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At Least 'Joe Schmuk' Is Going Home

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Ken's Commentary: At Least 'Joe Schmuk' Is Going Home


January 23, 2006


By Ken Schram ken_schram.jpg


SEATTLE - What is with that dufus from FOX sports? Joe Duck, Tuck, Schmuck...


(Editor to Ken: His name is Joe Buck.)


Whatever... He's the weasely guy the FOX network puts in the broadcast booth to keep Seattle sports fans irritated almost every time he opens his mouth. During the NFC championship game, Joe Muck...


(Editor to Ken: Buck. His name is Joe Buck.)


Sure, fine... Anyway, he did his best to keep minimizing everything the Hawks were doing right, while making excuses for everything the Panthers were doing wrong. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who got flat fed-up with his inane focus on how frustrated poor Panther Stevie Smith was getting, while at the same time rarely giving any props to the Seahawks' "D" for making him flail around over on the sidelines. This Joe Puck guy...


(Editor to Ken: I'm telling you, his name is Buck - with a "B".)


Yeah okay... I remember this Joe Stuck guy pulling the same garbage when he calls the Mariners games on the FOX network. It's like Seattle teams are on his "Who Gives a Damn" list. My only complaint about all the 12th man action down at Qwest was that the crowd wasn't quite loud enough to drown him out. Be that as it may, I'm sure he went home disappointed that the Seahawks are headed for the Super Bowl.


But the good news is: He's gone home.


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So, what do you think?

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