preferring death to this frozen hell, while the rest had succumbed to the beast that was now gnawing at his own body. The cold combined with the thin atmosphere and weightlessness was taking a toll on him, soon he to would be locked in the dance of death that was being preformed before him, and not even his desire for revenge could deny that.


    BUT I MUST SURVIVE rang through his mind, he would have screamed it for all to hear especially those who condemned him to this icy death, but he found it to difficult to move his mouth and auditory muscles. I will survive, I am a survivor in a long line of survivors. Those that have done this to us will be the ones who will suffer a cold death he would make sure of it.


    This new reassurance of hate and revenge wormed his body like no type four heating unite could and for the first time in hours he felt as though he could still come out of this on top. The fact that this feeling of heat was sociological mattered little to him, his people suffered much worse after the betrayal of the Romulans that left them stranded on the cold side of a desolate plaint, he would survive this. With these thoughts running around his head he found the strength to move his mouth again, and what came out was a raspy air choked vice, but it was audible. “Bridge to engineering” he coughed, reminding himself to take it easy “is there any one alive down there?” he asked expecting only silence but hoping he was wrong.


    After what seemed like forever in his icy tomb came a sluggish chirp form the communication system “yes Preator, there are five of us down here”


    Five, that’s better then up here Dalznax thought, looking again at the dance before him. “how did five of you mange to survive?” ask the Preator. To a Non-Reman this may have sounded as if he was disappointed that they where still live. But Dalznax was very glad they where there, if he was going to exact revenge on the Romulan commander and his Tal Shiar hound he would need them.


    “The five of use managed to power the engine room heating unit with our disrupters, it’s a miracle It worked and the moisture is not helping. But its holding sir.” Even though they managed to find some heat in this frozen waist, Dalznax could tell that the beast was gnawing at them as well. The officer’s voice was just as raspy as his own was. It was as though the air around them was figuratively choking them to death, just as its lack there of was literally suffocating them.


    “what is the status of this ship, officer” Dalznax demanded gaining more mobility of his mouth and vocal cords with each word spoken. “I want to hear good news understudy!” The response was hesitant and an uneasy silence once again fell on the bridge. “Officer!” Demanded Dalznax again.


    “Sir …” answered the raspy voice, this time it was clearly a little shaky. Even in the midst of a slow death by both suffocation and exposure the officer was still hesitant to give his Preator the wrong answer for fear of punishment. “… The situation hasn’t change since we last spoke Sir. The ship is dead Sir. … What little power we do have is coming from the back ups for the back ups, and even that wont last more then a few hours now”


    “Are you telling me you have been down there this whole time and have not bettered the situation we are in,” screamed the Preator he know what he was saying was absurd, but if he was going to pull them out of this alive he needed to instill a littler fear in his men. All Remans knew fear was a great motivator, something the romulans taught them very well. “You have ten minuets until I will be down there. For your sake when I ask that question again you had better have a more acceptable answer” with that the Preator closed the channel and began the long cold journey to the engine room. The first obstacle in his way was figuring out how he was going to push him self out of his chair, everything else would be down hill from there.



    Reevaluating her opinion of Shawn Tolley, and Starfleet yes, but not believing what Lang was telling her ether, not one hundred present any way. Lang knew this, not because he was half Betaziod but because he would have the same reaction if he were sitting in her place.


    “And why should I believe you, and not the Admiral?” Lynch asked very snidely, this was her ship, and Lang seemed like the type of guy who could talk an Eskimo into buying some ice. She wanted to make it perfectly clear she was not going to make this easy for him.


    “After all you are reported to have gone rouge and to be a very dangerous man.” She placed her hands on her hips “Also the Admiral suspects that you might have been trying to steal vialam from this sector, a fact that the romulans have confirmed.” She said the last part with a smile thinking this little fact was giving her the upper hand “Further you have been reported to have stolen top secret technology, and you then show up in my ready room with our shields up. Who knows how you pulled that off! … How did you pull it off?.” The scientist in her slipped out like it often did. But just as quickly as she digressed, she was back on track with a shack of her head and hand stating that there would be time to answer that question latter “Very damming stuff Andrew, and you except me to believe a file you gave me, containing nothing more then a rumor about some Project SOUL! A Project that if its true could place the federation into some hot water with our friends out there, not to mention goes against everything the Federation and Star Fleet stands for”


    Lang knew he wasn’t going to be selling any ice to this Eskimo so he decided not to even try. He had to deal with Lynch on a gnawingly personal level. She was right the evidence agents him was damming, and if he wanted to make her believe his side, he first had to earn her trust. “Debra I know how all this sounds, and if I where in your position I would not believe my self ether. But I am not in your position I am in mine and I have to stop what’s going on here or it can mean some every bad things for us and the Federation.” Lang could tell that his pleas where falling on an icy heart “Listen lets evaluate this objectively” He continued, “What are the facts that are not in dispute? …” Lang held up his index finger “One, the romulans are in federation space and they shouldn’t be,” Lang’s index finger was joined by his middle finger “and two I’m in possession of some technology that allows me to be here in your ready room even though your shields are up. Correct?” Lang nodded to emphasis that he was indeed correct.


    Lynch pondered what was said, she was going to make Lang fight for every step he took, it was the only way she could tell if he was sincere or not “ I would have to agree, those two facts are not in dispute”


    “Ok” Lang continued “So you have to some how stop the Romulans, and bring me to justice if I am in fact lying? Correct?” Lang nodded for emphasis again. “Affirmative” and a sarcastic nod was the answer he got so he continued. “Fine … so what does it matter if you bring me to justice, after you … we deal with the Romulans?”


    That was logical nodded Lynch until a thought popped into her head “It would give you more time to pull off what ever you are trying to pull off” She then smiled wickedly “ that is of course IF you have gone rouge”


    Lang now had her where he wanted her “Ok lets deal with that, Tolley said that the technology that I have was from the Borg sphere that crash on mars a year ago. If you come and look at my ship you will see that this technology is not Borg, but Federation in origin. This would put Tolley’s story into question, and give you enough cause to give me the benefit of the doubt. After this is all said and done I will allow you to escort me back to star fleet head quarters for a formal inquiry with out a fuss” Lang hated the formal inquiry processes ever since he and Tolley stood against each other after the Dominion war. He found many of the pencil pushers who deliberated the hearings don’t know what it was like in the real world, and tended to put things in a different perspective then he did. He didn’t relish the idea of standing for a new one, and not against Tolley again. He made it through the last one by the skin of his teeth he wasn’t sure what Tolley would do if given the chance to come at him again. It was no secrete that Tolley wanted Lang out of the service, and Tolley had shown on more then one occasion that he couldn’t be trusted.


    “Ok … Lets say if for a minuet, I did go to your ship and found that the technology is as you said it is … and IF …” She paused and placed extra emphasis on the world if, in order to make Lang understand she was willing to entertain him, but was not yet convinced “… I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are not in position of stolen technology. The Romulan Commander has made claims that you attached one of his ships and nearly distorted her, cutting off life support and killing all those aboard. He clams that he is only in federation space because he was trying to protect that ship and destroyed you in the process. Even if you have only federation technology on board, those are serious claims captain and the evidence shows that the crippled ship was fired upon by federation phaser… This could even start a new war with the Romulans” Lynch added remembering what Tolley had told her. The federation could ill afford a confrontation with the Romulans right now “If the allegations are true I cant just start a confrontation with them on your word alone”


    Lang thought about her words for a second and answered “Well you said earlier that the Romulans confirmed that I was stealing vialam before they destroyed me. Since I am obviously not destroyed, that vialam should also be aboard my ship. If it is not then the Romulan commander is lying. Even if I beamed it out of my hull you would still be able to detected trace amounts of it in my cargo bays and on my people. If you don’t find any then the Romulan commander is lying. Since he is lying about that part of his story, because you wont find vialam abound my ship, he maybe lying about the rest” Lang paused he felt he had now won her over so he decided to push on “Captain it’s the Romulans who have stolen vialam today, who knows what they are going to do with it. As a scientist you must know the weapons potential that vialam posses. We can’t let those ships out of this sector with it in their bellies.”


    “Fine captain” Lynch through up her arms in defeat “you have convinced me to a point, we still need to cheek your ship but I found out long ago never to question an officer in a red uniform and three pips on his collar” She smiled at Lang and this time she really meant it “So how did you get on my ship with our shields up?”


    “lets just say my engineer is a miracle worker” Lang shot back with a smile of his own


    “Aren’t they all?” Countered Lynch “I think it’s a rule some where, all star ships will have no more or no less then one miracle worker”


    “Shall we go captain” Lang said with a twinkle in his eye, this time laying on all his charm.


    “Why so that you can take me hostage?” Laughed Lynch more playful then serious “No first I have to tell my crew that I am going, and the other captains, I’m sure they will want to come along. Also I will be bringing two armed security officers, those are my terms take them or leave them”


    “I guess I have no choice captain” Lang shot her another sly smile.


    “Good, if you will follow me captain” and with that Lynch ushered him out of her office and onto the bridge where she began to tell her crew the story, excluding the part about Project SOUL. When she was complete she ordered her communications officer to open a four way secure channel to the fleet and pipe it through to her office. “If you will excuse me Captain, I would much rather speck to them alone if you don’t mind” but before Lang could answer whether he minded or not Lynch was already though the door to her office and the doors had shut.


    After a few minutes the doors whooshed open again revealing the female captain once again. “Ok captain, they have reluctantly decided to trust you until we can have a look at your ship. Lamia keth, who speaks very highly of you by the way and was instrumental in convincing Grander and Taris of your sincerity, will be joining us. Grander and Taris will be remaining on their ships in cause you or the Romulans try anything funny. Lamia will be beaming over shortly” Lynch paused and allowing the scientist in her to come out once again “Is it safe to assume that it wont be a transporter beam that will be getting us on your ship Andrew?”




    He paced the area in front of his desk like he often did when contemplated a situation. The symphony had hit a sour note he thought as he took to gazing out his view port in the vain attempt to save his office rug from the constant treading it often endured. Under cloak he had retreated to a distance that made it easy to see all four Human ships and one badly beaten Reman ship through the transparent aluminum in his office. They hang in space as if they where part of some cosmic version of a child’s toy he once had, which gave him the feeling that he still had the upper hand.


    His masterpiece could still be saved, all he had to do was manipulate those ships out there, as he once did with the toy he play with as a child. His brilliant idea to destroy the Federation vessel and make it appear that it happened through their own fault was brilliant. He had made the Female captain believe that he had no choice but to destroy the Star Fleet ship, and he know full well that she would not risk another war over it. Humans where predictable things, they believed in peace at any cost. They would even believe the word of a enemy who just distorted one of their ships in the name of it.


    Now all he had to do was think of what to do next. He could easily leave now with the vialam he did have, but it was nearly half of what he promised his superiors. If he returned now it surely wouldn’t be perceived as the great victory he had hoped for, and he most certainly would not get a heroes welcome. To leave now was out of the question, he needed to gain more vialam. But how and with that thought he picked up the holopicture on his desk what would you do grandfather, if you where here now, let me know so that I can bring honor back to your name and our family he really didn’t except an answer, but it comforted him to ask any way. His grandfather was a great man, if he where here he would come up with a brilliant plain to insure victory. But he wasn’t and T'maekh would have to think him self out of this one alone, he only hoped he had half the intelligence his grandfather once had.


    The chime of the door broke through his thoughts. “Come” he said hesitantly as he placed the picture back on the desk. He did not want to be disturbed and the person who entered was the last person he wanted to see right now.


    “Commander” Squealed the woman in the door way making sure that the door had not closed yet. She was an evil woman, and she wanted every one on the bridge to know that their commander was in for it now. After an effective pause she proceeded through the door and took the seat on the opposite side of the desk. Who did this woman think she was? Undermining his authority back there and now taking his seat as if this ship was hers? every well T'maekh told him self trying to calm down that pin on her collar may be protecting you now woman. But one day soon I will seek my revenge for what you people did to my grandfather and all the innocent Romulans who died at your hands


    “What is our situation?” Braila ordered with a smile that would make one believe she wanted the mission to fail. The truth was she did want it to fail, the man standing before her was a traitor to the empire, it mattered little if it was he or his grandfather that committed the treason. As far as she was concerned their whole family was guilty. The Tal Shiar had mad a mistake letting them live those many years ago, one that she would remedy once this mission was over and they where no longer in the spot light.


    “Every thing is still going to plain” answered T'maekh with no fear in his voice, even if he was feeling it, he made dam sure that he didn’t show it to her, he wouldn’t give her the satisfaction. “The federation arrived a head of schedulable, which has caused a delay, but they believe the story about why we where are here. I told them we where answering the distress call of the Reman ship which was being distorted at the hands of a rough federation vessel, one that we had to destroy in the name of peace.” T'maekh smiled at his masterpiece of deception, which was answered by the Tal Shiar with an expression that told him she was not impressed. “We now must devise a plain to extract the rest of the vialam we need form the moon. The Federation is waiting for use to make the next move so that gives us the upper hand”


    “Very well” Braila stated, clearly not happy with the situation. Here eyes wondered around the office as if looking for something else to ream the commander on. When her eyes hit the very desk in front of her, she found what she was looking for. The Tal Shiar stood with an air of importants and took the picture in her hand. She looked at it for a few second studding the mans features.


    She was fishing for a response from T'maekh and he gave her one. Seeing this dog holding the picture of his grandfather enraged T'maekh and he couldn’t hide it. His face contorted and changed color in a way that only a Romulan face could when they where angry enough to kill. “Put that down Agent at once, you have no right to be holding it” the words slipped out of T'maekh mouth before he realized what he was saying. He was openly defying a member of the Tal Shiar men where hung for less that that. One day he might have the protection of prestige to do as he please with this dog, but that day was not today.


