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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Jeanway

    ~~ EDEN ~~

    Nothing remarkable happened for the following week. Except that the little female alien kept right on having babies. Averaging 15 to 20 in any 24 hour period. So by the end of the week there were so many that no one could count them. But there were at least 150 babies now. They had taken over the entire lower floor of the barn. The men resigned themselves to the fact that they had to either build more cages or build a pen or stall to house them all. Whenever they suggested letting them just run off into the woods they met with so much resistance from all the women and girls in the house they just decided to "Build a pen" :P and keep their big yaps shut about it. :P :P That's what they were told, on many occasions. Lida kept her eye on the elves. With so many babies now they could do alot of damage in a short period of time if they saw the opportunity. It was obvious the elves had malicious mayhem on their minds. But everyone now knew this and were constantly on guard. Kaitlyn and Able still resided in the barn most of the time. The elves were locked in the smoke-house each night before sundown and the loft usually had a few people up there during the day or evenings on the computers talking with other STF.Net members on the site. They gave everyone the updates on the aliens and how many new babies there were each day. AND the fact that the Mama Alien was being taught how to speak and understand English. She was eager to learn, not like the male, the daddy, who just watched and never spoke. It seems the males of this species were very passive. Many theories about what happened were floating around the site. And many new threads were started with specualtions on what did happen to everyone who disappeared and why only the STF.Net members were left on Earth. There were a few very serious members who were trying to investigate and one member had something he wasn't quite ready to divulge to the rest of the members. He said "I'm workin on it, I'll get back to you when I 've figured this out." That member was headborg. :P
  3. "DAA, DAA, Daa Daaaa" :bugel plays: :P O.K. This is the last day. Please vote. We've only had what, "5" votes? :P :P Come on, Please Thank You to all who have voted and WILL vote. :P
  4. Jeanway

    ~~ EDEN ~~

    Something occured to Lida that night just as she was falling asleep. The candle flickered on her dresser and the woman in the mirror's face shown in her mirror and her eyes began to glow green just as did the aliens and yesterday as the elves stood in the barn next to the cage. Funny she hadn't noticed this before. Was the woman in the mirror trying to tell Lida something? Lida got up off her bed and walked to the mirror. The man suddenly appeared next to her. His eyes began to glow green as well. :P "You know something, don't you?" She asked them. They smiled and nodded "yes" :yes: :yes: But what???? :P
  5. It's 9*, can I use the * as a degree sign? What do you think? Since it's the closest thing on the keyboard to a degree sign. OK, from now on this-->> "*" means degrees The sky is a glowing gray/gold and the B.P. is at "Whoa"! 28.9. Lowest I can remember since I began this thread. Yep, I think we're going to get snow today. I can smell it. :P Just 11 more shopping days til Christmas, how's you credit card balance looking these days??? :P :P :P
  6. Everyone could hear the explosions from inside their houses and came running outside and looked up at the sky. :P :P In the dark, starry night sky the words "I'M BACK!" glowed a firey red. :P Who's back?" Everyone yelled at each other. :P
  7. Jeanway

    ~~ EDEN ~~

    The smell of gingerbread baking filled the house. The men started milling around outside the back door. It was getting close to lunchtime now an Becka was so involved with her spinning and chattering with Chrissy and Kate she lost all track of the time. "OH My Heavens. We have to get lunch started. " Becka said as she put down the yarn and headed for the kitchen. She looked around for a minute trying to decide what to make. "Grilled cheese sandwiches sound good for everybody?" She asked. Everyone said that was fine. Becka sent Abbie and Beth to the cellar for the cheese and she started slicing the loaves of bread. "Get out the griddle will you Chrissy? It's in the pantry." Becka asked. She could make 12 sandwiches at a time on it so it was fast. Becka yelled out the backdoor to Bill and Lenny who were standing around out there to go get a couple cans of milk from the barn. With 23 people in the house she'd need to make about 50 sandwiches. Kate and Becka and Chrissy worked like an assembly line. :P Kate frequently made comments on her lack of cooking skills. Things like "I couldn't even make one of these with a replicator." Everyone laughed. :P
  8. Jeanway

    ~~ EDEN ~~

    Addie fed Lida the raw wool through her tiny fingers and Lida twisted it in the way Becka instructed everyone. Slowly the wheel turned and it wound around the huge wheel. "This is sort of fun, isn't it Addie?" Lida asked. "Yea, but I'm hungry. I wish I had some cake. Don't you Lida? We got any cake in the kitchen Lida? I want some cake." Addie kept going on and on about wanting cake. "Cake sounds to be a good idea, what kind Addie?" Becka asked. "How about gingerbread? I love gingerbread. I haven't had any since the last time My Mum made it." Addie said sadly then began to cry. "Oh, Sweetheart." Lida said. "Don't cry. How about you and I take a break and go make some? Would you like that?" Lida asked. Addie stopped crying and Lida looked over at Becka and Chrissy who were also getting weepy. "Go on you two. We can handle this. Go make some gingerbread." Becka insisted. Both Lida and Addie took off for the kitchen. "This wood basket is empty!" Lida yelled . "Where's Aaron? AARON, where are you?" She yelled. "And where are the boys? There should never be an empty wood basket in here." She yelled again. Addie took off out the backdoor to find Aaron. She looked around and he was outback chopping wood with the elves and nik. A minute later the wood basket was full and the stove blazing. Addie came in, headed for her mother's recipe box and started looking through her recipes. Running her tiny fingertips over her mother's writing, examining each word and crying again. :P "Lida?" Addie asked. "Yes?" Lida answered. "You think the aliens would like some gingerbread too?" Lida looked at Addie, her heart hurt for the little girl. :P
  9. Jeanway

