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Hollywood Show: Los Angeles, CA, July 8-9, 2017

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Hollywood Show will be held at the Westin Los Angeles Airport Hotel in Los Angeles, California, USA from July 8-9, 2017.

Star trek guests scheduled to appear include:

Fred Williamson: Anka, TOS

Kim Darby: Miri, TOS

Paul Sorvino: Nikolai Rozhenko, TNG

Nichelle Nichols: Nyota Uhura, TOS

Morgan Woodward: Simon van Gelder / Captain Ronald Tracey, TOS

Mariette Hartley: Zarabeth, TOS

Marlys Burdette: Krako's gun moll / Anabelle android, TOS

Kellie Flanagan: blonde girl, TOS

Iona Morris: an ONLY, TOS

Charles Dierkop: Morla, TOS

Brian Thompson: Klag, TNG / Admiral Valdore, ENT

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