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Save the Arcades

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Ah, the arcade. Sadly, many arcades across the country are down to their last quarter and facing closure.

It's time gamers everywhere band together and Save the Arcades! By simply playing the insanely epic

Zapataur, you can help one of these four amazing arcades score $25,000 and continue to provide

gaming goodness to their community. Every point you score will be added to the tally of the arcade

you choose to support. So the more you play, the better chance that the arcade you're rooting for will

Score $25,000!

Check out this link for a few other details about the program.


Source: Help Save the Arcades with Stride

Here are the four arcades eligible:


Star Worlds Arcade in DeKalb, IL



Starbase Arcade in San Rafael, CA



Game Galaxy Arcade in Nashville, TN



Arcade UFO in Austin, TX


All you have to do is play Zapataur, submit your points (and register [it's free like most things on the internet]), and choose the arcade.

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the only reason Arcades are going the way of the dinosaur is because everyone has a video game system at home now. I remember when people went to the arcade because either they didn't have a system or because the Arcade had superior graphics and such. That's no longer the case. For nostalgia, it would be nice to have an arcade here and there but I won't miss them.

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I have pretty fond memories on playing the video games at the arcade. I remember I loved Centipede both as the arcade game and on my Atari 5200. I used to get top scores as BLW, although I'm pretty sure my skills have rusted. There's also a lot of fun games that are arcade exclusive and it would be a shame to see them scuttled. I say keep the arcades for future generations to enjoy (although the inflation will probably go up until we cure scarcity).

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I fondly remember video arcades. I used to meet a friend of mine once a week at one where we would play the old Sega Star trek game for hours. I didn't think any of them still existed though.

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