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  1. I wonder if Koenig will repeat his mistake and not do this like he shunned the last animated series? He should have plenty of time in between con appearances...lol


    Koenig didn't refuse to do the animated series. He was left out due to budgetary constraints. http://memory-alpha.org/wiki/Pavel_Chekov#Appearances


    He did however, write an episode of the series: My linkhttp://memory-alpha.org/wiki/The_Infinite_Vulcan_%28episode%29


    I'm aware of the episode he wrote. One of the big highlights of his career. Being left out of the animated series no doubt fueled his paranoia.

  2. When I read that Al Qaida said he's dead, that's when I absolutely believed it.

    Oh I beleve he's dead. I think he's been dead for a few years now. Am I the only one who thinks it odd that a dna analysis was able to be done within 12 hours after his "death"? Also, why the rush to dispose of his body? After 10 years, we had the right to see it. They dumped him in the ocean within 2 hours of his being killed. I'm sorry but something doesn't smell right here. I think his body has been preserved for some time now in order to wait for an opportune moment for a "feel good" story for the American people. Obama's approval ratings have been in the toilet, everyone is screaming about gas prices and unemployment. What a "perfect time" for this to happen.

  3. Just read that William Campbell passed away (Koloth/Trelane). Really sad news. I met him once in 1973 at a Trek Con in New York. He was one of the nicest people I ever met. Back then, guests at a con were very accessible. I ran into Mr. Campbell in the hotel lobby and introduced myself. He was very gracious. Later in the day, I was sitting on the floor in one of the hotel hallways leaning against the wall eating some lunch when Mr. Campbell passed by. He actually came over to me, REMEMBERED my name and introduced me to his wife. I was absolutely stunned. Rest In Peace, Bill Campbell. You were a great guy.