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Series with the Best Stories Was...

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And the Star Trek series that had the best story was... Well, that's the question that asked for our latest weekly poll. The reply options were TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT. Thousands of fans voted and here are the results:

Star Trek, The Next Generation

The Next Generation (34%)

Star Trek, Deep Space Nine

Deep Space Nine (28%)

Star Trek, The Original Series

The Original Series (18%)

Star Trek, Voyager

Voyager (14%)

Star Trek, Enterprise

Enterprise (7%)

And where did YOUR series of choice fare?

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I see, but for me it is Plato's Stepchildren. Thought a lot of the shows want to give us a moral meaning, I thought this one showed man at his true self. Regardless of the reason or intentions most leaders want people to follow their will.

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10 hours ago, Æ said:

I am terrible at picking a single favorite from any series. :Hmmm...: My favorite is whichever favorite I happen to be watching at the time. 


I guess looking at it that way I would have to agree most time when I am watching  and thinking how much I enjoy that episode.

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