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  1. TREK UNCUT IS TNG! I DON'T BELEVE IT! I'M NOT GOING TO BE ABLE TO SEE IT IN THE DAY SO ONE NIGHT OUT OF THE WEEK I WANT TO SEE DS9! WE SHOULD START A PITITION! I am outraged that they call themselves "The home of Star Trek" because they DISREPECT STAR TREK by moving them into TERRIBLE time slots. Mabye we could unleash some tribbles into the Spike TV HQ and then make them do as we say MUHAHAHAHAHA. Rename it to "Star Trek Channel" and show episodes of Star Trek (Each Series) 24/7! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  2. Besides, Janeway was roaming around on the gamma quardrent.

    "Just sit right back and 'yull hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip, that started out from DS9 abord the Intrepid class ship, The mate was a former Maquis the skipper a woman, 150 passengers set out that day for a brief shakedown cruise, a brief shakedown cruise. Then space started getting rough, the new ship was tossed, if it wern't for the courage of the fearless crew the Voyager would be lost, the Voyager would be lost. The ship was thrown to the middle of an uncharted quadrant of space with Janeway, Chakotay too, Tuvok, and Neelix, Harry Him, Torres and the EMH, here on the USS. Voyager!

  3. I can't remember it word for word but it was the time when Quark put the advertizements for his bar all over the station illegaly, of course. It was that "Come to Quarks, have some fun.....no don't walk run! " one. Then Kira comes up and tells Quark "If all of these advertizments are not off of the stations computer core by the time I get back from the gamma quadrant I will run to quarks and I gurentee you that I will have some fun"

  4. an article in Star Trek Communicator said that it was a big possiblity that Kirk, if not some former series cast member, would appear in the next Enterprise Season. Enterprise is okay, but is isn't my favorite series by far.

  5. lol *takes money from Q stole my bike* Vulcan guys are OK, they take showers twice a day and keep clean. And Q stole my bike, if you ever take our money again I'll get my good friend Q on the phone and you can change your name to "Q stole my bikes" *beams away to guy's ship and raises shield*

  6. Oh, I have memorized the TNG tech manuel, I know just about everything about a Galaxy Class. BORG! Don't go to deck 8, they're playing poker. We wouldn't want to see you on deck 12 section baker which sickbay is in.