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  1. Hey....Dude...No log on for 4 years? WTF...might have to revoke your phaserman status

  2. Yeah, my little brother, Tommy. He's a paratrooper
  3. Gary probably wanted to post this picture... Now me, my perfect ride would probably be a Humvee
  4. Christmas is in the air in Iraq! Tommy informed me that he will be standing a "Santa Watch" tonight, keeping a lookout for a sleigh with eight tiny reindeer, and will be standing by to provide security for Santa when he makes his rounds with 3/82. He also wanted me to tell everyone here that he wishes you all a merry christmas, happy new year. By the way, when I asked him what he wanted for Christmas when he called yesterday, the answer might or might not surprise you. He didn't ask for a trip home, or even a day without a patrol. He said all he wants for Christmas is a kiss from Nikki, and for the Packers to make the playoffs!
  5. My sister and my father went to MRFN Valentine's funeral. They said the Captain pretty much said Jack died a hero, and helped save the ship and the 1200 men and women aboard. Jack would have been 21 on December 27th.
  6. Dear Friends... We, the Phaserman family, have alot of issues we need to address. These aren't limited to just Tom's deployment and Gary's work issues. There are other, deeper issues we need to address, and try to fix. We're going to be taking a leave from Startrekfans.net, and several other forums that we inhabit. This may be quick, it may take a while. We just aren't sure. We all want you to know we're going to miss you all, and we enjoy coming here and hanging out, but right now, the issues we face take precedence over our participation in the number of internet communities we frequent. I want to thank everyone here, all the friends we've made, even the folks we don't always see eye to eye with, and especially VBG and AE and the rest of the staff here for making our time here, for the most part, enjoyable. We hope, once everything is resolved, we can return to these communities once more. Thanks for the fun times, the good memories, and the friendships. Sincerly, Jim Julie Gary Krissy Tom Darryl The Phaserman Family.
  7. Ever wondered what STF looks like in Arabic? I kinda did, for some reason. So, here it is. I used Google's webpage translator to do it.
  8. I think alot of the E-4s (Specialists) and almost all of the E-5s (Sergeants) and E-6s (Staff Sergeants) are on their second tour with the unit. Infantry Brigades tend to rotate through on a 10-15 month deployment, then train and reform for 18-24 months, then redeploy again.
  9. At my elementary school, we were pretty much allowed to have fun. There were teachers and Playground monitors there, and the recess area was divided in half by grade: 1-3 on one side, 4-6 (later 5th) on the other. I remember one girl in my brother's class fell off the jungle gym and had to be taken out on a stretcher. Her parents didn't sue the school. Now, I have to make sure I say the precisely right thing or else I get sued. Being a teacher today is harder than it was for the teachers who inspired me.
  10. How bout no? It's wierd enough that my parents' youngest son is named for a General...
  11. For some reason, I kept thinking of that ship being small...yet she looks quite big, actually.
  12. His wife doesn't know yet, and how is she going to explain to the children? That's a tough thing to do with young children, Cara. The concept that someone is dead is a tough one for alot of people to grasp, especially young children.