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Welcome to the movies forum. My name is RikerChick and I'll be your tour guide today. Please follow me through the enchanted world of Star Trek on the big screen. If you have any questions just raise your hand. To your right you'll find the TOS movies, to the left we've got your TNG movies. Please feel free to discuss amongst yourselves. Don't forget to stop buy our souvenir shop and snack bar on your way out.


A few guidelines for this tour:


* This forum is for the discussion of all Star Trek movies both TOS, TNG and future movies. Threads about the shows should be posted in the appropriate forum.

* Please be respectful of all other posters. Remember everyone has the right to their opinion.

* No personal attacks! Personal attacks will never be tolerated here. nono.gif

* Language, keep it clean. Many people find profanity offensive and I will edit it out if I see it. I'd prefer not to have to do any editing (hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge)


If you have any questions, comments or complaints, feel free to PM or email me.

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