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    (Kinkade)Space, the final frountier, these are the......

    (Kinkade) Stupid computer, how dare it cut me off!

    (Computer) Compu............................

    (Intercom) RED, THE, Pawn to Queen rook7, falure......................

    (Kinkade) Stupid Refit, computer went down! *sigh* I'll bet T'Son is having fun

    *5 Lightyears away on the USS. Royale*

    (T'Son) The Uss. Royale has departed spacedock, we are traveling in space, the final frountier, this log will record the voyages of the starship Royale, its continuting mission, to look out for possible incerection into Federation terratory, to assist ships in distress, we are boldly going where no one has gone before.

    (T'Son) Ensign, lets scan the next secter

    (Tactical) sir, starfleet command is on manuel emergency channel

    (T'Son) On Screen

    (Starfleet Command) TO ALL SHIPS, COMPUTER ON EARTH HAS FAILED, wait, computer functions have been restored. USS. Royale, please report to Earth.

    (T'Son) tactical, respond we are on our way. Ensign, set a course for earth, warp 7.

    (Helm) aye sir, course laid in

    (T'Son) ENGAGE!

    *USS. Royale arrives on Earth*

    (Helm) we are arriving at Earth sir.

    (T'Son) Engage standered parking orbit over equitorial region IV

    (Helm) Aye sir

    (Tactical) We are being hailed by Starfleet command

    (T'Son) on screen

    (Starfleet Command) T'Son, you are being assigned to investigate this case on Earth

    (T'Son) Me? Well I am honered Mr. President.

    (Starfleet Command) You will have access to all computer files and you can interrogate anyone you wish unless noted by me. T'Son, I beleve that this has the workings of a conspearicy. Your task force can be selected by you and T'Son, good luck.

    ***********TO BE CONTINUED****************

  2. Episode 003-True Rewards

    (Kinkade)Space, the final frountier, these are the voyages of the starship F-I-I, its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before!


    (Kinkade) Admiral's log, stardate 52222.3, we have completed the transaction of the katra back to my sister. There is no word on her condition, only time will tell.

    (T'Son) Admiral on the Bridge! *salutes*

    (Kinkade) Thank you T'Son, resume your work

    (T'Son) aye sir

    (Kinkade) T'Son, you have a meesage from starfleet, you can use my ready room

    (T'Son) Mr.Link, could you please put that transmission on in the ready room

    (Link) sure, it is ready

    (T'Son) Thank you sirs *goes to ready room*

    (Demongod) What was that all about sir?

    (MJP) From what I can tell nothing

    (Kinkade) very funny counciler

    (Phaze) Romer has it...

    (Link) sir, a vessel has appeared in sensor range, shall I intercept?

    (Kinkade) configuration?

    (Link) kessok sir, sir they are sending a distress call it says MAYDAY MAYDAY, we are being attacked by Klingon Battle Cruser, we require immediate assistance

    (Kinkade) just course to intercept, advise the klingons to stand down, yellow alert

    (Link) aye sir, yellow alert

    (Kinkade) look sharp phaze, we may need your Klingon knowlege to get us out of this one

    (Link) Of course, Kingons are always resourceful

    *T'Son arrives on bridge*

    (Demon) Something intresting sir?

    (T'Son) yes, I just got a ship, the USS. Royale, a sabre class starship

    (Phaze) congradulations

    (T'Son) I will be on a one month tour of deuty so, I guess I'll be away from you all

    (Phaze) actually, we are partners, we are mapping quadrent Beta

    (T'Son) it would take years....

    (Phaze) *chuckles* no if we have a transwarp conduit

    *takes ops*

    (Demon) sirs, we have arrived on intercept

    (Link) the klingons are standing down

    (Kinkade) Hail them

    (Link) aye sir

    (T'Son) Sensors indicate that their warp engines are ready to engage

    (Kinkade) boy are they in for a suprise

    (Link) sir, the klingons are firing a warp pulse at us!

    (Kinkade) shields.......................

    (Link) sheids unresponsive

    (Kinkade) Torpedos AWAY!