    ~~ EDEN ~~

    nik went outside to find the elves and have a talk with them. The women went into the parlor and watched as the men assembled the looms and set up the spinning wheels. Everything was all set now and Becka stood up and started to talk about what they were all going to be doing. Kaitlyn and Able headed back outside to the Barn with the aliens breakfast.
  10. Jeanway

    ~~ EDEN ~~

    Lida went back in the house. She stood in the middle of the kitchen. "Alright everybody, listen up. I just had a conversation with the female alien and she is afraid of the Elves. I don't know why but I have a pretty good idea. So it's up to ALL of us to make sure we keep them out of the barn and away from the aliens. Can we all do that?" She asked. Everyone just stood there, their mouths hanging open. "What do you mean you had a conversation?" Kaitlyn asked. "They never spoke when I was with them." Lida then told her and everyone what just happened. "I think they have been listening to you and Able talking but never said anything until now." Lida summized. "Well, if they can talk then they can tell us what happened, don't you think Lida?" Able asked. "I think they are mimicking us but if they can do that then eventually they will learn our language, hopefully enough to tell us what they know." Lida said.
  11. Jeanway

    ~~ EDEN ~~

    Lida walked out to the barn after breakfast. She wanted to see the babies. Everyone else was still in the kitchen. She was alone with them. She sat down beside the cage and rested her head on her hands and began to talk softly to the Mama. She thought to herself what an amazing experience this is to see creatures from another world living right here in the barn. She asked the Mama, "Where did you come from, little one?" The aliens eyes began to glow a soft green and she spoke to Lida. In a sqeaky, timid little voice she tried to repeat the words Lida just said. "Come from." It repeated. :P Lida looked around the barn to see if anyone else had come in and heard this too. But no one had. Lida asked her again. "Yes, where did you come from, that's right." The little creature repeated again "Yes, come from." Lida got all excited now and said. "Do you understand me?" It answered her. "Yes, understand come from." Lida was ecstatic now. Should she stay there and try to communicate with her or go get everyone. "No, I'll stay right here." She said to herself outloud. "Stay here, understand yes come from." The creature said again. :P "You don't understand what I'm saying but you copy what I say, right?" She asked her. Again the little creature spoke, each time adding a little more of what Lida had just said. " Yes, copy understand stay come from." It said. "Your learning, aren't you?" Lida asked. And again it said. "Yes, learning understand come from stay." Then the barn door opened and the two elves came running in and stood in front of the cage. "You want something?" Lida asked. "Nope just came to check out the new kids, that's all, it that alright with you Missy?" One of them said sarcastically. "Cute, Yep, cute." He said then the two of them ran back out the door and slammed it shut. Lida looked back down into the cage. The Mama was shivering in fear. "You afraid of them?" She asked her. The creatures eye glowed and even brighter green this time. "Oh, I didn't know. I'll keep them away from you from now on, alright little one?" Lida said to her. The little creature smiled and said. "Yes, understand afraid." She said back to her. "I'll take care of it, don't worry." Lida said to the Mama, got up and left the barn.
  12. OK, everyone. I'll give it one or two more days then I'll close the poll, Alright? Please Vote :P
  13. Love ya guys :P
  14. Jeanway

    ~~ EDEN ~~

    Hearing Kaitlyn down in the kitchen making familiar noises with the the pots and dishes Becka was the first one down. "Morning. How are the babies this morning?" She asked her. "Twelve more overnight." She told her. Becka looked like this :P !!! Then said. "Good thing they made a bigger cage, huh?" :yes: Kaitlyn then said. "Becka, what if they just keep having babies? What will we do with them all?" Becka thought a minute then answered. "Don't know dear. We may just have to let them all go." Just then Able came running into the kitchen. "She's at it again out there. Six more in the past ten minutes. :P That's 27 now." The girls came down, then Abe and ILikeSeven and Chrissy and Sabe and Mellie. Then Aaron, Bart and Cain. Becka told everyone what was happening and everyone stood there speachless. Becka started making scrambeled eggs and had Kaitlyn slice up a slab of bacon to fry. She sent Addie and Beth to the cellar to get jars of Cranberry juice and peaches and a wheel of cheeze. "Mother?" Abe said. "We've got the wool already for you to start spinning into yarn, you ready today to start that?" Becka then answered. " You get the wheels down from the attic and we'll get started after breakfast. Set them up in the parlor, alright?" She asked him. The girls, her girls, had done this before. Kaitlyn, and Addie hadn't. Lida and Chrissy were looking forward to this too. Able, Aaron, ILikeSeven and nik went up to the attic and brought down the spinning wheels. And also brought down the looms to set up in the parlor. Then went out back to bring in the large burlap sacks of wool and piled them in the middle of the large room.
  15. 15 degrees here, BRRRRRRRRRR!!!! Overcast and snow is on the way this week-end. The B.P. is at 29.5. The ground is bare and there is no wind to speak of. Ten days til the first day of Winter and 13 more shopping days til Christmas. Spent the whole day yesterday Christmas Shopping. ONLINE :P Left me feeling like this-->> :P and :P Good Luck with that. :P