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    hi feltman! welcome to the forums!
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    hello there! welcome aboard!
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    hello jeep! welcome to the forums! 
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    DrWho42 got a reaction from VaBeachGuy in R.I.P. BakulaBabe   
    i just realised this the other day because their fb changed to "remembering..."
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    happy birthday martok! they turn 29 today 
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    happy birthday apw! they turn 48 today 
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    happy birthday rob39874! they turn 38 today 
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    DrWho42 got a reaction from Mr.Picard in I'm Back   
    welcome back! it seems like maybe most migrated to social media but i feel like the time is ripe for fans to return to the forums. do we maybe have a STF Twitter, Facebook, etc.?
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    DrWho42 reacted to Mr.Picard in I'm Back   
    Not sure if anyone's still around but hey, I'm used to shouting into a void. lol
    I guess I'm back... this board was one of the first international Trek boards I joined back in the early 2000s and I have many, many fond memories of it. I returned a few years ago but then left again because I lacked the time to keep up properly, but these days I have a job that allows me to start early and leave early so that I have more time for my hobbies.
    Anyways. I hope someone reads this... oh and I shall start updating my Sir Patrick topic again. I hope no one minds, heh.
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    DrWho42 reacted to Odogoo in The Oldest New Member Eva!   
    Hay all, this may sound very weird, but I was feeling like coming this site agien after a very long time. I had a account here from 2005 and last long in 2009. Unfortionately the Email connected to it has long been closed for inactivity. Also I can't remember my password, so I thought I would make another account and see how the site is doing. I am happy to see it is still up :-). I have come a long way since I was about 18, I am 25 now. I don't know if anyone here will even remember me. If anyone knows how to get my old account I would appercate it too :-D
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    DrWho42 reacted to Commander Uhura in R.I.P. BakulaBabe   
    I miss her so much. She was interacting person on Facebook commenting on my status.
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    DrWho42 got a reaction from A l t e r E g o in fishcenter live   
    does anyone watch fishcenter live? it plays on weekdays at 4 pm est/9 pm gmt on the adultswim.com livestream or you can watch the older episodes here. i only started watching a few weeks ago but it's already one of my all-time favorites. fwiw, also, my favorite fish is hamburger.

    Source: FishCenter Live - Wikipedia