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  1. hello johnathan! welcome to the forums!
  2. dan voltz finished this commission of david cronenberg as federation agent kovich!
  3. i'm intrigued! i'll start watching as soon as discovery finishes up its third season
  4. i'm intrigued! please feel free to give us an update!
  5. source: Ben Bova (1932-2020) — Locus Online
  6. JMS just announced the news! Last Dangerous Visions Will Be Submitted to Publishers in 2021
  7. apparently you can get a cardboard standee of grudge the cat? Star Trek: Discovery Grudge Standee
  8. DrWho42

    Hi, I'm new!

    hello sasuga! welcome to the forums
  9. no worries! i've been here off and on but mostly on twitter :P
  10. this was a patreon reward by will quinn!
  11. happy birthday! :D

  12. happy birthday jane! they turn 38 today
  13. happy birthday! :D

  14. happy birthday zmbsrxq! they turn 36 today
  15. happy birthday! :D

  16. happy birthday leeta! they turn 44 today
  17. happy birthday tech! they turn 52 today
  18. happy birthday! :D

  19. happy birthday overload! they turn 43 today
  20. happy birthday mAqUiS_pRiNcEsS! they turn 30 today
  21. happy birthday john doe! they turn 34 today
  22. happy birthday! :D miss you

  23. happy birthday bakulababe! they turn 67 today rip
  24. i posted about it on facebook and twitter, but my cat snow passed away yesterday. she was twelve years old.