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Gary Phaserman

Six Gone, how many will follow?

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Six NFL Coaches are no longer employed by the teams they coached.


Mike Tice-Fired from Vikings yesterday

Mike Sherman-Relieved of Duties by Packers

Mike Martz-Fired from St. Louis

Jim Haslett-Fired from New Orleans

Dom Capers-Fired from Texans

Richard Vermiel-Retired fromk football, was Head Coach of the K.C. Chiefs


How many more will follow? It's pretty obvious that Richard Jauron won't be the Head Coach in Detroit, but will he stay there?


The Ravens have indicated that Brian Billick's job is secure.


How about new coaches? Capers could go to Minnesota. The Wilfs want a hard-*buttocks*, and Capers is. Talk is that Sherman could go to K.C. Mooch may well find himself in Green Bay again, but I don't know that he'll go as H.C., but as the Offensive Coordinator, with Jim Bates possibly getting the Head Coaching Job. Mike Martz has struggled with health problems and will probably retire. Tice could go to Houston. Sounded like a joke at the beginning of this season, but hey.

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