    “Commander, I am an agent of the Tal Shiar” Braila pointed to the pin on here color “This gives me every right to do as a please. I should cut of your head for even looking at me in that way, let alone those words of insubordination. Lucky for you the empire has placed a lot behind the success of this mission or you would already be dead.” She looked at the picture in her hand once again before dropping it to the floor “Did you know” her worlds more somber then they where last “your grandfathers treachery are required reading for new Tal Shiar agents. It’s a story that has always made me happy when I read it. He was in peace negotiation with the federation when Tal Shiar discovered that he was passing secret information to his Federation handlers and arrested him. It was on your birthday was it not?” She asked knowing full well that it was on his birthday, but she wanted to rub the salt that much more into his wands. “The file is quite extensive, right down to the fact that you cried the whole time they where kicking you out of your childhood home. Not a very pleasant thing for a child I guess, but if the child is a traitor then it deserves everything it gets” She smiled placing emphases on the fact that she believed the commander was a traitor by association. Then her face turned from glee to darkness “Do you know that your grandfather cried like a baby during his interrogation he was a very cowardly man” and with that sour note in the commanders symphony the Tal Shiar Agent walked out of his office, stepping on the picture as she walked passed him.




    The two captains walked into the Intrepid’s transporter room, accompanied by two rather large and mean looking security of officers who where watching ever move Lang made. “Lynch to the Bridge” she said into the air, and was acknowledged with an “Aye sir” from her first officer and so she continued “I want you to drop shields so that we can beam Captain Grail aboard, and then raise them again the second we have her, understood?” another “Aye sir” confirmed that the order was understudy. With everything in place Lynch nodded to her transporter chef who began to manipulate the panel in front of him. After a few seconds of humming and chirping form the pad in front of them the image of a beautiful Andorian woman materialized.


    “Captain” Grail said bowing her head to Lynch and then turned toward Lang. “Captain” She said again bowing her head, but it could easily been seen that this gesture had a quite different meaning then the one she just gave Captain Lynch. It had been a long time since Lamia had seen Andrew, but her attraction and love for him felt no different then it did the day she left him to take care of her mother. Only to her most trusted friends did Lamia refer to Lang as the lost love of her life, and now standing before him again, she longed to jump into his arms. But she was a Captain now and such things would be inappropriate. She would have to remain at a distance and this whole rouge captain thing didn’t help matters.


    “Its your turn now Andrew!” Lynch said turning to Lang with excitement in her eyes. “Show us what your metrical worker can do”


    “Yes, it is my turn, but not here” Lang said “If you would have you friends here” He gestured to the two security officers who where still watching him intently “ where to escort me to your shuttle bay I will be more then happy to show you …. Oh and if I where you I would evacuate the Bay. We wouldn’t want carouse eyes seeing what they aren’t suppose to” Lang ended with a gesture to the grads waving of his hand toward the door. The guards not amused with his charm didn’t budge, it took a nodded form their captain to get them in motion.


    The five of them reached the Shuttle bay a few moments later, and as Lang had suggested Lynch had evacuated it, leaving it empty except for them “Ok now show us Andrew” Lynch said like a child begging for a peace of candy.


    “Very well captain” Lang could see the excitement in her about to explode, and he found it fun to see how far he could go before it did. To prolonged the moment Lang slowly taped his combadge “Lang to the Crazy-Hours, Disengage the P.C. devise”.


    “Aye sir” came a response form his combadge and right before there very eyes a shuttle pod decloaked in a shimmer of white light.


    “A Cloak?” Lynch said in surprise “That would explain why we couldn’t see it, but how did you get it aboard my ship with our shields up and no one noticing” her face revealed that she didn’t know what to make what she just saw.


    “Well I think I ought to let my miracle worker explain it to you, he knows better then I” And with that, Lang taped a few buttons on the shuttle hatch and it opened to reveal Mr Charlie Duncan “Mr Duncan would you be so kind as to explain to my friends her how you got this shuttle aboard this ship with out anyone noticing?” Lang then made eye contact with Lynch “oh and with her shields up”


    “Glad to captain” Shot back Duncan “Its really quite simple, we found some technology aboard the Selby that not only cloaks a vessel but pushes her out side the phase of normal matter”


    “A Phase Cloak Devise” Lamia interjected for the first time since they all met in the transporter room “But that is forbidden, and thought to be a dangerous technology by Star Fleet Engineering”


    “Aye mam” Continued Duncan “A lot of the technology we found aboard the Selby would fit that description. This little gem was non functional, I would guess it’s main function was to test the power drain of such a devise on board a star ship. But who ever put it there mad a mistake. This thing doesn’t emit enough energy to phase cloak a ship the size of the Selby. I barley got enough juice out of her to phase cloak this shuttle and even that wont last very long”


    “I hate to stop this interesting meeting of the minds” Lang interrupted “But we really don’t have a much time … So all aboard who’s going aboard” He then turned to his watchers and add “I have a nice seat picked out for you boys, right next to mine, I know you will like that” and with that they all got into the shuttle.


    Back on the Bridge of the Selby, Bandi knew the risks of the decision that had to be made, and he knew Lang's record had to be kept clean, that if they were to get out of this nightmare the Captain would need a plausable deniability. As the shuttle was bringing the other Captains back to the Selby there would be no way to communicate with them undetected, so a strict communications silence was agreed upon, making the decision Bandi made next appear to be his own.








    Dalznax entered the darkness of the engine room and navigated himself, floating, disoriented and shivering toward the cylinder in the middle of the room. He had hoped to find a flicker of power left in the EPS relay, just enough emergency light for his Reman eyes to adjust to. "S-ss-solders! respond!" Dalznax murmored. The response was a cold silence. He proceeded to flip the appropriate switches inside the access panel infront of him. Then he received the flicker of light he needed, a few flickers to see the suffocated bodies of his fallen soldiers. Just as he feels that this is the end and wonders how he can negotiate with the angel of death that was coming for him for an alternative, Daznox felt a warm feeling come over him, the familiar feeling of a transporter beam! Romulan muttogs! when he reached their ship he would kill all of them!


    Nearby the shuttle racing to the Selby witnesses the explosion of the Leown, the Reman battlecruiser which had been hanging dead in space since the arrival of Starfleets 'recovery' vessels. Captains Grail and Lynch were startled and unnerved and Captain Lang could sense it. "Perfect" he thought.

    "Captain??" exclaimed Engineer Duncan as he raised a hand in reaction to the blast. While the three of them could not believe their eyes and felt hoplessly out of options, Lang knew he had just dealt a new deck into the poker game, one loaded by him. He knew he would have to bend all the rules and decieve even those closest to him if he was going to beat Admiral Tolley at his own game. Being set up to fail like this was unacceptable and he would not have it!

    He now began to deal from the bottom of that deck! "With the loss of that Reman Battle Cruiser the Romulans will have a justification to remain in Federation space and aquire Vialam longer!" Declared a distressed Captain Lynch.

    The shuttle passed through the force field and made its way to rest in the Selby's shuttle bay.







    "Yomoshi?" barked Bandi eagerly awaiting a response.

    "Got 'em sir, one Reman life sign in sick bay." said the Tactical officer.

    "Excellent work."

    Yomoshi knew it would not be easy properly calculating and performing a manual transporter lock, he hoped thay had not gotten half of him and half of something else! It was, however the only way to precisely manipulate transporter logs and keep the record clean. " We're gonna swing for this Commander!"

    "Relax James, just follow the Captains plan and you may learn a thing or two."




    On board the Romulan flagship, the reaction to what was just witnessed was developing rapidly.....


    "WHAT?!" T’maekh barked, as the Reman's ship exploded. He grabbed the gunner by the throat, and shook her. "I told you NOT to target anything that would destroy them!" The gunner was, of course speechless. He started to reply, but T’maekh threw him to the floor. He could already feel the disruptor blast in his back from the Tal Shiar agent. It was just a matter of time as he saw it. He had no evidence that the Federation ship fired on their "comrade" anymore, and if they decloaked, THEY would be in violation of the treaty. The lead violinist in his symphony had broken a string, it seemed. It was time to wait. More, and his opressor would never stand for that. He wondered if this Tal Shiar agent had ever actually been in a war. It seemed to him that with her almost child like impatience, she definately had no combat experience. It didnt matter. If this mission was not a success, he would be killed. Time was not a luxury. His thoughts drifted to what he had done over the course of this mission. He had made the Remans think they were trying to be allies, and disposed of them without any Reman knowing any different. He had arranged with the Yridians...in a very unorthadox manner...to participate, and he had destroyed the Federation Starship, and made it look like it was their own damn fault. Of course, the Tal Shiar wouldnt see these accomplishments. All they would see would be the failures...Not getting the Vialam mined fast enough, and being seen by the Federation, and now, the destruction of the Reman ship. His thoughts were interrupted as the Tal Shiar agent walked on to the bridge. "What is your excuse THIS time, T’maekh?" she asked, and it sounded more like a sneer statement than a question.




    "Sir, what did you intend me to DO with this Reman once we got him?," Dr. Atkinson asked, talking at warp 8, as he met Lang, and the 4 captains in the shuttle bay. "I tried to sedate him because he was hurt, and he BIT me! I had to erect force fiel-!" "What the hell are you talking about?," Lang interrupted. "The Reman that Lt. Commander Bandi had beamed over. He told me to expect company, and, and, well, there he was, yelling something about muttogs." "What is a muttog?" Lang asked. "Never mind." He clicked his communicator. "Bandi, get your *buttocks* to sickbay NOW!" Lynch, and the other captain watched, as Lang's face turned as red as the red in his uniform. "Fine crew you got there, Andrew," she said. Lang said nothing, as they got into the turbolift, on the way to sickbay.

    "Put yourself in Andrew's shoes," Captain Grail burst out. She had been containing this for a while now, but her feelings for Lang finally got in the way. She couldnt handle how Lynch, and the 2 security officers were basically ready to feed him to the dogs...muttogs, she thought. "What would you do? I believe that Tolley set him up, and I dont care what any of you think. You should consider the fact that these secret "toys" may have saved his life." Lynch, and the security officerss just looked at each other, not knowing what to think. Lang said nothing.


    As they entered sickbay, Bandi was there waiting for him. Dr. Atkinson ran in, and checked the force field. The Reman had already knocked the examining table over, and broke it in half as the captains walked in. There were actually a couple dents in the wall where he had either punched it, or thrown something at it. "WHY HAVE YOU IMPRISONED ME!!!" he snarled. Lang ignored him, and walked straight up to Bandi, and where no one could see him, he winked at Bandi. "EXPLAIN THIS!" he yelled. Bandi stood at attention, and said very calmly "We scanned the Reman ship, and found 2 life signs, but one of them faded as we did the scan. You werent on board, and I couldnt risk detection by contacting you. I made a command descision to beam him here. WE did not fire on that ship. I figured that we may have an allie with him. Not to mention the fact that you as well as anyone know I couldnt leave him to die." Perfect, Lang thought. Everyone knew that Gallamites were known for their concience, but this was also a great acting debut for his second officer. Hopefully, his next performance would be equally convincing. Lang looked at his entourage, and as he figured, Lynch looked mad, Lamia looked concerned, and the other 2 just looked like they were only along for the ride. Lang figured that he'd rather have his annoying, studdering doctor in command of a starship than these 2 characters. At least, Atkinson had combat experience. "You were UNDER ORDER to SIT TIGHT!," Lang bellowed. "How did that ship explode, and where was Adrian during all this?!!!" He looked around for reaction from his audience. There was none. Bandi looked at the floor, sighed, and said "Commander Collins was in the ready room with Murok. He discovered something, and asked her to speak with him in private. Yomoshi discovered that we have the ability to fire while cloaked. I took it upon myself to destroy that ship. Think about it. We didnt fire on it, but it had Federation phaser burns on it. With everything else that was going on, it seemed the right thing to do." True, Lang thought. Tolley had him pegged, but with him thinking that he, and the Selby were destroyed, it only made sense to use these "blessings" to prove his innocence. But, he thought, The show must go on. He winked again at Bandi, as he pressed his communicator. "Security to sickbay," he said. There were already 2 security officers there, but they would be needed when it came time to talk to this Reman. "Bandi, I'm sure you knew what would happen when you did this. We know the Romulans are still out there. What would you have done if we were detected?" "I didnt believe that we WOULD be detected," Bandi replied calmly. "It seemed that if the Starfleet would go through the trouble of putting these systems on the ship, they would equip us with the best."

    The security officers walked through the door, and even though what was happening was staged for the benefit of these people, who 1 of which may for all he knew had already been in contact with Tolley about his survival, it was still very hard for Lang to do it. "Lt. Commander Bandi, you are hereby relieved of your duties. This will be recorded on your record, and you are to be confined to quarters until such time as these actions of yours have been determined not to be a threat. Security, accompany Mr. Bandi to his quarters, and post a guard there." "Aye sir," the security officer said, as they grabbed Bandi's arm, and led him away. Lang gave the other captains a solemn look. Captain Lynch looked up, and said "So, Captain Lang, you cant control your crew, and you expect US to take you seriously?" Lang looked at her with disbelief. He didnt know her, Taris, or Russ Grander. Both captains had only been in command of their ships for less than a year collectively. "Why dont you just wake up, and look at whats going on?" Lang barked. "You, Captain Grander, and Taris are ALL fresh in command. Tolley HAND PICKED this "fleet" to meet the Romulans, and to take me out. Tell me...WHY would he send the two of YOU, instead of some more experienced captains?" The security officers had not said one word the whole time.


