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Captain Bolivar

Do other colors exist?

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blue red purple orange yellow gray green silver gold and white are the standards


I think black exists!

How about brown, teal, navy, aqua, fushia, lime, olive, and maroon?


Does black exist?

This has a white glow so that it can be seen

Does brown exist?

Does teal exist?

Does navy exist?

Does aqua exist?

Does fushia exist?

Does lime exist?

Does olive exist?

Does maroon exist?


WOW, all of them do except fushia!!!!!


See here for all the various colors, glows, and shadows... there are hundreds of combinations.

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For other colors Try there hex code insted of there name.


Red for instance is #ff0000.


try here for a list of codes


If you dont know Hex its just 6 didgits with a # infront.


the 6 didgits are split into 3 sets of two from 00 - none to ff - full like so


00(red) 00(green) 00(blue)


so #000000 is black (none on all three)

#ffffff is white (full on all three)

#ff0000 is red (full on red and none on the other two)

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WOW, what a neat topic. Are you an Artist Capt. Bolivar. Sure sounds like it. Most people aren't aware of this. I just was experimenting with this. Not on the computer but with colored pencil. Am working on a picture called 'Color Storm' of a thousand tornadoes using this principle, it's really facinating the combinations you can come up with. Maybe when I'm finished, or ready to abandon, I can put it up for everyone to see. And there are combinations that aren't right next to each other, yet to be named.

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Thanks Abaki... I didn't know hex codes were compatible with these forms but I'll be sure to use em sometime!


Nah, Jeanway, I'm not an artist. I used to like art when I was younger, but I've evolved into someone totally uncreative when it comes to art. Sadly. I was just messing around with colors so that I could find a better color scheme for my posts because some made it known to me that the glow=blue was hard on the eyes. I would be glad to see that "Color Storm". It sounds like it would impressive to the eye!

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I've started to write my own Mods for this type of board and it gives you a wonderfull insite to what can be done when you strart to read the scripts.

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Well the main thing to consider is that the BB code is just a cover over true HTML.

so when you put in


the board script changes it to

<color = "blue"></color>

. The BB Code is there to make it harder for hackers. there is a tag that is not mentioned or listed called


wich allows for Real HTML to be posted but before you try to use it 1. it needs to be switched on the the indavidual forum and 2. you're member group needs it switched on. and at least one of these is not the case. and I wouldent ask for it to be made posible as it is a feature that can be abused very easley.

if you look under the smilies there is a link that says BBCodes there are some code that are not at the top under buttons

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