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Do you think she's hot?

Is Deana Troi Hot?  

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  1. 1. Is Deana Troi Hot?

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Shes ok, dont really find her attractive but she doesnt look like shes been hit by an ugly stick. I to prefered it when she was in Uniform but still gonna be a Meh

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What season did she go into her Starfleet uniform?

She wore a skant uniform in Encounter at Farpoint but the PTB thought she looked too much like a cheerleader in it so they switched her to civies. It wasn't until season 6's Chain of Command when Jellico told her to wear the standard uniform that Troi started to wear the uniform while on duty.


Ron Moore who had written the teleplay for Chain of Command Part I had set a goal to get Troi into uniform and he achieved it in this episode.

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