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  1. I know, I would think of spike as totally illogical if it didn't have star trek on. If I owned it, I'd change it to the Star Trek Channel. Hmmm, we could alternate series every hour. After the paid programming from 12:00 AM-8:00 PM we have TOS on at 8:00 AM, then TNG, then DS9, then TAS, then VOY, then ENT. On Friday nights we can have star trek movie night. Also, sometime in the say we can have Trek News. Hmmmm, sounds Loigcal

  2. *Ki Winn walks in* Ki! A member of the prophets! *T'Son and Ki* Behold honorable member of the prophets, we are unworthy to stand in your presence, we are your servents. What service can we possibly preform you you?