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Storm Front, Part II

What rating would you give "Storm Front" Part II?  

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  1. 1. What rating would you give "Storm Front" Part II?

    • 5. It's great, I loved it!
    • 4. It's good
    • 3. It's average
    • 2. It's not that good
    • 1. I hated it!

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Production: 078

Season: 4 Episode: 2

Air Date: 10.15.2004


Review not yet available



Scott Bakula as Jonathan Archer

John Billingsley as Dr. Phlox

Jolene Blalock as T'Pol

Dominic Keating as Malcolm Reed

Anthony Montgomery as Travis Mayweather

Linda Park as Hoshi Sato

Connor Trinneer as Charles "Trip" Tucker III


Guest Cast:

Golden Brooks as Alicia

Jack Gwaltney as Vosk

John Fleck as Silik

Matt Winston as Daniels

Christopher Neame as German General

Steven R. Schirripa as Carmine

Mark Elliot Silverberg as Kraul

David Pease as Alien Technician

Burr Middleton as Newsreel Narrator


Creative Staff:

Director: David Straiton

Written By: Manny Coto

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Silik agrees to help Archer defeat the invading aliens in Earth's past and restore the timeline


"Storm Front Part II" is a lot better than the previous episode, mainly because of all of the action that is involved with having to stop these people while trying to rescue Trip. It is interesting to see Silik and Archer work together, and it's even more interesting to see what John Fleck (Silik) looks like without the Suliban make up since he goes in his human disguise.


I can't really say that the person who dies in this episode, don't want to say who, made me sad. The ending was cool when we saw time restoring itself.


**** out of *****

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5 from me. It's obvious that what happened with Daniels would. What happened with Vosk.... not really buying it, but that was really the only drawback, that, and the attempt to humanize his point of view. I liked how once again we see Trip pointing a weapon at Archer, when he earlier had said that he never expected to ever do that. Schirippa and Brooks were incredible again. Solid episode.

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The Suliban nemesis finally ends up buying the farm.

Golden Brooks guest starring as Alica.

Nazis... Aliens... Time Travel... Action...

5 out of 5

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