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  1. and the ladys clean it up its a natural cycle thats been going on for a few hundered years


    You guys clean up your own mess.. :elephant: that is all I am going to say, because I sure the heck am not cleaning it up.


    LMAO i thought that would get a reaction



    Hmmm i didnt know we had sheep on this ship :hug:



    Well sheep are sweet! So what does that make me if I'm a sheep? :wow:


    A reaction!?!  I thought it was almost a riot.   :elephant:   I am thinking of getting of this ship or do some major changes.  Since Hang wants the mens' room cleaned.  I think I should paint the walls a nice shade of pink.



    Pepto bismal shade of pink at that!!!!


    PINK B) ..ohhhh hell no :borg2: pink paint on this ship,infact i would be suprised if you could see the real color of the walls on this ship :yahoo:


    How about this pink? :hug: B)

  2. my friend who takes HTML classes made me some frames and they work but the problem with them is that the links in the Nav bar open in the Nav bar and not the main page (eg: ) Any clues? Xeroc gave me a code that It ried but it didn't work :)


    EDIT: Xeroc's makes it open in a new window not in the main section

  3. LOL you ladys crack me up :) say it stinks and needs a clean but still you keep coming for sticky floors thats where the drinks have been spilt or mabe when one of us guys has had something to eat after drinking a few beers and couldnt get to the mens room in time :) but thats how it is here and you ladys really need to get your own ship if its that bad here why do you keep coming back?????... :)


    meh... it may stink.. but all I have to say is meh.



    And why do you ask?? I have a brother, and my best friend is a guy. I can still pick on guys telling them they need to clean up their space though!


    LOL well i dont mind really..debbie is always telling me to clean up my stuff its what us guys do we.. MAKE A MESS :P ..and the ladys clean it up its a natural cycle thats been going on for a few hundered years :P




  4. With you mentioning the strip club, I'm afraid to ask what is making your shoes stick to the floor.



    :P  :biggrin:  :hug:

    I think that is something that we just do not really want to know.. :lol:


    Yeesh.. I agree with the girls, you guys need to clean up after yourselves. And as for using the girl's wall paper as toilet paper... why didn't you guys pick up supplies when you last went out for food and brew? :lol: I think I am going to return to the girls ship now. Thankfully they have a rule about letting us decorate our working area and quarters as we see fit. Which for me means absolutely NO pink walls or carpets, no really thick carpets (hardwood flooring is so very nice :hug: with a plain but soft throw rug ), if there is carpets they are either dark blue or green.. walls are nice shades of blue, green or pale yellowish(ok, ok so almost white). Bye now.....



    exactly! that means 3 black walkks for me, 1 deep pink, a black or dark purple carpet :P

  5. LMAO are you 2 ladys looking for work cuz there is plenty to do on this ship..*gives dawn and kerry a mop and bucket*...the mens room needs a good scrub :biggrin:



    That is what you think. I don't clean unknown objects without a biosuits. :lol: Plus isn't this ship for the guys? Why do we women have to clean after the boys? :P



    always leaving the work for us....pity - you know hang - cleanings a lot of fun :hug: *hands mop and bucket back*

  6. Thats because I like to spy on u. And make sure u haven't made any plans to invade our ship. Bye.


    OooOOO spying are long as your not taking pics for blackmail reasons thats ok with me ;)


    And Fenriz this is a new ship....ok its not fully fitted but the Hang is working on it,its gonna be the hottist ship in the galaxy every night partys, drink till you drop,dance till you die and all that crap :biggrin:

    HAHA... Hang looks like the "guys" are not into your flying strip club in space,mabe its the green dancers ;) Btw have you never heard of cleaning this place up my shoes are sticking to the carpet..eawwwwww






    With you mentioning the strip club, I'm afraid to ask what is making your shoes stick to the floor.



    :hug::hug: :P



    um....yeah....maybe its all the garbage from the food? :P

  7. :hug: no one wears underwear???


    Of course we wear underwear.. or at least most people do, I guess. I know I do, but it is not something I really want to post. The rest of my outfit is fine to post about, but not going into detail about those articles of clothing




    Anyways. Long sleeved Blue pajama dress, black hoodie jacket, black socks. Cannot seem to find my other slipper, but when I do I probably will be wearing them. Had to go for warmer pajamas since it has gotten chilly here again :P These weather changes suck!



    exactly! :lol:


    my dresing gown but I'm gonna get dressed soon so - Jeans & t-shirt (oh yeah...underwear and socks too :biggrin: )