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  1. Absolutely! Maybe we could swop theyre food too...for some "healthy" stuff? :nono: Wonder how the Permenant Ink worked from Cara's mopping the floor :nono: :o :P



    Yeah, they could use some health food!


    Looks like it is drying up quite nicely(the ink) :P



    doubt they've even noticed :nono:


    :P That is probably true...



    hehe...guys..... maybe we should thwack them so they notice? :nono: :nono:

  2. 6. msn messenger is asking other people to do download stuff from you?



    thats to do with your messenger settings if you've got it as share your background with your contact but don't worry about it you can click cancel or is it "your buddy has a new icon, click here to see it?" either of them don't worry about them - they're the 2 i've seen

  3. So, um... Get a tribble-sized catpult and a phaser and have target practice?  :dude:


    I know, that's horrible. I'm sure they could be sterilized or something.


    oh, good heavens! Tribble skeet shooting?! Yeah, horrible.. but oddly amusing too.


    Cara.. the furry creatures surrounding Kirk in this pic is are tribbles.



    Nu uh! No one hurts the Tribbles! :yahoo: Me and Raven are the Tribble Protectors! No one hurts them!















    (but yeah it sounds funny lol)

  4. It is definately not just for women. If you want it blue, and you can get by with it at work... go for it. If you want it red.. go for that. But temporary or semi-permanent is the way to go at first, just in case you decide you do not like the results. If you like them then go for the permanent stuff.



    When I was in high school, people were quite big into dying their hair with Kool-Aid. or coloring it with markers. True everyone thought that was what I was going for when I came to school with my hair a shade of purple... sadly it was that I dyed my hair strawberry blond and it backfired big time(at the time I was a dark blond, now my hair is a shade of reddish brown). One other time it was this nasty shade of red.. but that one was when I had first started working at my current job. :hug: What an impression I must have made :blush 2: I think Top the bad color with the fact that my perm I had had turned to a complete fuzz ball.


    I think about that day when I came into work looking like that... and realize I think that was the day I met my best friend. I guess the goofy looking hair did not scare him off.. :dude: But nowadays my hair is basically back to its natural color, and is straight again.



    Wildest hair I ever had was for homecoming skits. I was parodying a member of the administration/faculty. She was known for her bright crayon colored hair. So I had a nearly six hour process the night of the skits, curling my hair into really tight curls, then making them fuzzy and spraypainting my hair flourescent orange.



    I like your hair Yillara! :yahoo:


    I want my hair coloured (again!)


    I had it red and that looks weird....then i dyed it back brown and it went mousy then i had blond highlights bleached in and my nana made them too thick so I got my brown back but I'd like to go black with purpble, pink and red in :hug:


    Like I said - Go for it Sea Trooper!


    (I curled my hair last night for today.....I'll put a pic up in my Log when the piccie arrives in email :hug: )

  5. yucky! i like coke :dude: and hate coffee!


    dont like varients of coke.....dont like the diet much (theres more sugar than the regular) and the vanilla and lemon ones are weird...dont really like the lime one either..... cherry cokes nice :yahoo:

  6. See, I have natural jet black hair, but it's boring. So I wanted to dye it orange or blue, but my boss wouldn't like that, so I'm going to get red (natural red) highlights. You know, natural red so my boss couldn't say anything, but it will still look cool. So what does everybody think?


    BTW, I'm a guy. (straight!)


    My mom is very reluctant about my doing this. She says it's only for women. :yahoo: *sigh*


 's not only for women! loads of guys at out schoold oes it so i say go for it sea trooper! It'll look fab! Go for it and :rockon:

  7. My friend made me some frames for my site which I've used HTML on (Not the Ticker and other parts of the site) But I'm not putting the frames up onto it again until I've got me a HTML book out of the library so I can get frames linked in my site as they don't work! :(