    "Let's talk to our new friend now," Lang said, walking to the force field containing the Reman. "What is your name?", Lang asked the Reman, who was on his knees, beating the floor. "Dalznax, Praetor of the Leown. Why have you imprisoned me?"


    Imprisoned you? Lang thought. Your "other friends" tried to kill you. "We beamed you here because we thought you would rather live than die. Why did you come across the neutral zone with the Romulans? They obviously didnt value your assistance." Lang thought that would start him talking. All it got was a blank stare full of hate. "Why have you imprisoned me," Dalznax asked again.

    Lang knew that nothing was going to happen after his second response to questioning was ignored...Like a captured soldier in the wars of the 20th and 21st century. They would give their name, rank, and serial number only if captured. Lang had to be more persuasive, and he didnt need this unwelcome audience. "Captain Lynch, Lamia, and Dr. Atkinson, stay. You two security officers who arent from my ship, leave us." The two security officers looked at each other with disbelief, but left anyway.

    "Dr. Atkinson, lower the force field," Lang said. "But sir," the doctor said, with nervousness in his voice, and now talking at speeds of warp 9. He is violent, and is capable of hurtinnn-" "SHUT UP, and LOWER THE DAMN FORCE FIELD!" Lang yelled. The doctor obeyed. Captain Lang didnt want to hear an "Aye Sir" when he gave an order when he was mad, and everyone knew it. As the force field dropped, the Reman charged at Lang. Lang was ready. The Reman lowered his head, to tackle Lang. That move was countered by Lang jumping to the left, and spinning aroung, and grabbing the Reman in a headlock. He then, jumped up, and let his weight drag the Reman to the floor. He then jumped on top of him, grabbing the Reman by the throat, and pinning him to the floor. "Lets try this again, Dalznax, SIR!" he said with defiance. "Why were you betrayed by the Romulans?" he said. Dalznax tried to fight, but he was injured. He finally gave in. "They told us of a glorious conquest of the Federation, and they needed us for security in case there was a need for a boarding party on a Federation ship. If the plan was successful, they promised to welcome us on Romulas, and other worlds in the Romulan empire instead of that dark rock. It seemed true."

    Seemed true, Lang thought...Just like when Picard was standing in the Romulan command. Too good to be true. "Do you know if the conquest had anything to do with Vialam?" He already knew the answer, but he needed to hear it. This Reman may actually help him justify using these forbidden "toys" that were equipped on the Selby. The Reman started to calm down. Maybe he realized that he was betrayed, and in order to gain revenge on the Romulans, he might need to trust these humans, who after all, were Romulan's enemies as well. "Yes. They needed to mine the vialam, and we were supposed to stand guard. I knew I was betrayed when I realized that our "fleet" of 27 ships was only 6 including my ship, the Leown. The Romulans then opened fire, but not enough to destroy us. Just enough to cripple weapons, shields, and," he paused for effect. "Life support."

    Lang was stunned. How could they have gotten a Federation phaser bank? They had to have gotten one somewhere. Where did it come from? His mind was at work. Would Admiral Tolley stoop so low to get revenge on him? He hoped not, but the Reman ship DID have Federation phaser burns on it. Where did THEY come from?

  3. "Power us up NOW!" Lang yelled, as the freighter got closer to them. As full power came back on, Lang was just waiting for 10 warbirds to decloak. "Damn, Admiral Tolley. and his PSBS." Lang thought. He still hadnt forgiven him for his decision about the Ventrua. With this Kobyashi Maru scenerio going on, what would the benefit of having this technology on board that they couldnt even use? The only thing he could do was to get the hell out of there. The Romulans would be waiting for them when they got back. Guaranteed.


    "Full power restored, Sir." Bandi said. "Good, Lang replied. Helm, get us the hell out of here, warp-!" "Wait a minute, he thought." Suppose there was a way. "Yomoshi, how long before that ship hits us?" "2 minutes, sir." Yomoshi said, with a slight tone of impaticence in his voice. "Ensign Murok, you have 45 seconds to scan this entire ship for ANYTHING unusual!" Lang barked. "We're not done yet!"

    "Sir?" Murok asked. "You heard the captain!" Collins snapped, catching on to where Lang was going with this idea. She looked at him, and winked.


    15 seconds never seemed so long, but the Vulcan ensign sped time back up to normal by saying "Sir, in engineering, under a section of the floor on the bottom level, there appears to be something wired into the main computer link." "Great!" Lang said. "Lang to Chief Duncan. I need site to site transport. Transport Collins and I directly to Engineering. Energize. NOW! And get everyone out of there, including yourself!" "Aye, Sir," Duncan said.The captain, and first officer materialized in engineering.


    They immediately began pulling up floorboards until they found what they were looking for "Lang to Bridge...I want to know every 15 seconds just how much time we have left until we need to be gone." "Aye, Sir. We have 1 minute, and 5 seconds." Bandi said.


    Lang and Collins began working feverishly on the component they had found. Neither one of them had ever seen this type of technology, let alone integrate it into the main computer, and bring it online. "55 seconds."



    The Tal Shiar agent walked back on the bridge, and for the first time, showed something more than spite and contempt for T’maekh. "I've come to see the fireworks." she said with what T’maekh thought was almost a smile, but she steeped into the light, and he realized that she still had that cold emotionless gloomy look of hate that all Tal Shiar agents had. "Report!"


    "The Federation ship has regained power, but it hasnt fired." T’maekh said. This is ok, because they would have fired on it, or tried to put a tractor beam on it by now if they could. In 55 seconds, our Yridian friends will collide with them, and there will be spectacular fireworks." "Good." She said.




    "40 seconds."

    Lang, and Collins quickly finished up with their project. "Lang to Mr. Duncan...Beam us back to the Bridge NOW!"

    Lang was barking out orders before he materialized completely. "Mr Bandi, be ready to go to Warp 8 on my mark. Mr. Yomoshi, shields up. Divert all shield strength to starboard, where the freighter will hit us. After that, I will take over." "Yes, Sir." Yomoshi said. He may have been decorated for valor, but he knew that his captain had something up his sleeve if he was taking over tactical.

    "Collins," Lang said. "I'll see you in 25 seconds."


    The Freighter looked on the view screen as if it was close enough to touch. "Sir!" Bandi yelled. "Wait!" Lang said loudly, but with an aura of confidence that Bandi hadnt heard from his captain since they found the Romulan surprise on the freighter. "10 seconds. 9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2...! "Warp 8 NOW!" Lang screamed, as the freighter hit the Selby's shields, and he pushed a button on the tatical console.




    T’maekh Jumped out of his seat, as the freighter slammed into the Federation ship. Everyone on the bridge stood up, and applauded as the freighter and the Federation ship disappeared in the most horrifyingly beautiful explosion they had ever seen. There would be no trace of either vessel after an explosion of that magnitude. But, they werent done yet. They would have to act fast, because Starfleet would be sure to send ships to find out what had happened here. His symphony had peaked, and would now start winding down.




    "Any sign of pursuit?" Lang said, looking at the viewscreen , and even though they were speeding away at warp 8, the explosion was still accounting for 3/4ths of the space on the screen.


    "Nothing," Murok said. "We wouldnt know it if they were cloaked."

    "Dont you think they saw us go into warp?" Yomoshi asked. "They didnt." Lang replied. "Collins and I had a wild card in our hands, and we played it. Thats all you need to know. You may have your post back, Mr. Yomoshi." the captain said, but not before encrypting what anyone else other than Collins, and himself would think was the shield control. "For now, I want the shields to stay up," he said. "Thank you, Sir." Yomoshi said.


    The gambler in Captain Lang's head had played the Dead Man's Hand, and won, but the battle wasnt over. They still had to go back, and face whatever was waiting for them at Slanina 4. "Lt. Bandi, turn us around. We're going back, and this time, WE will be the ones with the upper hand." "Aye Sir." As the USS Selby turned around in a wide warp U turn, Bandi couldnt help but wonder what the point of this escape was if they were going to go back. The Romulans would see them as soon as they got into sensor range, but the Captain seemed to be up to something. Like he knew more than he let on. Just what did he, and Commander Collins do in engineering that was so secret that even the Chief engineer couldnt be in engineering? Whatever the reason was about why they were going back, Bandi was sure that his friend and captain would not do anything that would put the ship in danger. And, maybe he saved his own crew's lives by not telling them about what Murok had scanned the ship for.




    The Reman Preator Dalznax of the Reman War Cruiser Leown was angry and disturbed. These Romulans, after all were supposed to be under his command; Tal Shiar be damned! After the loss of Preator Shinzon the Reman Order, he sought a fleet commander, and thus a new fleet that HE would lead, or so he thought. Allowing a Fedaration vessel that so curiously probed the Neutral Zone to be destroyed infuriated him.

    "Helm, Report!!!" "Starship Selby destroyed sir."

    The response hit him deep. 'Status of the Leown?" "cloaked and undetected Preator."

    Dalznox was annoyed. He knew that this new order with the Romulans obligations of being subservient to the Remans was for naught, even if their homeworld was being conquered. He was here now and ready with his new weapons and new power to build a magnificent Empire. He knew that he would have to pick his new 'allies' apart. Starting with the Tal Shiar.

    But this Federation ship and such a build up of Romulan Warbirds indicated to him that something was afoot, and he was as curious as he was paranoid.

    "Open all Fedaration Databases and report..." snapped the Preator as he looked back at his second in command, sub-commander, Rhome.

    Dalznox felt it important to keep an eye on the Sub-Commander, as he was often told; keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer.

    This Treachery was typical in the order of the state and he knew it. Rhome was looking for the opportunity to take a leadership role at his expense.

    Preator Dalznox surveyed the field of 27 Warbirds and said "is this all that the Romulan Empire can spare....?"





    The Tal Shiar agent looked at T’maekh. "Dont you have work to do?" "Yes," T’maekh replied. "T’maekh to the fleet. Prepare to decloak, and begin the operation. Stand by to beam the mining crews down to the moon." He knew that time was short because Starfleet would be sure to send ships to find out what happened to their Sovereign Class vessel. There was also the matter of the other sacrifice. The Yridians had done their part well, but the Reman commander's ship would have to fire a shot which ignited the vialam on the Federation ship. He would also have to take fire from a Federation ship that would damage his ship's life support. That was no problem. Operation: Pilfer had been a success a few months before, and the plans for a Starfleet phaser bank had been stolen, and his ship was equipped with that bank. The Remans would be implicated for the destruction of the Federation ship, and just to keep them in line, they were fed false information that the Romulans had sent 27 ships to this system. Thinking that, the Remans would be more cooperative, and less likely to betray this newly found "trust". Sure, the 6 ships that they did have could easily handle the Remans, but they had vialam to mine.


    "The other ships are ready, sir." the sub commander said. "Good," T’maekh said. "Signal them to begin the mining operation. We will monitor the area for Starfleet ships. Make sure every commander keeps a transporter lock on every member down there in case we have Federation visitors."


    The six Romulan ships decloaked, and moved in closer to the the planet.

    The unwitting sacrifice decloaked and moved right along side T’maekh's ship as planned. The signal came through, and T’maekh reached down to a switch which brought the Federation phaser online. Locked on target, and fire. Precisely where the life support control was located.

    "Sir," the sub commander said. "Dalznax is hailing." "There's a shock," T'maekh thought. "Turn him off. Ignore him." He, and his crew would be dead soon, with no escape pods on their ship. They would be found by the Federation with vialam on board. No one would ever suspect that the Romulans were ever there.




    The bridge was dark, even though they where no longer cloaked and the danger statues had fallen from battle ready to normal. While the Romulans might prefer to work in the light, his people calmed the shadows their own. Remans spent most of their lives underground, on the dark side of a barely habitable planet. Where other creatures would have died, the Remans survived and flourished.


    The Remans where once like the Romulans. They too were native to Vulcan and part of the movement to leave because of political incompatibly. Two generational ships left Vulcan those many centuries ago, one carrying the crew that would one day become the Romulan people the other carried the crew that would eventually become the Remans. Their plan was meticulous; they built two ships for the voyage in order to increase the chance that one of them would survive the long journey, and insure the continuance of their way of life. They intended to work hand in hand over the generations on their way to the Romulan system. But their every nature didn’t allow this alliance to last for every long. Early Vulcans where paranoid and aggressive, after a generation or so of travail the two ships started to distrust each other. They each started to believe that the other was planning to take the Romulan system for them selves by making sure they where the only ones that would reach it. This lead to many political as well as physical altercations between the two ships over the generations. Eventual it led to the catastrophe that left the Remans stranded on the god forsaken planet they now called home.


    The Remans were left to die there, but that didn’t happen. They where survivors. They learned to live in such a harsh environment, they became stronger, and built a new world for them selves and they where better off with it.


    Dalznax always cringed when he thought of this story; he hated the fact that the Romulans got the better of his people those many centuries ago. But what he hated more was the fact that because his peoples where forced to live on a planet where servile was a full time job, they where not equipped to defend themselves once the Romulans discovered they in fact did survive. Again the Romulans got the better of his people, this time by making them slaves. Dalznax swore to him self that this would never happen again, this was the age of the Remans, and he would make these Romulans bend knee to him.