    (Link) aye sir, torpedos are away

    (T'Son) sir, the kessok ship has cloaked and warped out

    (Kinkade) Cancel Red Alert

    (Link) aye sir

    (Phaze) Damage report

    (Link) Coming in sir, we have impulse and warp 7, no transwarp engines, only torpedo tubes, tracter beams, sensors, shields coming on now, hull integraty at 25%

    (Phaze) We had better get back to Earth's McKinly station for a refit

    (Kinkade) Mr. Demon, set a corse to McKinly STation, warp 6

    (Demon) Course laid in sir

    (Kinkade) ENGAGE

    (Demon) aye sir

    (T'Son) And while you all are being bored with refits, I will be on my new ship *laughs*

    (Kinkade) Don't rub it in T'Son

    (T'Son) Aye sir, I'll try not to rub it in

    (MJP) Try?!

    (Phaze) I have a feeling this is going to be a long trip!

  3. Episode 002- THE BIG HELLO PART II

    (Kinkade) Space, the final frountier, these are the voyages of the starship F-I-I, its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civiliztions, to boldly go where no one has gone before.


    (Demongod) we have arrived at the manhiem institute sir

    (T'Son) there are no borg life signs

    (link) Sir, sensors detecting 5 romulin warbirds

    (T'Son) there are only human and romulin life signs aboard the station sir

    (Kinkade) RED ALERT battle stations mr link, load all torpedo bays with metaphasic torpedos

    (Link) aye sir, sir they are firing!

    (Kinkade) Target the lead warbird with torpedo tubes 1-10

    (Link) Firing... sir, the lead warbird has been distroyed

    (Kinkade) Fire torpedo tubes 11-50 at the rest of the warbirds

    (Link) aye sir, torpedos armed, torpedos away

    (Phaze) Our primary shield #1 is down to 90%

    (Link) sir, the warbirds have been distroued

    (T'Son) cloaking sensors indicate a scout ship 200 Km off the port bow

    (Kinkade) mr link, lock on phasers full intensity and fire on the scout ship

    (link) aye sir, target distroyed sir

    (Kinkade) Cancel red alert

    (Link) aye sir... sire, the station is hailing us

    (Station) thank goodness you are here! The romulin presence here has been neutralized, we only lost 2. I'm sorry Kinkade, T'Vash died defending the station

    *bridge crew gasps* (Kinkade) My sister? THOSE ROMULINS! I WILL NEVER....

    (T'Son) the katra

    (Kinkade) T'Son she didn't have time to meld her katra to someone

    (T'Son) Mabye she did

    (Phaze) sir, I want you to report to counciler MKP and Dr. Falcore

    (Kinkade) fine *leaves bridge*

    (Phaze) well that is the end of that

    (T'Son)mabye not sir, she could have given her Katra to someone

    (Phaze) T'Son, I don't really beleve in Vulcan myth....

    (T'Son) It was done before on ambassidor Spock. Sir, I request acess to the station's visual logs

    (Phaze) granted, I want to get this over with

    (T'Son) Mr. Pukedrinker, I require your assistance

    (Pukedrinker) sure think T'Son *goes to enginering*

    (T'Son) look there, computer pause

    (Pukedrinker) BINGO!

    (T'Son) *taps communicater* Counciler MJP, please report to enginering

    (MJP) on my way *arrives in enginering*

    (T'Son) look here, the mind meld of the Katra is made with this computer module! Inpossible!

    (MJP) mabye not, I'll get the computer for you

    (T'Son) Thank you MJP

    (MJP) least I could do for kinkade

    (T'Son) Dr. Falcore, please report to enginerring

    (Falcore) on my way *arrives in enginering*

    (T'Son) docter, is it possible to mind meld with a computer

    (Falcore) no unless...

    (T'Son) of course

    (Falcore & T'Son) Unless he suceeded in the emotional computer, a new life form!

    (Falcore) Well Dr. Manhiem, you've done it again!

    (Phaze) T'Son report

    (T'Son) Well sir, the universe is safe and T'Vash's katra is in the station's computer

    (MJP) I have it now with me!

    (T'Son) Sir, we must get to Mt. Selea

    (Phaze) Agreed, Mr. Demon set course to Vulcan, warp 9

    (demongod) course laid in sir

    (Phaze) Engage!


    (Kinkade) Space, the final frountier, these are the voyages of the starship F-I-I, its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civiliations... to boldly go where no one has gone before!


    (T'Son) Admiral on the bridge *salutes*

    (Kinkade) thank you T'Son, at ease. Ensign set course bearing 122 mark 72 warp 5

    (Demongod) Course laid in sir

    (Kinkade) Engage

    (Phaze) taking the ship on a cruse eh sir?

