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Rate ST: Nemisis!

Rate ST: Nemisis!  

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I voted great. It was an excellent film...many of the reasons I thought it was great are reasons others hated it. Data's death bring tears to my eyes every time. Everything about it except for the backwards letters in the title at the beginning were fantastic.

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I rated it O.K. It was a pretty decent action movie but it just wasn't Star Trek.


I thought the dune buggy chase was great but it went downhill from there.


This will get me in trouble with some folks but I'm glad that Data died, he was o.k. in the first couple of seasons of TNG but after that he started getting annoying. He became the android version of Wesley, annoying and a pain in the posterior.


The scimitar looked like it was conceived by a group of drunken fans as a 4 am con party.


The "idiot" Data replacement was just that, idiotic.


I REALLY wanted to see Troi and Dr. Crusher at a traditional Betazoid wedding.


The new Enterprise, have the people at the Starfleet shipyards forgotten how to grind a weld smooth?

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