    Dalznax started to become irritated watching 5 war birds decloak one after another. He would never be so bold as to decloak part of his fleet inside Federation territory, and he hated the fact that this fleet was not answering to his commands as he was promised they would. Who did this Romulan commander think he was? Who did the Tal Shiar think they where? Dalznax thought squinting his eyes. Why weren’t they answering his repeated hails? “sub-commander” The praetor scowled “Hail them again, tell them I am becoming impatience with their insubordination”


    “No answer Praetor,” with no emotion showing on the sub-commander face. “Praetor, the war bird is powering up its weapons, her shields just came up and she is taking a defensive posture!” a face that was seconds ago emotionless was now alert and shocked at the same time.


    “What?” Screamed the Praetor “You are mistaken! They would never fire on me, it would mean their death!” he truly couldn’t believe what was happening. This commander must have gone mad. “Order the remaining ships in the fleet to decloak and take care of that traitor”.


    “Aye sir … Praetor I am getting no response form the reaming ships. I am not even reserving a closed channel response, it’s as if they aren’t there.” The subcommander tapped his panel franticly not believing what he was seeing.


    Dalznax’s heart raced with anger. Not there? He thought, how can that be? Not believing what his sub-commander was telling him Dalznax’s had to see for himself. He ran to the communications panel and shoved the sub-commander to the floor, this was no time for pleasantries and Remans weren’t that pleasant to begin with.


    He couldn’t believe his eyes. It was true. There were only 6 war birds in the sector. All the other images they where looking at where sensor ghosts coming from the ship that was now in front of him…The ship that was about to fire on him. “RAISE SHEILDS,” he screamed to his tactical officer, but it was too late. Just as his officer was about to enter the sequence that would raise the shields, this ship lurched to the side tossing every one to the floor, exploding consoles and darkening the little light they did have.


    The Praetor got to his feet, and stumbled to the tactical station where his officer lay dead at his feet. Tapping a few buttons in front of him, Dalznax’s saw how damaged his ship was. They hit is in the right spot he thought, and with shields down.


    The Leown was dead in space, life support was down, shields where down, engines where down, and back up power would only last an hour. After that, they where dead. NO! Dalznax thought he would not let the Romulans get the better of him and his people, not again. The ship would soon get as dark and cold as it must have been those first years on Reman, If his ancestors could survive that, Dalznax was determined to survive this. They were survivors!






    “War Cruiser Leown, has lost main power, life support, shields, and engines” reported Sub Commander S'ammek to her commander, with pleasers in her voice. She never cared for the Remans, they where dirty smelly creatures and they where quite ugly. They where not worthy of the fact that they where kin to the Romulan people.


    “Excellent work” the composer praised, it was good measure to treat ones subordinates with some respect now and then, a trick the Tal Shiar dog sitting next to him could afford to learn. “Continue to fire on the ship, low yield, I don’t want to destroy them. Just make it look like it took more then one shot to cripple them.” T'maekh turned to the Tal Shiar agent with a smile of accomplishment on his face. He would make her acknowledge his triumph. But to his disappointment she continued to be as cold as ever. She gave him a glance of her own, which can only be taken for a level of satisfaction just above disappointment. One day I will slap that look of her face Tal Shiar thought to him self, One day soon I will make her pleaded forgiveness for what they did to my grandfather, for what they did to me.


    The Leown was still in the view screen rocking back and forth to the continuing but not intense phaser fire. T'maekh could hear the music of it all; the sound was soft and subtle like a section of strings pulling back and forth on their bows. It almost made him forget about the woman sitting next to him, his music was coming together perfectly.


    “Commander I believe the damage to the Leown is sufficient to make the Federation believe it was in a death battle with the Star Fleet vessel” stated the Sub Commander.


    T'maekh checked for himself and nodded his approval and order to stop firing. “Very well, order engineering to disengage the Federation phaser bank from our systems, and beam it into space. Once that is complete, I want you to vaporize it” T'maekh didn’t want to be caught with his pants down, no matter how remote the possibly might be. If there was one thing he learned living on the streets, it was how to cover his tracks. “What is the status of our ground troops and miners?” he asked.


    “They are 100% ready to begin the worked as planed Commander” Answered his communication officer.


    “Order them to begin and remind them to be quick about it” T'maekh wasn’t too wordy about the time, it would be days before Star Fleet discovered that it lost contact with one of its ships, and another day or so to send out a search party. His plan was going just fine. In a day and half he would have all the Vialam he needed. The Federation would get to the system just in time to find the Leown dead in space, her belly full of vialam, and Federation phaser burns all over her hull. Star Fleet will believe that the Remans came to steal the vialam in an attempt to gain power again, and destroyed the Federation ship to get it. They will surmise that although the Remans destroyed the Federation ship, but did so at the cost of its own ship and crew. The Federation will blame the Remans for the act of war, strengthening the Romulan position back home, and T'maekh would have 6 war birds full of Vialam to do with as he saw fit, that is of course after he took care of the dog sitting next to him




    The USS Selby hadn’t gone very far at warp 8 to get away from the explosion, and with this advantage of the cloaking device, the Romulans believed they were destroyed. Captain Lang, with this small victory was confident, but still cautious. With no idea how many ships would be present when they got back, they would pretty much have to stay cloaked until the "reinforcements" got there.


    "Everyone who wants to know what happened, join me in my ready room," Lang said. "Ms. Collins, you already know, so I'd like you to stay on the bridge. Let me know when we get back, and if you get any Romulan ships on sensors." "Aye, Sir."

    When everyone on the bridge got up, and headed to the ready room, Lang decided to just stay on the bridge.

    "We are equipped with a cloaking devise, as well as a few other toys. Its a top secret project from Starfleet. While I'm not comfortable with it on board, I'm glad we have it. But, we've opened up a new can of worms, because Starfleet will deny any knowledge of it if we are discovered with it, and they could order other Starfleet ships to fire on us to protect their secret. This means that if we decloak, we will simply have to destroy EVERY Romulan ship that is present, so that no one could report it."


    Silence, and worried glances were the only reply. No one had time to reply. The sensor alarm went off. "On screen," Lang said. The images of the 2 warbirds, 1 science ship, and 3 freighters appeared. "Gotcha," Yomoshi said. "How are we going to be able to do anything?" Bandi asked. "If we notify Starfleet that we are still alive, they will order the 4 ships to open fire on us." "We wait," Lang said. "Until the 4 ships get here. We'll let them engage the Romulans, and then, we'll send a message to them, explaining the situation. That way, they wont be shocked when we decloak. Ensign Murok, monitor everything." The Vulcan said nothing, as he manned the sensors and comm.


    "Where the hell are they?" Lang thought to himself. As the time went by, the situation was getting more and more dangerous, as the Romulan ships brought more vialam on board. It would be suicide to fire at close range on a ship loaded down with the deadly substance. He was getting more and more irritated. Where were these ships? If they decloaked, and opened fire, they might be able to take out one ship, but 6? They would more than likely be destroyed, and the Federation would find itself facing war against the Romulans, as well as a few others.




    Captain's log, Stardate 43858.1...... Debra Lynch, USS Intrepid

    Admiral Tolley has ordered me to take the Intrepid to Slanina 4 to look for the USS Selby, who says he has reason to believe that Captain Lang has gone rogue. We dont know why he said that, and I'd hate to fire on a Starfleet vessel. We are about 15 minutes away, and were accompanied by the Sucher, Forester, and the Ramirez. The Romulans might be there too, so we are running scans, and ready to do whatever necessary.


    "Still nothing on sensors, Captain," Lt. Brandon James said. "But, long range sensors have recorded a huge explosion." "The Selby?" Lynch asked. "No way to tell. It was vialam." James said


    "Bring us out of warp. Bring the weapons online and shields up." Lynch said. "And signal the fleet to do the same."


    The 4 ships dropped out of warp, and the first thing they saw was the 6 Romulan ships. "Open hailing frequencies." "Yes, Captain," the communications officer said. "This is Debra Lynch, of the Starship Intrepid. You are violating the neutral zone. I order you to leave right now." Little did she know that there in the darkness of space, not even a Kilometer from the Intrepid, there was a fellow captain going crazy because she was trying to talk to the Romulans rather than coming out of warp with all guns blazing. They had come up with a plan that would have been perfect if it hadnt been for the wildcard that Lang held in his deck. The Romulans would be very angry that their plan was ruined. Captain Lynch wouldnt even be at Slania 4 if the Selby hadnt been equipped with this little secret. The Intrepid, and the other 3 ships had no idea the real reason they were there.

    “Anything yet?” rasped Lynch, the irritation in her voice very prominent. She hated situations like this, the Intrepid was a science vesicle and she was a scientist. She was a good captain and if it came to it, she could make these Romulans pay for their transgressions, but she would gladly take a spatial anomaly over warfare any day.


    “Nothing yet sir” answered Molly Brice. Lynch could tell her communications officer was afraid, this must be her first encounter with a hostile ship Lynch thought to her self. Brice was fresh out of the academey, and perhaps not quite ready for bridge duty. Unfortunately the same was true for so many officers on so many ships. After the war with the Dominion, Star Fleet was suffering a manpower shortage and many young officers where being asked to grow up before their time.


    Sympathizing with her young officer, Lynch placed a comforting hand on Brice’s shoulder. “Very well, if they want to play hard ball we’ll just have to show them who’s house they are in” Stated Lynch in an arrogant tone of voice meant to easy the tension on the bride. Lynch her self, might have been leery of the situation, but she wanted her crew to believe this was going to be a cake walk, that she could handle it. One of the first duties of a star ship captain is to make sure one’s crew is confident in themselves, and if she showed she was confident, they would fall in line. “Tell me what were dealing with Brandon” ordered the captain.


    “Seven romulan ships maam” Responded James with out missing a beat “Two 2 warbirds, a war cruiser, 1 science ship, and there are 3 freighters orbiting the forth moon. Oddly enough the war cruiser is powered down, and appears to have suffered massive battle wounds caused by Federation phaser fire. The two warbirds are at defensive positions around the cruiser and do not appear to be helping it in any way. Other then that maam, we wouldn’t know if there was a large fleet of Romulan ships cloaked in the system.”


    “Well we have to deal with what we can see James, and hope that’s all there is” Lynch shot back with a smile “Order the fleet to take positions around the warbirds… So much for a peaceful alliance with the Romulans, if the Dominion war couldn’t bring us together nothing will”


    The four Federation ships took their positions around the two war birds and ignoring for now the science ship, the freighters and the cruiser. They weren’t much of a threat and could be dealt with later. The Intrepid took a position directly in front of the two warbirds while the Sucher and the Ramirez took flanking positions on the left and right. The Forester being the warrior out of the bunch took up a position directly behind the Romulans, if they tried to run, they would at least have to say good bye.


    “We are now being hailed by the closets of the two warbirds Sir” Brice informed her captain.


    “Ohh now they want to talk” laughed Lynch “Very well, in the name of galactic peace we had better hear what they have to say. On screen”


    The image of two Romulan war birds flickered out of existence and was replaced by a Romulan commander. “Star Fleet Captain Debra Lynch, of the Starship Intrepid, allow me to introduce my self. I am T'maekh N’ipren of the Romulan Star Empire and commander of the Warbird T’creat.” N’ipren smiled as if he had the situation in his pocket..


    Lynch didn’t like the Romulans for one small reason… their arrogance and condescension. Even now with his ships surrounded the Romulan Commander was spewing an air of superiority toward her. She didn’t like it and scientist or not, she was now hoping for the chance to wipe that smile off of his face. “Commander, you do realize that you are in valuation of many peace treats between our two peoples by being in this sector and in Federation space. We are well with in our rights to remove you by force” She paused wanting the idea of ‘her’ superiority to sink into his tiny arrogant brain “I order you to explain why you are here, and make ready to be on your way. We are not looking for a confrontation, Commander but we will be more then happy to finish anything you start” Calling out the commander might not be the best thing for Lynch to have done but she wanted to explain who was boss. She wanted the Commander to realize that if he did want a fight, a fight is what he would get.



  4. (Flashback)


    Commander Andrew Lang, and Lt. Bandi turned the corner, and darted down a faintly lit corridor of the outpost on Deakali 6. Disruptor blasts hit the walls, and ceiling dangerously close to them. Whoever this intruder was, they werent going to give up easily. Captain Shaun Tolley of the USS Saluda had received a distress call from the outpost. They were under attack. The unusual thing was that this outpost was just a storage facility for outdated federation computers, all stripped down, and with their memories erased. This outpost didnt seem to be of any importance to anyone. It didnt even have defense capabilities other than hand phasers. Yet, it was under attack, and Captain Tolley had sent down 10 teams of 2 to stop them.

    They took cover, and returned fire. 2 of the 3 intruders were hit. One stood up, and fired. Lang, as he was taking aim, watched his phaser disenegrate in his hand. Third degree burns accompanied it on his hand, but he didnt care. After screaming in pain, he grabbed Bandi's phaser out of his hand, set it to stun, and fired. The intruder fell to the ground. He ran up to him, and set his communicator on the intruder's chest. "Lang to Saluda. Lock onto this jerk, and beam him to sickbay. Have armed guards there to welcome him. Lang out." The intruder dematerialized.

    It turned out that these intruders...Berugians...were wanted by the Klingons. They had stolen computer technology from them. Even though they were outnumbered, Lang, and the Saluda away team made short work of the Berugians, and turned them over to the Klingons. Lang didnt even lose his temper.

    (End Flashback)

    Now, they were outnumbered with no way it seemed to win no matter what they did. You could bet that the Romulans were there in force, and that they were getting impatient in waiting for this hothead Starfleet captain to kill himself by firing on the freighter. You could also bet that when the reinforcements got there, the Romulan fleet would decloak, and a bloody war would follow.

    "Two pair, black aces and black eights, with a 5 of diamonds kicker." He thought. "If we wait, then we'll have a more fair fight when the cavalry comes. We'll wait.-" He was interrupted by Collins.

