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  1. From what Overload is describing, I believe she is referring to the Starfleet Academy series. And yeah, in a couple of the novels Data is only 3 years old in them..I think in one he is 4(but I do not remember). And the others are all Academy aged (18 - 25)


    I did not read many of them, just the ones that had to do with Data. They are pretty good books for younger readers, actually. They actually have been around for quite sometime, I think I was in either middle school or just starting high school when they came out with that series.

    I don't remember what book it was, but I do remember that even though Data looked like he always does, he acted much much younger.

  2. Heh. I guess the Muppet Babies influenced Star Trek as much as Star Trek influenced the Muppet Babies! See I recently found out about this novel series for kids that features the characters of the Next Generation as children themselves. It has the whole gang ranging from ages 12-15 (except for Data who's technically only 3), and they're in their first year of Star Trek school.


    I guess everyone has to get into the babyfication fad, huh?


    Anyway, has anyone else run across this series?

  3. I've recently come across a couple of old school (late 80s, early 90s) fanzines based around Star Trek and a couple of other things. Some of the publications that've come up with seem pretty cool as they accept submissions in regards to fan art, fan fiction and stuff like that.


    Does anyone know if there are any active Trek fanzines still in hard copy format that are still going? Or has that era died for good?


    And for that matter, if anyone knows of any, are there any fanzines out there still that are Data-friendly?:o

  4. How Many People Know Any Good Quotes? i know a few....

    Note: Things In Italic Are Quotes, Things Not, The Person(s) That Said Them.

    Click for Spoiler:

    I'm Not As Stupid As You Look Wyatt Earp And The Pale Man Shall Come On Horseback, And Hell Shall Follow Him Revelations (not sure if thats correct, but pretty close) Death. Thy Name Is Whiskey Unknown. Another Version Is Death, Thy Name Is Women Not Sure Which one. To Sleep The Sleep Of Enternity, Is To Be Wed To The Darkness Unknown(shakespeare, i think). Make A Deal With The Devil, And You Might As Well Kill Yourself Uknown A Sucker/Fool is Born Every Minute Me Live, And Let Live Unknown (Again, shakespeare, i think) Don't Involve Yourself In Other Affairs Unknown Silence Becomes All Things Unknown And From The Sands Came A Plague Of Locusts, And Fire Rained Down The Bible



    ok, i could go on for ..... a little more, but anyways. These are most of the quotes i know! some of them, i cant remember where i heard em, so i put Unknown, but i tried to remember where i heard them all.  Do you have any quotes? tell me about em!


    Note: All Quotes here Can Be used on anything, i don't own them.

    One of my favourite quotes is from the Muppets:


    "For you....

    I'd wash my hair in stinky glue

    I'd fry my legs and eat them too

    I'd put a spider in my shoe..!

    For you!!!"


    --Gonzo the Great

  5. I have something like that, its from First Contact though. I also have a Geordi LaForge from the series.

    I have one from First Contact too, only he's a little smaller than the one they have featured here. :) I also have an adorable version of Data in his Sherlock holmes outfit, and the same size.

  6. I have the Data bust (surprise surprise!:clap:)


    They did a good job with him, but he has this terrified expression on his face!  *giggles*

    He does look scared for some reason! lol..Other than that they did a good job on him..On all of them really..I like the Worf one alot as well.

    Indeed!:P Are they going to do the whole TNG gang, like the girls and all that?

  7. Hey guys! As mentioned before, Overload is my own android character. The ship I'm on, the USS Maximillian has a fiction section on its website that centres around the crewmembers...the characters of my friends and me!:clap:


    Anyway, if you go here:




    and read "A Great Adventure", "Little Bit O' Mischief" (written by me!), and "Home Again", you'll catch a lot of Overload, and the role she plays on the crew, which is Chief of Operations/Science Officer!:P And you'll also read about Databit, who's her little sidekick!

  8. When you first go in there is a huge timeline of events starting with TOS and going all the way to Enterprise.  Data is mentioned in that and they have videos playing throughout the whole area with the different scenes from different series and movies.  All of the casts are represented.

    Ah okay!:clap: Is he features in other areas outside of that?:P I know he has a drink named after him in Quark's Bar!:roflmao:

  9. Hey, I was looking on ebay, and I found something some of you guys (especially the myriad of those possessing the last name "Soong") may find of interest!




    It's a 12" figure of Data, just like the one I was talking about!:laugh: I have one, and he's very special to me. So when I found one of these little guys on ebay, I decided to let you all know in case any of you wanted one..:laugh:

  10. Data's so much like me he's like a parallel!:laugh: We both possess an inner strength, have cats that look alike, have the same viewpoints, lost a parent and sibling in our lives, faced a lot of the same trials and tribulations in life, and basically we are smarter than folks give us credit for.


    I have a very analytical way of thinking, and am just as curious and childlike as Data is. I'm also physically stronger than I look. I think socially I'm more mature though. We're both just as eccentric, and can be a little blunt. I think he's more bashful, however. We have identical problem solving skills, and when I get on a sugar high (Mountain Dew and Pixistix induced) I'm just as hyperrambunctious as Data was in Generations when he discovered humour. (Yes, I've even done the whole "laugh my tail off and then crash" thing.)


    I think one of the reasons why I'm so attached to the android is because there's like a bond there. Data's not just my favourite character. He's a kindred spirit. Some have even deemed him my familiar. And means very VERY much to me.

  11. Borg, hands down.


    Second would be the Q.



    Overload. As much as I too would like to vote for android (of course because of my favorite Trek character of all time.... Data). The first androids appeared in TOS, so they were not new in TNG. True Soong - Type androids were new to the world of Trek, but the species/race as a whole weren't.


    So as I posted  Borg is my choice :laugh:

    *thinks for a moment* Ohhh yeahhhhhh..


    I forgot about that!:laugh:

  12. Gah. My biggest pet peeve is when people have a problem with me are too scared to tell me what the problem is...and then they turn around and get all pissy with me or start treating me badly. Look, I don't have the capacity to read people's minds.


    How am I supposed to figure out what the problem is when you won't tell me, no matter HOW much I try to drag it out of you? Gah! I wish some people would grow up! >.<


    (No, this wasn't aimed at anyone on this board. But I feel better since I got that off my chest.)