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  1. Anton Yelchin, of J.J. Abrams' Star Trek Films and TV's Huff, Dead at 27






    Anton Yelchin, who plays Chekov in J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek film franchise and on TV played son to Hank Azaria’s Huff, was found dead on Sunday after getting pinned between his car and his home’s security gate. He was 27.


    According to TMZ, which first reported the news (since confirmed by the Associated Press), Yelchin’s body was found by friends at 1 am in the morning, after he was a no-show for a rehearsal. His body was pinned between the car, its engine in neutral and still running, and a mailbox attached to his San Fernando Valley home’s security gate, which was at the bottom of a steep incline.


    In addition to his run as teenage Byrd Huffstodt on Showtime’s Huff, Yelchin’s TV credits included the alien abduction miniseries Taken, The Practice and episodes of Criminal Minds, Law & Order: Criminal Intent and NYPD Blue.


    More recently, Yelchin was set to star as Mr. Mercedes in AT&T Audience Network’s 10-episode adaptation of the Stephen King novel. He also was announced this week as part of the voice cast for Guillermo del Toro upcoming Netflix series Trollhunters. Del Toro in turn reacted to the tragic news on Twitter.

    This is a tragedy. Yelchin had a very promising future, with a number of projects in the works.


    It also raises the question: In Star Trek, will his character be replaced, or, in this alternate timeline, will he be killed, or die, in some off-screen sequence?



    A really crazy way to die and so senseless. As for the character of Chekov, he could be recast or replaced with another character with the explanation that Chekov was transferred to another ship or promoted somewhere. Remember, the character didn't even show up on the original series until the second season. It could be a good way to bring back the character of Lt. DeSalle.

  2. Star Trek Beyond will have a trailer in front of The Force Awakens!




    It looked really good!


    It did look good. I loved Karl Urban's part with Spock beaming away, and thought he truly recreated how DeForest Kelley would have done it.



    It's amazing how much like DeForest Kelley Urban sounds. His McCoy and Quinto's Spock are the two characters that are most like the originals.

  3. Once in a while a fictional character comes along that so permeates our culture that they transcend their original medium. Mr. Spock was one of those characters. It's possible, without ever having seen an episode of "Star Trek", to know who Spock is, where he came from, what he's about, what he means to so many.

    Thank you Leonard Nimoy for bringing Spock to life, for making him real to us, for using your character's voice to say so much and help make the world more aware; socially, ecologically, etc.

    Though you did not get to live long enough in my book (though how long would really be long enough?), you did live well, and so in many ways, long. And you most assuredly prospered, and helped so many others to do so. And now you boldly go.

  4. I disagree. I think Facebook is great! The old "Starfleet Lounge" with most of the old members has even been resurrected on FB. To be able to instantly reply and get an instant response is why FB has retired most of these boards.


    Really? Wish someone had shot me a PM about it.

    Well now you know! :)