    "Sir!," she said, with a scared tone in her voice. Lang was not prepared for what she said next. The gambler in his head had just layed the dead man's hand down. It was do or die time now.


    "Sir," she said. The Yridian freighter has been fixed. Its moving, and on a collision course."



    The composer was getting restless. The Tal Shiar agent had started asking for progress reports every 10 minutes, it seemed. All he had to report was that the Federation ship was still dead in the water. With this (I'm trying to say a bad word but can't) breathing down his neck, it was time to do something. Now.

    "Sub Commander S'ammek, report to the bridge," he commanded over the communication system. It was time to get rid of this Federation ship, and make it look like a deliberate attempt by the Yridians to make it seem that they were in fact the ones causing trouble in the Slanina system.

    "Reporting as ordered, sir," S'ammek said as he walked onto the bridge.

    "Take the chief engineer, and a couple of his best men over to that freighter. Fix its engines as quickly as possible." "Yes, sir," S'ammek said. "And make sure you mask the transporter signal somehow. Sensors say that the Federation ship's sensors are working." "Yes, sir," S'ammek asid, as he left the bridge.

    Now, his plan would finally get to see action. This would take a defenseless ship, and put it under attack from an inferior ship, and the inferior ship would win by sacrificing itself. He had no idea why the Federation ship lost power while attacking the freighter, but it happened, and he could wait no longer. It could take days to fix whatever went wrong on that ship, and with this Tal Shiar (I'm trying to say a bad word but can't) breathing down his neck, he needed to either get rid of Federation ship now, or he was going to kill the Tal She-(I'm trying to say a bad word but can't).

    Most of his military career, he was ridiculed by everyone because of the incident with his grandfather, yet he was top of class in the academy, and served on a Warbird, where he quickly advanced to sub commander. He then, requested to be transferred to science, where he was given command of a science vessel. Thats how they found the Slanina moon. He instantly recognized vialam's potential as a weapon when his away team was vaporized when they tried to cut through a rock that was blocking the entrance of a cavern containing a moss called Randiem.This was an essential element in a cure for the flu like disease called Cardinallisrom, which many Romulans had died from over the last season. T'maekh harvested the Randiem, and brought it back to the scientists on Romulaus, but he also brought a sample of this Vialam. This was HIS ticket to greatness. After about a year of research, he found a way to pack this Vialam into a torpedo tube, and it would make a great weapon of mass destruction. His grandfather's set up would be forgotten, and he could single handedly bring the Federation to its knees. It was no suprise to T'maekh that he was put in charge of this Warbird. He had commanded the science vessel, and he discovered Vialam's capabilities as a weapon. He was not going to share command with a spoiled captain. Now was his time to shine.


    S'ammek walked back on to the bridge 2 hours later. "T'maekh," he said. The freighter's engines are repaired. What next?" "Nothing," T'maekh said. "Leave it to me." He went to the communications computer where he had his remote program for the freighter hooked up, pushed a few buttons, and now, it was time to play. Every artist in the orchestra was in time, and it was time to direct the greatest symphony of all time.






    The red-alert claxon filed his ears, smoke form burnt metal and burnt flesh filled his noise and his bridge was exploding all around him. ‘How is a man supposed to think in a situation like this? How am I suppose to think of a solution to this real life Kobayashi Maru with half of my crew hurt or dead?’ thought the captain. It was a rhetorical question of cores no one has ever found a solution to the no win scenario before, except James T Kirk of course ‘how did he do it?’, but with that the captain washed way the thoughts. This wasn’t the time for hero worship, and what ever Kirk did at the academy wouldn’t help him now, not out here, not when the situation was real.


    “There’s Still time Captain…” Screamed his first officer “we just cant let them die” the captain could almost hear mutiny in the voice of his officer, “you must …” but before the first officer could finished the captain slammed his fist on his chair with anger.


    “NO” the captain screamed “I mustn’t do anything. They are all ready dead and if we help them we’re dead too” He stared down his first officer. “What would you have me do? Would you allow this vessel and the secret we are caring to fall into enemy hands? You know the risk of wearing that uniform, and so do they” He pointed at the view screen. “Now unless you plain to take yours off you better carry out my order”.


    “But captain” The first officer shot back, not caring what the captain thought of this insubordination or what the consequences might be “If we leave them, we will be killing them, just as surly as we are pulling the trigger our selves, and I cant have any part in it, its wrong. To hell with our secret. Its not worth their lives. Nothing is!”


    “Very well, officer” The captain said matter of factly “You’re dismissed and confined to quarters until the end of the mission, in fact if I were you, I’d start packing, but leave the uniform. You wont need it anymore, now get your *buttocks* off my bridge” he said the last part with a scowl. Who the hell was this to tell him, the captain, what to do on his own ship. When this mission was over, he would have the badge of his first officer and he wouldn’t think twice about it. What they had aboard this ship was too important. If it fell into enemy hands the balance of power in the Alfa quadrant may change forever.


    “Ensign, take us way from here at the fastest warp possible” the captain ordered “NOW,” and the ship was off to safety.


    The first officer hated the captain for this, how could a man sign the death sentence for so many men with out a second thought. With face red the first officer headed for the lift and off the bridge.


    “Captain” the operation officer said with sorrow and regret in his voice, stopping every one dead in their tracks. Even the first officer, who wanted nothing more then to leave the bridge, turned around to hear the grim news. “They’re gone sir, all hands have been lost”. Everyone’s jaws and eyes dropped with the bad news, even though they all knew it would happen, since the captain ordered them to leave.


    “On screen” the captain said with muddled tones.


    Wreckage, which unmistakably belonged to a galaxy class vessel, hung dead in the middle of the view screen. Also on the view screen were Dominion ships firing one by one on defenseless escape-pods from the Federation ship. This late in the war the Dominion stopped taking most prisoners and just killed every one on board.


    The site of watching his comrades, no his friends die at the hands of the Dominion in such a way enraged the first officer. Hate filled his head and he jumped on his captain belting him with some awesome blows that even a drunk Klingon would take pain from.

    (End Flashback)



    Admiral Tolley always woke up at this point in his dream. The images where still vivid in his memory even though he was awake. His chest still hurt as if Andrew Lang had just hit him even though those events took place almost two years ago. The Dominion war changed a lot of things. Tolley and Lang use to be good friends but now they could barely talk to each other. But, Tolley still believed that he was right two years ago, the cargo aboard the Saluda was more important then the Ventura.


    The Ventura and all hands where lost, but the cargo insured the safety of and or perhaps many more lives. Tolley regretted the lapse in judgment from his friend and first officer that day, but it was his duty to report Lang’s behavior to Star Fleet Command along with the insubordination, friend or not.


    To Tolley it was simple; his first officer not only defied orders, but attacked a superior officer. This alone should have been enough to drum him out of the service. But Star Fleet Command didn’t see it that way. They said since Lang was motivated by moral reasoning, saving the crew of the Ventura, and the fact that the grim outlook of the war was having an effect on every one, so they would not pursue the matter further. Lang would receive a mark on his otherwise spotless record for the actions, but would not be forced to leave the service.


    A few months after the investigation was closed, Tolley tried to bury the hatchet with his friend even though he still thought Lang had no business being in Star Fleet for what he had done. But Lang wouldn’t even see him. Lang still felt Tolley was a monster, and there was nothing he could do or say about it.


    ‘Yes many things went wrong during the Dominion war’ Tolley thought after recalling Lang’s reaction during their conversation earlier in the day, but it didn’t matter Lang had to see reason on this one. Tolley knew the importance of the secret aboard the Selby, even if Lang didn’t want to.


    Tolley got up from the couch he was sitting in and walked over to his desk. On the view screen in front of him was the informational package about Project Soul that he had been reading before he decided to take a nap. He began to read the cover sheet again, even though he already knew what it said. In a way it comforted him. He found solitude in the emotionless description of the project, which almost made him forget the volatility of the real life Project and all its real life consequences.



    Project Number: KJ54UI78

    Star Date: 55974.25

    Security Level: 6




    Project: Starship Observation of

    Unique-equipment Loading (SOUL)



    Disclaimer: This is an ultra-top-secret Starfleet or Federation document. Level 6 security clearance is needed to read this document and all its attachments. If accidentally found by person or persons with out Level 6 security clearness, they are prohibited by the highest Federation law to read the contents, and are instructed to destroy the information and report the incident to Star Fleet command immediately. Failure to comply with the above mandate will lead to the immediate incarceration and prosecution of the individuals involved.


    Project Objective:


    This project and all its contents are designed to evaluate the long term effects of Unique-equipment on a Federation star ship's stability and her existing systems.


    During the many missions conducted by star fleet and other civilian organizations the Federation has enquired a wealth of information on technological and scientific equipment that up until now has not been properly tested aboard a star ship.


    Such Unique-equipment are as follows but is not limited to:


    Phase-cloak System – Last tested by the USS Enterprise registry number NCC-1701-D on star-date 47457.1


    Aldean Repulser System – Procured by the USS Enterprise registry number NCC-1701-D after discovering the Aldean home world on star-date 41509.1.


    Metaphasic Shielding – Invented by Dr. Rayga and first tested by The USS Enterprise registry number NCC-1701-D on star-date 47025.4


    Quantum Slip Stream Systems – Designed by the USS Voyager registry number NCC-74656 and inspired by Borg technology on star-date 52143.6.


    Type II Generated Ablative Armor Systems – Procured by the USS Voyager registry number NCC-74656 through temporal violations on star-date 54973.4


    Multiphasic Shielding Systems - procured by the USS Voyager registry number NCC-74656 through temporal violations on star-date 54973.4


    FSHJ/ED (chameleon) Systems – Procured by the USS Raven registry number NCC-76265 on star-date 53862.3


    The Objective of this project is to place aboard one ship in every class of star ship the key systems for each of the technologies here in, in an attempted to evaluate the feasibility and safety in use of these systems aboard all star fleet vessels. In order to limit the use of these systems in fear of galactic treaty violations, key components of each system will not be provided, so that the systems will not be functional. This project is limited to the evaluation of component and program cross talk and energy sharing with the already existing star ship technology. Field tests of workable systems will be conducted at a latter date under the Starship Observation of Unique-equipment Use (SOUU) project.



    Feeling better about the whole thing after reading the cover sheet Tolley contemplated the existence of the project. Not many people know the full extant of the project its self, Level 6 clearance wasn’t even known to most officers, including admirals. The level 4 clearance explanation of the project was every vague and Star Fleet presented it as nothing more then a small paragraph in the star ship captains first mission brief explaining the possibility of secret equipment aboard one’s star ship and the consequences of carrying such equipment. Everything else most people knew about Project Soul was just rumor and speculation.


    Project Soul was a joint operation between the upper echelons of Star Fleet Engineering and Section 31 of the Federation Charter. In fact in order to protect the Federation from potential galactic treaty violations and possible war, sanction of the project didn’t come from Federation official channels at all. As far as the Federation was concerned Project Soul as Tolley knew it didn’t even exist.


    But in reality, the Project did exist and it was up to Tolley to make sure it stayed a secret. “Tolley to Ensign Archer” Tolley barked into his comm. Badge.


    “Aye sir” answered the Ensign. “Open a secure channel of communications with Captain Debra Lynch aboard the USS Intrepid, patch it through to my quarters as soon as she answers, and then wipe any trace of the communication from the system once it is complete.” Tolley ordered.


    Another “Aye sir” was all Archer said and the communication was complete with a chirp identical to the one that started it.


    After a few minutes came a new chirp but this time form the desk view screen Tolley had just been reading from. “Lynch here Admiral” Lynch’s face appeared on the screen that held the information on the Soul Project only second ago. “Captain what is your status?” asked Tolley.


    Tolley watched Lynch tap a few buttons on the console in front of her and assumed she was updating her self on the situation. “The Intrepid, along with the Sucher, the Ramirez, and the Forester will reach sector 9076, and the Slanina system in under 13.3 hours at warp 5. We could reach it in under 5 hours if we where allowed to exceed the Federation environmental warp speed limitation and travel at warp 7.5” Lynch answered.


    “Very well” Tolley nodded “from this point on all four ships are here by given permission to exceed speed restriction imposed by the warp speed limitations under Federation order.” Tolley couldn’t wait 13 hours. “Lynch, now that you are closer to the location I can give you your orders,” Tolley added.


    “Am I at liberty to discuss this with my crew?” Lynch asked. “No, not at this time.” Tolley shook his head. “This matter is every hush hush, and every important to the Federation. We cant under any circumstance allow things to go wrong, so for right now keep it to your self and the other captains. Understood?”


    “Aye Sir” Lynch said, although she really didn’t have to, Tolley already started talking again assuming she would follow the order “Captain, the USS Selby is in trouble in the Slanina system. She was sent there to protect the mining operation on the moon of Slanina 4, where a huge deposit of vialam has been found. Star fleet is worried that because of the destructive nature of vialam, we might have a run in with the Romulans, and so the Selby was sent there to make sure all was clear and to make sure it staid that way until the moons defensive systems could be brought on line.” Tolley paused allowing Lynch time to understand and then continued “But, four hours ago we lost contact with the Selby. She has not answered our repeated hails and we do not know their situation. You must go and investigate.” Tolley hated to lie to the captain, they in fact did contact the Selby and knew of her situation, but it was better Lynch and the other captains not know of this fact.


