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My son just completed his freshman year of high school and he has the following average for the year in each class:


100 Computer Apps

99 English Honors

100 History Honors

97 Science Honors

97 Geometry Honors

98 Spanish I

100 Concert Band Honors


I have to post this here because if I put it on facebook, I make my nieces and nephews feel bad, other family members will not be happy for him they'll just resent him and many of his friends' parents were lucky just to have their kids make the A/B honor roll.


I know y'all don't care, but I can't contain myself anymore! :yahoo:

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Wow, that is indeed impressive. Congratulations! I'm sure some people do care, and some have even refrained from bragging for the very same or similar reasons. But, brag away!!! He is YOUR son, after all, and you should have the right to brag about his accomplishments.

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