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  1. Qo'noS. Klingons will work for blood wine and heart of Targ
  2. Okay, this is is the question: In the 2009 Star Trek film, there were several product placements for real-world companies within the movie...Nokia, Budweiser, and several others. Although this takes place in an alternate reality, wouldn't those companies had to have existed in the Trek universe prior to the destruction of the Kelvan for them to have been seen in the movie? Also, if we know some 21st Century companies survive, is it logical to assume others might too? Would it be out of the question to assume that maybe companies like Glock or H&K are making Phasers for the Federation, or that the Enterprise's impulse engines might be produced by either Rolls Royce or General Electric?
  3. Hey....Dude...No log on for 4 years? WTF...might have to revoke your phaserman status

  4. AE, The name could be spelled either way. I can't remember what the exact term is, but since the name is being transfered from the Arabic alphabet to the Latin alphabet, there isn't a direct spelling translation. Both OSAMA and USAMA are technically correct spellings.
  5. When I read that Al Qaida said he's dead, that's when I absolutely believed it.
  6. If you were an NFL General Manager, how much would you pay for Brett Favre? Alot of money. A first ballot hall of fame player, Brett Favre's name brings with it imagery of what an NFL Quarterback SHOULD be. Well, most of the time, he is exactly who most teams would want calling the plays. An experienced veteran who's seen it all and done it all at least twice. Now, the Minnesota Vikings are considering throwing some cash Mr. Favre's way for him to come and play for their ball club this season. What will the Vikings be getting? The NFL's career touchdown pass leader, who has thrown 464 touchdowns in 18 seasons. No Quarterback has started more consecutive games than Brett Favre, either. almost 17 complete seasons of consecutive starts. And of those career starts, over 260 of them, he has won 169 of them. No Quarterback can match THAT number either. Completions, Attempts, Yards, and his longest pass are all NFL records. Not bad for someone with an 85.7 Quarterback rating. Wait, what? His QB rating is only 85.7? Surely I'm reading the stats wrong. Someone this great can't have such a vanilla QB rating, right? Well, see, Here's the thing. To go along with those records I mentioned, he's got this one for you. the NFL record for most interceptions in a career, with over 305 picks in 18 seasons. He averages 17 interceptions a year, or once a game, plus an extra for the bye. twice in the last four years, he's led the league in Interceptions by throwing for more than 20. in 2005, Favre very nearly threw 30 interceptions. So...there IS a dark side. Us Packers fans know it all too well. Think back to the 2007 season. NFC Championship Game. Packers and Giants. Favre's last pass as a Green Bay Packer was an overtime interception that sealed the deal for the eventual Superbowl Champions. But, it's a risk/reward kind of thing. Having Brett Favre, even at almost 40, can give your team a big boost. But, his addiction to interceptions can lay ruin to the best laid superbowl ambitions. Oh, and don't think the Packer's Secondary isn't salivating over the idea of Favre in Minnesota. The Packers' Secondary ain't scared of Favre.
  7. Popping the comment cherry lol I LOVE YOU

  8. I'm going to defend Krissy here, because I see where she's going with this. Enterprise NX-01 had what? 3 phasers and four torpedo tubes? Voyager, a ship 200 years more advanced, had at least a dozen phaser arrays and 4 torpedo tubes. Yes, the weapons are more advanced. Any ship from the NX era would be slaughtered by a ship from Voyager's era, just because of the weaponry advances. But, there is some hint of a paradigm shift. Enterprise carried the most advanced weapons available at the time, but was relatively lightly armed. Now, maybe this is because of the technology, and those weapons were BIG. However, Voyager's phasers are 200 years more advanced. If there was not a shift in philosophies, why then would Voyager, a ship not much larger than Enterprise, need four times as many <newer, more powerful> phaser arrays? And why is a ship half the size of a Galaxy class so well armed that it could take the larger ship on with very equal footing? This, of course, is ignoring the out of universe reason, Voyager was trapped in the Delta Quadrant and needed some firepower. In universe, though, why would a ship that size need that many guns? I would also point out, in the REAL world Navies, as technologies advanced, ships carried fewer, but more potent, weapons. Admiral Nelson's flagship at Trafalgar had 70 or more guns at her disposal. Modern warships rarely have more than two main guns, plus one or two missile launchers. The rounds they fire, however, are far more potent than those of HMS Victory. Assuming the same is true from the 22nd to the 24th century, why do "modern" Federation ships have so many damned weapons? My thought: Starfleet learned a few hard lessons: from the Xindi, the Romulans, and the Klingons: The Galaxy ain't a nice place. Somewhere along the line, someone said "Hey, we need to be able to fight, too, and having two guns and a couple torpedo tubes isn't gonna cut it when the excriment hits the ventilation system" Starfleet KNEW they needed to beef up the guns of their fleet. They adopted a stronger, more military like system with their ships. I would say if the mind-change had not been made, then Voyager would have still had more advanced weaponry, but not nearly so much of it. Perhaps 4 phasers and 2 torpedo tubes, not 12 or more phasers and 4 torpedo tubes. Then, too, The Federation would have gone the way of the dodo bird somewhere between the last episode of Enterprise and "The Cage".
  9. Never been called for Jury Duty, but if I ever get a motorcycle, if I get ran over you can bet I'll call the Law Tigers! lol, j/k. I'll just call Krissy's dad. I get a discount on the fees.
  10. If I qualify to go to Vegas for the Domino's World Wide Rally, I'll definitely check it out, and report back to the group. <You might even get some pictures of crazy Domino's people.>
  11. Krissy's got her own thing going, Van. She had to resign from two other sims....She did want me to tell you, though, that She's going to refere to you as "Glen Quagmire" from now on...dunnow why...
  12. Certainly better than my Company's new "Secretary of Taste"...Althought this one is pretty cool.
  13. I know, another Lima Fleet sim...that said, Lima Fleet's only Marine Battalion is looking for officers and NCO's to take up the fight in defense of the Federation. Possitions will be filled on a first come, first appointment basis. I plan on running this like a ship, so the first possitions I need to fill are the four Company Commander spots and the Battalion XO spot. Unlike most Sims, there are a good deal of Non-Commissioned (Sergeant) Billets to fill, and not many officer posts available. INITIAL POSTS AVAILABLE Battalion Executive Officer <rank: Major. Promotion opportunity to Lt. Col.> Company Commanders (4) <Rank: Captain.> Company XO's (4)<1st Lieutenant> Company 1st Sergeant (4) <E-8/First Sergeant>