    “Aye sir, a simple find the lost dog mission” Lynch added “sounds simple enough”. Tolley frowned noting that there was more “If it where that simple captain we would have only sent one ship. First, the Romulans could be out there and could be the cause of the loss of communications with the Selby. If this is true we could be looking at a new war, and I don’t have to tell you the Federation isn’t ready for that. The Romulans didn’t enter the Dominion war until much later then the Federation, and even then the war was turning to suit our side, so the Romulans are much better off then we are right now. Also If they get there hands on the vialam it could be real trouble.” Again Tolley paused for Lynch's benefit.


    “Second Star Fleet has reason to believe that the Selby’s captain may have gone rogue”. This statement hit Lynch like a ton of bricks “Rogue sir, how do we know that? A Star Fleet ship?”. “Yes captain” Tolley said forcefully, he didn’t want this point to pass lightly. It was too important, even if it was a lie. “The captain of the USS Selby, Andrew Lang is something of a loose cannon, and information that I can not reveal to you at this time indicates that he may hold a grudge toward the Federation. The vialam would be just the right tool to seek revenge for a man like this if our information is true.”


    “Aye sir” Lynch said showing her understanding “What should we do about this matter?”


    “Nothing right now, Captain,” Tolley added “We do not know if this is true yet, it is only a possibility. Right now your orders are to get to Slanina 4 and sniff around, see what you can find. I am only telling you about Lang because we might have to deal with him and I want you prepared. I hate to give the order to fire on another Federation ship, but if Lang leaves us no choice we might have to, and you should now well in advance that this could happen. Of course, keep me apprised about this situation on a secure channel. Tolley out.” Tolley closed the channel before Lynch could ask for anymore information about Lang, the less you talk about a lie, the better you can keep it from being revealed. Tolley didn’t like the fact that once again he might be signing the death sentence for a Federation ship, but the secret was to big, and again more important then the Federation ship and her crew. If the Romulans learned about Project Soul, they would defiantly call for war, and as he just explained to Lynch the Federation wasn’t not ready for that.


    Tolley turned off his desk view screen, making sure all information about Project Soul was wiped from his computers internal memory. He then got up pulled on his uniform to straiten it, and walked over to the replicatior. “Bovarian peanut-berry tea, room temperature” he asked, this concoction always help him sleep.


    Taking his Tea from the alcove that just seconds before was empty, Tolley made his way

    back to the couch he was just napping in a few minutes ago. He took a few sips of his Tea before placing it on the table near the couch and was asleep before his head hit the arm rest.



  5. ************(Flashback)


    T'maekh climbed the many narrow stairs to his family home, humming a song he had just learned in the marketplace. While a grown man might find traversing the narrow stairs a daunting task, T'maekh’s small feet where perfectly adapted to climb them at dizzying speeds.


    “Grandpa, Grandpa” T'maekh shouted with glee as he reached the front door of the house his family occupied for over ten generations. It was a two story house which looked as if it belonged in the forth dynasty all though it was much younger then that. One would never find a house of this type in the city, but out here in the wilderness, set in front of the beautiful T’loran mountains it was hard to believe that the outside world even existed. T’maekh loved it here and found his surroundings to be most beautiful, especially during harvest time when the mountain seemed to change color form a dark gray to a wispy blue with the seasons first sown.


    T’maekh couldn’t picture himself ever leaving this wonderful place, his plan even though he was still a child, was to become a politician like his grandfather and lead his family into the next generation, with the prestige and power his grandfather now had. His family wanted for nothing, they had the respect of romulans all over the globe and if T’maekh had anything to do with it his family would go on this way forever.


    “Grandpa, Grandpa” T’maekh shouted again when his grandfather didn’t answer “come listen to the song I just learned in the market place." Still there was no answer form his grandfather, in fact the house seemed oddly quiet for this time of the morning. Growing concerned T’maekh venture inside ever cautious and asking quietly “grandfather? … mother? … grandmother? … Any one?” but got no answer.


    T’maekh started to circle the house in search of his family, who by all rights should be out and about at this time of day. He walked from the door way to the dinning hall becoming more worried of the situation. He wasn’t left alone like this often and when he was, he was always told first. He was worried for his family ‘where could they be?’ he thought as he moved form the dinning hall to the meeting room.


    The silence in the house was starting to get to him as he reached the meeting room. He was only eight years old, ‘nine’ he thought ‘I am nine years old, I have to remember that’. If something did happen to his family what could he do? And then an even more frightening point entered his thoughts ‘what if what ever is responsible for their disappeared is still in the house? What if it is waiting for me to finish the job?’


    Thoughts of danger filled his head as he entered the meeting room, there was some one in the house, he was certain, he could feel it as surly as he could feel the hair on the back of his neck come to attention. There, behind the chair he was certain he saw something move and there, in the shadow caste by the closed curtain he could make out a figure.


    He had to go, he had to run out of the house as fast as he could, but with out warning the intruders jump out of their hiding places. T’maekh closed his eyes and clenched his body in anticipation for the torture he thought was about to come.


    “SURPRISE!!!!!” laughed the intruders.


    ‘surprise?’ T’maekh thought, as he eased him self enough to open one eye ever so slightly. What he saw was a surprise, there standing in front of him was no killer but his grandfather smiling ear to pointed ear. “Happy birthday son” S'Tokkr said with the happiness and love that only a grandfather could have for his only male heir. T’maekh’s father had died before he was born in a boarder scrimmage with the Federation, leaving S'Tokkr to take care of the child and his mother. A duty he gladly took, as S'Tokkr’s family meant everything to him, all his accomplishments, and all that he will soon achieve, he did to make life better for them.


    Even now he was negotiating a peace treaty with the Federation; he didn’t want what happened to his son to happen to T’maekh. He couldn’t allow it, the Empire and the Federation had been hostile to each other for far to long. To many of the Empire’s sons have grown up with to few fathers, and S'Tokkr would stop at nothing to end that.


    But now was not the time for such thoughts, now was a time for calibration T’maekh turned nine years old today and S'Tokkr couldn’t be happier for his grandchild.


    “Here T’maekh, open my present first” T’maekh’s mother said with a grin "its that thing you have been bugging me for all last month." T’maekh new immediately what it was, he had been pestering his mother for ages to get him a Bird of Prey antigravity controlled model and now he finally had it. Snatching the package from his mother’s hand, T’maekh ripped through the wrapping like a Tara-hawk who had not eaten for days. “Thank you mother” T’maekh said after realizing he had not thanked her yet “this is the best gift ever”.


    “The best gift ever?” S'Tokkr asked inquisitively while raising an eyebrow “Then perhaps I should have your grandmother bring back the gift we got you”. With that S'Tokkr turned to his wife “Nn'khiy!” he pretended to give the order to return the gift.


    “Wait grandfather, Please can I have the gift? Please”


    “Very well” S'Tokkr added after a few minuets of what he tried to make look like deep contemplation “it is your ninth birthday, I can’t very well not give you anything … so here from your grandmother and I, Happy birthday”. Nn'khiy smiled as she handed the gift to her grandson. She was so proud of him today, her little boy was turning nine, and soon he would be her little man.


    “I believe its time for sweet cake now” S'Tokkr proclaimed as if he just solved all the riddles of the universe. “I know I want a big peace… how about you T’maekh?”


    “Yes grandfather” T’maekh answered with a smile “I want and even bigger piece”


    The family adjourned the party to the dinning hall where four big slices of sweat cake where waiting for them. T’maekh could have sworn they weren’t there before ‘one of the servants must have brought them in after I left the room’ He thought.


    But just as soon as the family took their proper seats and had taken the first bit out of their sweet cake, there was a knock at the door. “Who could that be at this hour” S'Tokkr stated with annoyance in his voice, he hated to be interrupted when he was spending time with his family. His career kept him away for to many hours and he cherished the little time he had with them.


    Annoyed but still polite S'Tokkr went to the door and opened it. What greeted him was something he did not expect, there standing before him where three agents of the Tal Shiar. “Is there anything I can help you with gentlemen” S'Tokkr asked even thought he new full well these men where anything but gentle.


    “S'Tokkr N’ipren. You are under arrest for treason. You must come with us now” The first agent bellowed load enough for every one insight to hear.


    “Treason? But I have not done anything wrong; do you know who I am?” S'Tokkr shot back retreating further into his house as if it would protect him from the Tal Shiar.


    “We know who you are, N’ipren and we know what you did. From this day forward you are an enemy of the Empire, all your land will be seized and your wealth stripped from you. Your family will be destitute and you will not live out the day I suspect” The second agent said with no emotion, as if killing someone was routine for him ‘it probably was’ thought S'Tokkr.


    “But I haven’t done anything wrong” Stated S'Tokkr again though he know at this point it wouldn’t do much good, once the Tal Shiar grunts started something there where few words that could make them stop. After coming to terms with this fact S'Tokkr wanted to save face in front of his family. This was all a misunderstanding, it had to be, and he had not done anything wrong. All he had to do was go with these men, talk to who ever they worked for and he would be back in time for dinner. “All right…” S'Tokkr resigned “Let me say good by to my family”


    S'Tokkr turn to his family and what he saw hurt him more then the goons at his door could ever hurt him. His wife, daughter and grandson all had tears in their eyes “Now family” he tried to comfort them, but they heard all the stories he had about the Tal Shiar “This is the home of N’ipren, and I am S'Tokkr N’ipren, I will be home for supper” He then turned and walked out the door with the three Tal Shiar agents.


    That was the last time T’maekh saw his grandfather, he never came home that night in time for supper, he never came home at all. No formal charges where made, no explanation was given, all the Tal Shiar would say, was that S'Tokkr N’ipren betrayed their people to the Federation and has paid the price of treason. Over the next few days the N’ipren family was stripped of its riches and land. T’maekh, his Mother and Grandmother found them selves on the street, begging for food from people who only saw them as the family of a traitor.


    Childhood for T’maekh wasn’t easy after that, he learned to steal and fight with the best of them, or worst of them depending on ones point of view on the situation. When he was old enough he joined the service to insure him self a hot meal and a place to sleep. Little did he know he would rise to be the commander of his own starship. That despite what the Tal Shiar took away from him those many years ago he was still a N’ipren grandson of the great S'Tokkr N’ipren, even if the name was interchangeable with traitor to most people, to him it meant more a lot more.”


    (End Flashback)


    He hated the Tal Shiar for what they did to his Grandfather and family and now he was being forced to play nice with one in order to carry out the greatest mission of his career. But that was not really the problem that was bothering T’maekh, he could deal with his hate for the Tal Shiar, he had done it in the past. No what really bothered him was the fear he had for them. ‘That’s what they do’ he thought, ‘they make you so afraid of them that they have you under fist at all times’. He hated the fact that he had to worry about danger from with in his own ship when he had to deal with such a complex situation out side.


    But despite all his fears, despite all his hate, T’maekh knew how important this mission was to him, how important it was to the Empire and he would not fail.


    Even now his plan was falling into place just as he dreamt it would. He obtained his Yridian decoys easily enough, and all it took was the promise of riches. Killing them was easy, as Yridians aren’t know for the fighting skills. But the genius part of his plan was the communications devise and holo-emitter. He was pulling the strings of the Yridian freighter right under the nose of the star fleet vessel and they didn’t even know it.


    Out there before him he conducted the music, and he liked the sounds he was hearing the Federation ship was falling right into his trap, they had already given the freighter an ultimatum, Move in less then three minutes or be destroyed. Of course, the freighter isn’t going to move, so the federation ship will be forced to fire ‘and when they do, they will be sealing their own fate’ thought T’maekh.


    T’maekh looked at his chronometer, two mines left … One minute … 30 seconds… and then he saw it. He saw what he had been waiting so long for. The Federation star ship fired on the freighter, now all that was left to do was watch the fireworks.



    The Composer's thoughts were interrupted by the unwelcome voice of the Tal Shiar agent. "T’maekh," she boomed. "What is the status of the Federation ship?"


    'Look at the viewscreen, (I'm trying to say a bad word but can't),' he thought to himself. It was a wonder in his mind that the Tal Shiar had so much influence over the Romulan people, if they couldnt look at a view screen, and see a powerless Federation ship sitting dead in the water next to an old beat up freighter with light damage to its engines, but he knew he had to endure it. There was enough vialam in that moon that the entire Romulan fleet could be armed with 10 torpedoes full of it, fly into the Federation territory cloaked, and into orbit of every headquarters planet, and every space station of administrative or military importance, sit there and wait until every ship was in place, and at the same exact moment, open fire. That would bring the Federation to its knees. The quickest surrender in recorded history. The most space ever conquered at once too. His plan, his glory. No one would ever think of the false disgrace of his grandfather ever again, and he would be the most praised Romulan of all time. He was already the envy of many Romulan captains. It isnt very often that an intelligence officer comes up with a plan to defeat the most dangerous enemy the Romulans have ever had, and is handed a Warbird. But with the Tal Shiar on board, he may as well have been a crewman. But, regardless, this was still his command. The only thing in the way was this derelict Federation starship. Starfleet discovered vialam a year before the Romulans did, and they found that it could be made stable to help warp engines reach warp 12, or something like that. He discovered its potential as a weapon. The problem was, Starfleet did too.


    "The Federation ship fired, and something went wrong. The whole ship powered down. They didn’t hit the freighter hard enough to find our little surprise. Its a minor setback at best, sir." "How so?" the female Tal Shiar asked. He didnt even know the name of this oppressor, who would more than likely take credit for his plan. "Well, we wait for them to make repairs. When they're done, they will try to contact the freighter again. When they do, I'll have a very persuasive answer for them. I'll fire." He held up a remote device. "Another one of my little suprises. They will then fire, and we'll still have enough time to get down to the moon, and dispatch the mining crew. We'll be long gone before Starfleet is able to figure out that the starship is destroyed. When the fleet arrives, all they will find is traces of a large vialam explosion, after we get the vialam we need, and destroy that moon."

