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  1. I thought the Dixon Hill episode was cute, as far as Data goes. The Captain and some of the other crewmembers are gearing up for some time in the holodeck..when Data shows up. He wants to play too! Much to everyone's dismay that is. So they let Data tag along with them, though all throughout the episode he proves to be a little bit of a pest by rambling on and on when asked for a definition of something, or the times when he just doesn't quite grasp how to play or what have you.


    Granted, it wasn't a Data episode, but he put forth an endearing performance.:)

  2. Cool Data collection.. :picard-sith: I have lots of Trek stuff too..See my above post..I was wondering if this is the Data bust that you have ? I like it a lot..But doesn't Data look almost scared in this? I have all of these mini - busts from Sideshow Collectibles..They're neat..You're lucky you live close to a store that sells Trek stuff..


    Click for Spoiler:


    Hee!:huh: Yeah, that's the one I have! He looks terrified, yeah.


    His expression's like, "Holy crap!! WHERE'S THE REST OF ME?!?!"



  3. Okay...well, since we're discussing our collections, here's what I have:


    12" Data figure (I named him Databit, and he sits near me on my computer desk. How I love him!:dude:)


    10" Data figure (Applause)


    10" Data figure (Enesco)


    9" Data figure from Insurrection (wearing the blue shirt/vest)


    9" Data figure from the TNG show (dressed in his uniform)


    9" Data figure from Generations


    9" Data figure from First Contact


    9" Data figure dressed as Sherlock Holmes


    7" Data figure (Nemesis)


    6" Data figure from First Contact (I have 2 of these)


    5" Data figure from the show (I have 3)


    5" Data figure from Generations


    5" Data figure (Big Goodbye)


    5" Data figure (All good Things..)


    5" Data figure (Cadet..AKA 'Baby Data')


    5" Data figure (dress uniform)


    5" Data figure (7th season version)


    5" Data figure (Insurrection)


    5" Data figure (light up teleport version)


    3" Data figure (Galoob)


    Data PVC (Generations -- I have 3)


    Data PVC (Enesco -- I have 2)


    Data Ornament (seated at console)


    Pewter Data figure


    Data/Borg Queen Diorama


    Mint Condition:

    12" Data figure (like Databit, only he's mint in box)

    9" Data figure (blue vest, same story about being in a box)



    Data bust

    Data mugs (I have 3..one is a bust, one is a photo, and one is him on a transporter)

    Data keychain

    Data shirts (I have all 3 designs)

    Trading cards (I have nearly every Data one that came out..)

    Plates (one so far, and it's a small one)


    ..and I think I'm going to stop there so I don't further worry anyone...I have an extensive collection, but it's all spread out around my house and such, so you don't notice it right off the bat..:o


    And no, it's not like I'm madobsessed. I just liek the little guy, and so when I see stuff, I buy it. it helps that there's a Star Trek store near me that carries stuff cheap!:o

  4. I have a psychotic little calico manx cat that I named Deanna Mew. Now I didn't name her after any Trek character, I just liked the name.


    But no, my roommates are trekkies and insist on calling her Counsellour Mew, to the point that now she answers to it. :D


    Ah well.

  5. My question is, if Soong created Data why didn't Data take on his creators name?

    Why isn't our Commander Data known to us as Commander Data Soong?

    At the time we first see Data, he did not know who his creator was. It was not until the Enterprise crew go to Omicron Theta and discover Soong's lab ("Datalore") that he finds this out. Then of course over the subsequent years he learns more and more about his family.


    That is the basic story there, however. Because there are instances where that might not exactly be right, I am trying to remember which episodes exactly but it is alluded to several times throughout the span of the series and I believe the movies as well...that he knew at least a bit about his father prior to the Away Team's discovery of the hidden lab. First off.. Maddox makes mention of studying Soong's research(or something along those lines) and if no one knew who created Data...then just how did Cmdr Maddox know this stuff?? Yes, I know Soong was a respected cyberneticist, so studying his research would not be out of the ordinary for anyone. But I am referring to him studying Soong's research as applied to Data.. and the way that it was said makes me think that Data's parentage was at least vaguely known prior to "Datalore"



    I know that his name is "NFN NMN Data". But I have always wondered that, if he wanted to know everything about what it is to be human...why did he not adopt his father's last name as his family name. But then again, he could have also chosen NOT to do so..and that that choice was never mentioned. Either version(Data or Data Soong) sounds fine to me anyways...*shrug* LOL.

    Odd about the NFN NMN part. I've always figured Data was his first name, and that he was like Cher or Madonna or Sting, in regards to the lack of the rest of his name.



  6. "Humour! I love it!! Wheee!"


    "So! If you put funny teeth in your mouth, and jump around like an idiot, that is considered funny!"


    "My hair does not require cutting, you lunkhead!"


    "..and have you noticed your boobs firming up?"


    "Saddle up, lock and load.."


    (And yes, all the above quotes were from a certain positronic bundle of passive chaos whom we all know and love!)