    (Kinkade) Yep and you have no clue where we are going *chuckles softly*

    (T'Son) Actually we are on a course for the Xi Entradies system

    (Kinkade) *sigh* Why did I pick a Vulcan as a member of my bridge crew

    (T'Son) Beacuse you wanted.....

    (Kinkade) that is enough!

    (T'Son) Sensors dectecting Distress signel! Sir, it is F-I-I headquarters!

    (Kinkade) On screen

    (T'Son) sorry sir, it is too garbled

    (Kinkade) Full Auxiluary power to main comm. array

    (T'Son) aye sir, on screen

    (F-I-I Command) Space....... Disturbance......... Manhiem........theory......activated

    (T'Son) the transmission ends there

    (Kinkade) Lt Demon, set a course for F-I-I headquarters, transwarp facter 2

    (T'Son) sir, may I remind you that the engines...

    (Kinkade) well T'Son there is a 1st time for everything

    (T'Son) Indeed sir


    (demongod) ENGAGED!


    (T'Son) we have lost computer control sir, manuel engaged, we have arrived

    (Kinkade) hail F-I-I command

    (Link) aye sir, chaneel open

    (F-I-I command) Kinkade, your transwarp engines reversed the Manhiem effect! But who started it.... yes the borg!

    (T'Son) The Borg have assimilated the Manhiem Facitity!

    (F-I-I command) yes and your job is to get it back

    (Link) That might be a problem sirs, I am reading so much fluctuation that we can't get a stable warp or transwarp field, we will have to preceed on impulse power

    (Kinkade) how long demon?

    (demongod) at full impulse 4 days

    (Kinde) fine make it so

    (Demongod) aye sir

    (F-I-I command) good luck kinkade, and watch your back, F-I-I command out

    (Kinkade) Yellow alert shields up!

    (Link) aye sir, yellow alert all decks, shields are up!

    (Kinkade) now we sit, wait and hope for the best!


    TO BE CONTINUED.......

  5. This is currently my RPG in the F-I-I clan forums. Here is the main duty roster:

    Commanding Officer: Fleet Admiral Kinkade (kink)

    Executive officer: Admiral Phaze

    Science/2nd officer: T'Son (me)

    Tactical officer: Link

    Helm: Kain

    Chief Enginer: Puke (that is his F-I-I screen name)

    CMO: Falcore

    Ship's counciler: MJP

    here is the starship F-I-I's specs:

    The USS. F-I-I is a new, experimental class starship. It is given the designation NX-20000 and is the 1st in its class, a heavy battleship. The USS.F-I-I is equiped with 450 torpedo tubes (photon, quantem,transphasic,metaphasic), 750 disrupter banks, 1000 phaser arrays, 500 positronic beam emmiters, 5 warp cores, 2 warp engines, and a experimental transwarp engine (never tested) which SHOULD be able to reach a maximum velocity of Transwarp facter 3 (about warp 20 to the 31st power), 2 impulse engines, and 10,000 shield generators. A ship from the future

  6. Hehe, POP quiz on galaxy class starships! Please PM me your answers and I will post if you got it. These are TOUGH questions that I, being the galaxy class starship freak, know but most others don't. They start easy and go hard.


    1. What deck is Main engenering on?

    2. What deck is the Battle Bridge on

    3. What deck are the warp nacelles on?

    4. What deck is sickbay on?

    5. What deck is the last deck in the saucer section?

    6. WITHOUT LOOKING AT A BOOK, how many decks are on a galaxy class starship?

    7. At warp 9 a GCS is traveling _____ times the speed of light

    8. What deck is Commander Riker's quarters on?

    9. Tell me how many shuttles bays are on a GCS and give each of their purposes

    10. How many photon torpedo launchers are on a GCS?


    Good Luck! :assimilated::assimilated:

  7. Does anyone know if I can buy a Star Trek TNG Type 2 phaser that actually emits a beam (not a phaser I mean just light) LOL, if it was a phaser, my government would have it before I could say April 15th taxes are due :assimilated:

  8. I have invented a new torpedo. I will call it the quantem torpedo. Hehe, they are 4x better than the average photon. They will go on these new Sovereign class ships. Do you think they will be a sucess?