    "You had better be right," the agent said. "Yes si-" before he could finish, the female Tal Shiar agent had started to leave the bridge.


    Looking at the viewscreen, and noticing that the scanners had reported that the transporter systems on the Starfleet ship were back online, he started thinking about a story his grandfather had told him. A story about a key matchup between Starfleet, and his people. "What were their names?" he asked himself. He couldnt remember. All he could remember was how a Starfleet captain was able to defeat a great Romulan captain even with the newly designed cloaking device, in a perfectly orchestrated scenario, perfectly balanced with the terror of all out war...was still victorious in the end. This was not going to happen again.





    Lang, and the away team materialized back on the USS Selby. They ran to the bridge, and Dr. Atkinson went back to sickbay. "All senior staff, report to my ready room," Lang barked into his comm badge.

    Larnid Bandi was worried, as was everyone else on board, but Larnid knew him better than everyone else. He had served with Lang when he was first officer on the USS Saluda. Captain Lang was one of the best in the business when it came to situations like this, but his demeanor was one to get used to in tense situations like this. A new crew might not take it as well, and with these new developments about the obvious Romulan trap, the captain might not loosen up for a while. 'It might be nice to have Deanna Troi on board.' he thought to himself. He had met her while he was stationed on the Enterprise D for 2 months. She helped him get over the rage that Gallamites are famous for when they are betrayed. He had married a human female, and after a year, she left him for a human male. Thats why he requested a deep space assignment, and got put on the Enterprise D. He was reassigned to the Saluda after the Enterprise D was destroyed, but in the 2 months he was there, Deanna Troi helped him completely resolve the issues that ruled him. 'She would be great to have here now. She'd have her hands full with Captain Lang,' he thought to himself, as he walked into the ready room. The captain had asked Ensign Murok to join them too. 'That's odd,' he thought as he sat down.


    "I'm sure the Romulans are here," Lang barked. We cant power back up yet because they will expect us to take some kind of action against the freighter. I will be sending a message on a secure channel to Starfleet soon, but I wanted everyone's thoughts. We can't leave, and if we power up, the only acceptable course of action that would keep the Romulans from knowing that we're on to them would be for us to destroy ourselves by firing on that clunker. I've asked Ensign Murok here because he minored in Romulan history. Any suggestions?"


    Just then a voice came from the bridge, "Captain, incoming message, priority one from Starfleet Command "

    "Patch it through the ready room on a secure channel" replied the Captain. Andrew found this to be damned peculiar timing, too much so to be a coincidence.

    "Priority one security protocols required" said the computer. "Lang, Andrew, Captain 73 Triton Epsilon" was the irritable reply. The screen which displayed the United Federation of Planets graphic was quickly replaced by a familiar image.


    "Admiral Tolley. What a pleasant surprise" quipped the Captain, with disdain in his voice.

    "I am sorry that we do not have time for pleasantries Andrew, Starfleet Command is aware of your situation and has authorized me to issue you new orders......"

    "How! How do you know of our situation? We have not contacted you!" the Captain interjected.

    "Two words Captain: PROJECT SOUL...." The room grew quiet for an instant as the Captain rubbed his brow and said in disbelief "you've got to be kidding me, right?"


    "I am afraid not. Your vessel is the one. Your apparent loss of power was the final indicator that safeguards to continue our link has been severed. In the event of failure of the Project Soul Vessel safety protocols, the regulations are clear. Your status, now undoubtedly has compromised the Federation. Drew, I can't tell you how important the survival and protection of that moon is..............

    the Vialam deposits must not fall into Romulan posession. Reinforcements are coming. If identified, you must not allow the Selby to be captured.

    Farewell Captain. Tolley out."

    "Wait! Shaun!" The Captain sighed "I can't believe this, I can't believe of all the days I've gotten bad news it has to come from Shaun Tolley! Clear the room everyone out, except you Commander Collins." The others quietly left the ready room, and as the doors closed, the Captain smirked and said "Adrian, what I am about to tell you is classified."

    "Why is it you look like you're gonna have to kill me afterward!" mused the Commander.

    "We may be dead already. Project Soul is a top level classified project that every Starfleet Captain is briefed on; most of us don't give it much thought. One Starship is commissioned with PS and no one knows which. The only way to ensure its secrecy is through this plausible deniability. The rumor is that the vessel contains unparalleled cloaking technology as well as other technologies such as multi-phasic shielding, slip-stream capabilities and other unreliable systems. The ship with this blessing is constantly and privately monitored by Starfleet Command. If this project is discovered it would mean the Federation would be in violation of several critical peace treaties. As of now we are in danger of a code 8."

    "You mean the Federation will declare us a rogue vessel? Other federation ships will shoot on sight? Captain that's Bullsh...." "HEY!" The intrigued Captain silenced his anxious Commander. "That has not happened yet! We have much to do from here. If we use this technology and are discovered, we will be destroyed to preserve the federation alliances. The location of these additional systems must be centrally located, there should be enough auxilliary power in them to bring us fully online. Where is that engineer who claims to be the next miracle worker?"

    "I will brief him" said Commander Collins, " In the meantime, you'd better decide what to tell the Officers and the crew!"

    Andrew spun around in his chair slowly to gaze out the window at the derelict vessel as the Commander left the room.


    "We cant power up right now, and we cant power down." The captain thought to himself. He KNEW the Romulans were out there, and with reinforcements coming, that would be sure to tip their hand. He thought of this as a poker game, and he had two pair, black aces and black eights, with a 5 of diamond kicker. The worse thing was this news he had gotten. If they played the wrong hand, they could be staring down the business end of not only Romulan quantum torpedoes, but Federation quantum's as well. The clock was ticking, and he was no closer to having a solution than he was 8 hours ago when they fired that dull phaser at the freighter. What to do now......

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    Here we go...






    The two men stood silently watching intently as the engineering crews finished the last of the minor field modifications to the engine room. Or at lest that’s what the work order said they where doing. The true nature of the modifications where anything but minor, in fact if everything went to plan this ship would be unlike any other in the fleet. What’s more no one would know about it except the two men and a group known as Section 31.


    Section 31 was an under the cuff organization buried deep within the bowels of the Federation. So secret was this organization not even the upper echelons of Star Fleet Commanded knew of its existance unless they where involved with it. Section 31 was an anonomous entity and they answered to no one. To say that they were above the law would be an inaccurate statement, as Federation law did not even exist for them. Section 31 would do anything within their power to accomplish their solemn directive: To go to any lengths necessary to see out their only mission. Stop at nothing to insure their only interest and they had been doing it, in secret ever since the formation of the Federation itself. Their only goal as was set up in the original charter of the Federation, is the protection of the Federation at all costs. Space was a dangerous place and Star Fleet’s primary goal was exploration. Someone needed to be the protector of the Federation and that somebody was the countless man and women that belonged to section 31.


    The task that these two men where given was no different from any of the other tasks that come before it. The work they were doing would insure the survival of the Federation, and protect it from the many hostile aliens it called enemy or ally. What’s more this particular mission would protect the Federation from its self. Too many times, had the Federation passed treaty in the name of peace and prosperity for all, at the cost of its own safety. The Treaty of Algeron was just such a blow. In the name of short term peace with the Romulans the Federation gave up its right to develop cloaking technology. But now, centuries latter, the Romulans possessed a defense that would with no doubt give them a large advantage if war ever did break out. This mission would change all that, and when Section 31 explained this to Admiral Shaun Tolley, he was eager to help them.



    The story, chapter one...



    Captain Andrew Lang's log, Stardate, 43857.8...


    I have been ordered by Starfleet to take command of the new USS Selby. A Soverign Class starship. The whole crew is on board, and our orders are to proceed to sector 9076, on the Federation side of the the Romulan Neutral zone where there have been reports of pattern anomalies on sensors. This could be a cloaked fleet of Romulan Warbirds. The mines on the moon of Slanina 4 produce a new substance called vialam. It is under testing because it could be used to stabalize warp engines to take us to speeds exceeding warp 12. It is extremely unstable, and Starfleet scientists have found that it can also be used on its own as a weapon when properly encased in a tube roughly twice the size of a photon torpedo tube could wipe out all life on an entire continent.

    Our orders are to monitor the area, and be ready for anything. I'm not sure why after the Dominion War, the Romulans would be plotting against us, but never the less, we are ready.


    >>>(comm signal) "Captain to the bridge!" It almost startled Captain Lang, and he almost knocked his drink over. "On my way," he replied. He walked onto the bridge, and stood there for a minute, taking it all in. His First Officer, Rebecca Collins, a tall, slender beauty from somewhere in Georgia stood there at attention.


    "What is it, Commander," he asked. "Sir, a small freighter has moved into this area, and is heading to the moon. We've tried to hail, but there is no response," she said stoutly. "She needs to lighten up," Lang thought to himself. His new first officer was an ace at Starfleet academy, and she went very quickly from ensign to that rank. Less than 10 years. It made sense to him that she would be very uptight. She could probably quote you every regulation in the book, but when it came to simple matters like a freighter that wouldnt answer a hail, maybe she was a little bit too much "by the book" "Move the ship between the freighter and the moon," Lang said. "Yes sir," Bandi, the Gallamite lietunant replied. The ship moved between the freighter, and the moon, and, just as Lang expected, the freighter captain hailed. "Federation Vessel...Why have you blocked us?"


    “Bandi…” Lang spouted trying not to sound to irritated. But he had Romulans to worry about and the last thing he wanted to deal with right now was a wayward freighter captain.


    As though already anticipating the order from his captain, Bandi, the Gallamite second officer at the operations station swiveled in his chair to face him. As the chair and Bandi came to a stop, one could see that his brain sloshed around before coming to rest. When the second officer first came aboard the Selby, his transparent skull was something to get use to. But now it was just another commonplace different between crewmembers and many no longer took note of it.


    “Captain” taking notice of the captains irritation. It wasn’t that his irritation was overt; most of the bridge crew didnt even notice it. But Bandi knew his friend for too many years to let something like this slip by. “The freighter is minimally armed one phaser cannon and an antiquated shield system. There are 20 aboard, all Yridian”


    With a smilingly satisfied look on his face Lang turn to his tactical officer “On screen, Commander Collins”. “Aye Captain” She replied while tapping a few buttons on the panel in front of her.


    The wall in front of Lang flicker to life with the image of the mouse like face of the Yridian freighter captain. Lang sill had a sense of aw every time the holo-view-screen transformed the plain bulkhead at the front of the bridge into a view screen, even though he had taken command of the sovereign class starship weeks before, and should have been used to it by now. “Freighter captain, this is captain Lang of the USS Selby, Star Fleet” he paused and continued, this time trying to sound irritated “is there anything we can help you with today?”


    “By moving, you may help me” answered the Yridian with a hint of irritation of his own.


    “I’m sorry Freighter Captain” Lang countered “but by Federation Order this system is now off limits to any and all unauthorized vessels. My operations officer is now sending you the full extent of the space that is off limits, and the best detour for you to take. He is also sending the Federation Order so that you may read it for your self. The Federation is sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you, but it is unavoidable.” Lang paused but in the name of good manners added “If there is anything else we can help you with please let us know. Selby out…”


    But before Lang could give the order that would cause Adrian Collins to turn off the view screen and end the small annoyance of the morning, the Freighter Captain shoot back “this is outrageous, Captain!!” this time with clear anger in his voice.


    The view screen flipped off. At that exact some moment, the proximity alarm went off. The Yridian ship had fired its cannon. Sighing, Captain Lang said "Put this legendary war hero's ship back on the screen." The freighter appeared again right in front of him, and it was heading toward the moon. The captain said to Tactical Officer, Lt. James Yomoshi, "Explain it to him, please." "Aye, sir.", Yomoshi said, and brought the phasers online.


    James Yomoshi was a highly decorated officer for valor, and courage in the Dominion War. He was known for his accuracy, and intensity in battle. "Niiiicely, Lieutenant," Lang said. "Yes Sir," Yomoshi said with a sarcastic tone in his voice.


    Yomoshi fired phasers across the freighter's starboard hull less than 15 feet from it. The freighter stopped dead in its tracks.


    "Now, they are hailing us, Captain," Collins said with a smirk. "On screen."

    The freighter's captain was once again cluttering the beautiful front wall of the USS Selby.


    "This is an act of WAR, captain! I protest! I demand you get out of my way at ONCE!"


    "Do you feel better now?" Lang asked. "If this was an act of war, we wouldnt even be having this conversation. Now, What is so important on that moon that you would risk your life, crew, and ship?"



    The Yridian captain stared blankly at Lang for a few moments, and then suddenly as if realizing he had the upper hand changed his tone completely, he was no longer angry, he wasn’t even annoyed. “Captain Starfleet, we have gotten off on the wrong hand, I thinks” said the Yridain accompanied by a hand gesture that must have meant to accent his sincerity. Lang didn’t buy it for a second, not only did he not trust this Yridian, ‘what Yridian could be trusted’, but he couldn’t shake the feeling that he was being talked down too. “Negotiate for safe passage we shall?” continued the Yridian “What is your price?”


    ‘Is this guy trying to bribe a Starfleet officer?’ Lang thought while giving a quick eyebrow raise to his friend at the operations position. Just as surely as being given a verbal command, Larnid Bandi joined the conversation with a smile “Yridian Captain, you do realize it is agents federation law to bribe a star fleet officer.”


    “An ugly word is bribe. We are simply discussing possibilities. I want to get to the moon. There must be something you want?” The Yridian captain shot back with his own smile, one that would make a Ferengi businessman shy away.


