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  1. I have nver heard of one for TNG but i did here about one for Startrek: The continuing Voyage an illfated second attempt of TOS( They later turned to movies) That became ST2: the wrath of Khan..



    Id there would have been a TNG episode it would have been out of Canon because Kahn died at the end of St2 as did all of his followers

  2. It just boggles the mind how many people responded




    QUOTE T'pol is emotional because she likes Trip, cant you see?

    T'Pol doesn't have an interrest in Trip till Season 3.


    Thats not the point.She has always stuck up her nose at the human casuse.Yes she has loosened up.But she still acts like she has a chip on her shoulder



    THATS why she stayed on ENT,

    She stayed on the Enterprise out of loyalty to Archer.


    Yes she did stay because of Archer




    THATS why she gives him backmassges(eroticaly, if i mite add)

    She gives Trip massages to help with his nightmares. <<


    Yes that too..Is it just me or is there always sexual tension on Enterprise.i never saw that on TNG

  3. After seeing previous vulcans from trek lore like Spock and Tuvok.I wonder why T'pol is so frigid.Her character lacks what the previous two vulcans had.I know the lack of emotions that vulcans have but is this what they are also like or is this just bad acting? :)

  4. I love Enterprises prized pup Porthos:D He is just so cute and warm relief from the dark content of the recent Enterprise episodes.I Just want to see more of him.He adds a little laugh to each episode.


    What so you guys think..More or less puppy


    Of course the puppy has more charisma then Vulcan momma T'pol :) but she is always getting the breast..err best lines(some one add to her charcater please!)