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Stephen of Borg

Your Top 5 Favorite/Least Favorite Episodes

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Like every series, Enterprise has some really good episodes, some average and some just okay. I was wondering, what are your top five favorite episodes from Enterprise? And what are your top 5 least favorite episodes?


If you haven't seen enough episodes of ENT to make a list, just list the ones you did see and if you liked it or not. Even someone who doesn't like ENT has at least one episode they like if they've seen enough of the series

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I don't really remember 5 episodes, it's been that long since I've seen it. However, I can tell you I liked all of season 4 except the final episode :blush:. Through a Mirror Darkly, best episodes ever...

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So Far





Vox Sola

The Forge


Demons/Terra Prime





Chosen Realm

A Night In Sickbay



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Top 5 Favorite Episodes


1. Similitude- THE best episode of the series in my opinion. Oh what a tear jerker! I have never felt like this watching Star Trek since I watched Spock's funeral for the first time.


2. Cogenitor- Another episode that really did play with my emotions. As you can see, my favorite episodes of ENT are the ones that are depressing. Nothing like an emotionally charged episode


3. Twilight- A good episode that deals with Archer having no clue about what has been happening in the past years due to things out of his controls.


4. Unexpected- Hilarious! That's the one word I'd use to describe this episode when good ol' Trip gets pregnant. Very original episode that is just fun to watch.


5. Detained- This gets into my top five list if for no other reason than it reunites the stars of Quantum Leap Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell again. A great episode to watch for QL fans, and you can tell that both Bakula and Stockwell are having a wonderful time in their performance.



Top 5 Least Favorite Episodes


1. Breaking the Ice- Ugh, just horrible. This is the worst episode of Enterprise. An entire episode dedicated to them exploring an asteroid?! Just doesn't work, no matter what series this would be on.


2. Demons- Such as disappointment. It turned out to be just average and the acting of Peter Weller wasn't good at all. I would think that Robocop could have acted better in it than he did. Thank goodness he was a lot better in Terra Prime.


3. Civilization- Just reminded me too much of a TNG episode. That can be a good or bad thing.


4. Daedalus- This episode wasn't terrible, but just average.


5. Marauders- same problem here

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