    “What we want,” Lang explained, this time forgoing his good manners and acting down right rude “is for you to leave this system. I have been patient with you, but my patience has run thin. You have three minutes to leave this system. If you do not comply, our next shots…” Lang paused turning to his tactical officer. Smiling with the though of real combat, Yomoshi tapped the panel in front of him to show the Yridian that his captain meant business. “…Will not miss” Lang finished, when the tension was just right. Finally to add insult to injury Lang pointed at the Yridian and commanded “Get that, off my bridge” and with some quick button work on Collins’ part the Yridian blinked out of existence yet again.


    “Now, lets hope this guy has more sense then to face down a sovereign class star ship with a freighter,” Bandi said with a laugh to ease the tension and to calm his captain down.




    From this vantage point the confrontation between the Federation Starship and the Yridian freighter could be observed with out the possibility of detection. One felt as if the conduction a classical orchestra, in which the two vessels where the instruments and they where playing to the wishes of the observer. At the moment, the overture was soft and subtle but the crescendo was soon to start, and the climax would not be forgotten.


    The aft lift doors swished open interrupting the silence. “What is the status of the situation?” boomed a female authoritative voice in the low light of the bridge.


    “Everything is going to plan sir. The Yridian ship has arrived on schedule and they are engaged in conversation with the starfleet vessel” answered the composer.


    “Excellent, It was wise to use the Yridians, they are a predictable species and easy to manipulate” Congratulated the authoritative voice, if one could call it congratulations, one might have easily mistook it for slight satisfaction from one already excepting disappointment.


    “Yes sir” The composer said feeling relief and loathing at the same time. He didn’t understand why he needed to be watched like this, but if his superiors thought it necessary, who was he to question them? Perhaps after he was complete with this mission and his music was heard by all, he would finally get the respect he deserved, but until that time he was content in playing the role they would have him play.


    “Very well. Continue to monitor the situation and keep me apprised. Contact me when it is time for the second portion of the plan” with that the doors swished close and silence again filled the darkened bridge.


    The Composer was relieved to be in charge again, the less his guest was on his the bridge, and it was his bride no one could change that, the better. He was happy to get back to his music, and he could almost hear the volume starting to rise.






    “Collins …” ordered the captain “Remind our friends out there that they have two minutes left to comply with the Federation order.”


    "USS Selby to Yridian Cpatain, Come in," Commander Collins said. "You have 2 minutes to comply. Selby out." She looked at Captain Lang, and shook her head. "Something else is going on here. This is just too odd. He knows that he's no match for us, and that one shot from us would destroy them."

    "I dont care," Lang snapped. "We could easily find ourselves surrounded by Romulan Warbirds at any minute...if they're out there. One minute left. Dont bother telling them. I'm sure that that ship has a clock on it."

    "Sir, I had a thought," Bandi said. "What if the Romulans are out there? If my memory serves me well, didnt the Yridians have some dealings with the Romulans? If we destroy that ship, and the Romulans are here, wouldnt that give them an excuse to open fire on us?"


    "If your memory serves you well?" Lang thought to himself. "How can you be sure of anything with your brain sloshing around in there?"


    "If the Romulans are out there, even if we destroy that ship, I'd bet that they stay hidden." Right now, they have us right where they want us if they are there. The Federation sends us here...one ship to protect the vialam mines from a potential Romulan threat. If they put this freighter here, it would serve no purpose to them for us to let it remain, so why use them in the first place? To die? I doubt that the Yridians are that loyal to them."


    "Time's up, Captain," Yomoshi said. "What are your orders?"


    "Fire," Lang said. "No...WAIT!"


    "Sir?" Yomoshi asked.


    "Fire a low grade phaser shot at it. Take out its engines only on my mark. Dont destroy them. Just damage them enough to where they will take several hours to fix.” Lang’s mind was racing at this point. “Lang to Chief Engineer Duncan" he said after punching the communicator panel on his chair. "Duncan here, sir." "Mr. Duncan, as soon as he fires, kill all power to the ship except for shields, life support, and scanners. After that, join me in my ready room." "Aye Sir," Duncan said. "Ensign Murok, scan everything for anything while the ship appears dead." "Yes Sir," the Vulcan said.


    "Ms. Collins, Bandi...My ready room now. Mr. Yomoshi, Fire, then join us."

    "Yes Sir."

    The shot fired, the freighter stopped, dead. The Selby then went dark, as the computers and engines powered down. The 4 confused officers entered the ready room with puzzled looks on their faces. The Selby, and the freighter adrift in space less than 2 kilometers apart from each other looked like ghost ships in a salvage yard. One damaged, the other appearing to have suffered a critical malfunction.


    "Captain?" Collins said.

    "I started thinking," Lang replied. "Why would the Romulans use a Yridian freighter as a decoy? They have cloaks. They'd have to decloak to transport someone to the surface, and the Yridians would never go on a suicide mission. Now, the Yridians think that they lucked out because of a malfunction as we fired, and so do the Romulans if they're here. I want to go over to that ship, and have a look around. Mr. Duncan, I need a way to mask our transporter signal so that we will not tip off any invisible observers." "Aye sir," Mr. Duncan said as he left the room.


    "What do you think we'll find, Sir?" Collins asked.

    "I dont know, Rebecca. Romulans, Yridians, Klingons, Santa Claus, the missing link maybe? All I do know is that if the Romulans are here, I'd bet that they wanted us to destroy that ship. By powering down, they'd see that as a good reason for us not to have destroyed it, and they'll sit and wait for us to make our repairs and then, finish them off."

    "Yes," Collins said. Then, they would have no reason to act yet."


    The longest hour of the captain's life went by just sitting there in the dark, waiting for news of a successful way to mask the transporter signal. What would he do next? Are the Romulans out there? Why this ploy with the Yridian freighter? What was on that damn freighter? What was-

    footsteps broke the silence. It was Mr. Duncan. "Sir, I've got it. We can-" "Nevermind," Lang snapped. "Just do it." "Yes, Sir."

    The whole crew was aware of Captain Lang's trigger happy temper. They also knew he didnt mean to snap at them, and to just blow it off.

    "Rebecca, and James...You're with me. Murok, go tell Dr. Atkinson to meet us in transporter room 3." "Aye, Sir."


    As the team arrived in the transporter room, via 7 decks of jefferies tubes, Mr. Duncan had the transporter up and running. They stepped up on the transporter, and drew their phasers. The Doctor had a phaser in one hand, and a tricorder in the other. No one said anything. Captain Lang just nodded to Mr. Duncan, and they materialized in the engine room of the freighter.


    "There's no one here, sir," the doctor said. "I dont know who you were talking to, but the ship is empty."

    "Scan for vialam," Lang said.

    "There is some, over here." They walked to the engine core, and opened the dylithium hatch. Inside, was a canister, made of titanium, about 3'x3'. "There is about 50 lbs in that canister."

    "Lang to Bandi...come in," Lang said "Bandi here, sir." "You are the resident vialam expert. How much damage could 50 pounds of it do if detonated?"

    "50 pounds in space could destroy everything in an area of 10 square kilometers, sir." "Thank you, Lang out."

    "Your hunch paid off, sir. If we had destroyed that engine, we would have killed ourselves," Yomoshi said. The Captain said nothing.

    <Beep> the captains comm badge went off. "Collins to Lang." "Go ahead, Rebecca." "Sir, there's something on the bridge that you might want to see." "On my way. Lang out."


    The Captain was quiet again as they walked to the bridge.

    "Well, I dont think we need anymore proof that this was a trap," Yomashi said. "But who?" Atkinson replied. "The Romulans- "

    "Look at this, sir." Collins interuppted, as she handed the holo emitter to Lang. "Meet the Yridian captain." She pressed a button, and the recent acquaintance of Captain Lang appeared. The Captain, still quiet, shook his head then said "Look at this." He went to communication console. "The channel's signal was diverted to somewhere else. We werent talking to our holographic friend over there. We were talking to someone else." "But w-who?" the Doctor stuttered. He was “one hell of a doctor” as Lang put it, but not the best linguist. . "And w-where the h-hell are they?" "Look at this, sir," Yomashi said. "The transporter records indicate that 20 dead Yridians were beamed on about an hour before this ship entered the system, and were transported off just before we fired on the ship. I'd say its a pretty good bet that they were sent to a Romulan ship." Captain lang didn’t need to hear anymore. He beat his comm. Badge, and yelled “LANG TO SELBY! GET US THE HELL OUT OF HERE!"

  7. Ok...I'm not a fan of "chick flicks" but this video made me even more mad that Enterprise has been cancelled. It was very well done, the person who made this couldnt have picked a better song. The sequencing with certain verses was amazing. :)

    I have a few ideas for other videos, but I have no idea how to do it.


    I'd like to see B, B and P's reaction to this video.


    I raise my glass in hope that the Sci Fi channel or Spike, or even CBS will pick the show up again. Hear?

  8. Come on, people...Picard was on the Enterprise with the Borg. Riker was on the planet, oblivious to what was going on. They had a very limited amount of time. They had to get the Phoenix into space, and defeat the Borg. Think about it. Wouldnt the Vulcans have detected an explosion on Earth's surface, and wanted to know where that came from before they even landed? They might not have even landed if they saw that explosion. Also, if they had destroyed Enterprise, wouldnt the Vulcans have detected a warp core breach?

  9. I started a fan fic here last year sometime. I also started it at another board, both with the intentions of a rolling story with multiple input. I wanted to see how the 2 stories that started out the same way would end on 2 different boards. It got finished at the other board, and its rather long. I'm thinking about posting it here. I have a question though...There are a couple curse words in it. (maybe 3 tops in a 32 chapter story) Would I have to edit them out?


    It is a new ship and crew, and an epic confrontation between the Federation, a rogue admiral, the Romulans, and with Section 31 "involved" It takes place after the Dominion War.


    Want me to post it?


    Its the length of a regular Star Trek book.

  10. p1219255.jpg




    The first one is the Reman in question. The second one is from Nemesis.


    I say its a Reman. Look at the nose, and the lump that comes down below the eye. They are the same. Also, look at the V shaped line above the ENT alien's nose, and into/above the eyes. Its the same as the one on the Nemesis Reman.

  11. From Yahoo news


    UPN Beams Up "Enterprise," Gibson


    Thu May 20, 3:15 PM ET  Add Television - E! Online to My Yahoo!


    By Kimberly Potts


    There's good news and bad news for fans of Star Trek: Enterprise.


    The good: The show will live on for another season, moving to a Friday night time slot, UPN announced Thursday at its annual upfront presentation in New York.


    The bad: Despite the official pick-up, the buzz on sci-fi fan Websites is that the fourth season will be the ratings-challenged series' last ride on UPN.


    Fansite SyFy Porta reports that, according to sources at Paramount, Enterprise producers Rick Berman and Brannon Braga were told to replace the show's long story arcs with shorter, two- and three-episode arcs, and to plan to make the fourth season finale work as the show's series finale, too.


    Enterprise's move to Friday night will also launch a new night of original programming for UPN, which has relied on theatrical movies to fill out the fifth night of its schedule. The Star Trek spinoff will follow repeat episodes of the network's top-rated series, America's Top Model.




    Obviously, if the show demonstrated an improvement in ratings they would probably keep it.


    UPN was the worst thing to happen to Star Trek, they should have stayed in syndication - IMO

    Stayed in syndication? What are you talking about? Voyager basically launched UPN. They were nothing before the first run of Voyager episodes.

  12. Could someone get us a pic of the alien at the end?

    I cant give a pic, but it IS a Reman. Look at the ridge above his nose, and the ears...note...in Nemesis, no one said how long the Remans were on that moon before they escaped.


    My review...


    I enjoyed it alot, and I almost squezzed out a tear when I thought Archer was dead.


    When Archer put the bomb on the reptillian, I could just hear him saying "Yippie Kie Yay, mother F...." :)


    After that ending, I thought that the conduit had brought them to the 1940's, but then, I remembered the space station, and the Andorians. B&B will have to explain how and why that happened. They explained Regeneration well, and I believe that they will do the same here. I just wish that they had landed in present day Earth, in Afghanastan or Iraq.


    When Archer was lying in that bed, it reminded me of Quantum Leap. The only thing missing was "Oh boy!" :laugh:


    Overall, I give it :( :) :) of :) :) :) :) :)

    This was MY review...I forgot to log in. OOPS! :)

  13. Uniway is a membership club. You can get wholesale cost...for a fee from a bunch of crooks. what they say




    I was rebuilding. I worked for a Rent a Center (where I already had access to wholesale cost) But, I was looking for a bedroom group. I saw an Ashley Furniture truck in the back of the building, so I thought they were a furniture company. I went there on my day off, and was given a tour by THE best salesperson I have ever encountered in my life.


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    A couple weeks later, I decided that I didn't want their service. (I still had not used their service) I then called them, and told them that I wanted to opt out of the contract, and that I had not used, and did not intend to use it. They told me that it didn't matter. It was a binding contract, and if I didn't give them the money ($1800)that they would turn it over to collections, and/or an attorney.


    They also told me that they have contracts from MILITARY families, who got deployed over seas, and had never used the service, but they are still paying to avoid legal action. That is TERRIBLE! I never accepted their calls again, but they called 2-3 times a day, demanding my payment, and threatening legal action for a service that I NEVER EVEN USED! I can understand if I HAD used their service. What they are doing is immoral, and I hope that in the long run, they get what they deserve.


    more opinions


    *****note... I have nothing against Ashley Furniture. The website wrote that title. I have asked them to remove Ashley from that title, and they have not.