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    Well yea,stuff that interests me. Music for one. Movies another. Tv..and..living<br /><br />adam baldwin, alan tudyk, anthony bourdain(travel/cooking), broadway plays and musicals, bruce campbell, catherine tate, chocolate, christian bale, christopher eccleston, chuck, cooking, csi, david bowie, david tennant, dexter, doctor who, dogma(movie), donna noble, dr who, egyptology, film noir, firefly, forensic science/forensic psychology, fraggle rock, gene hunt, gerard butler, harry potter, henry the 5th, heroes, hitchcock movies, house, james bond movies, jim henson productions, john barrowman, john simm, joss whedon, julian mcmahon, laybrnth, lee pace, life on mars, lost, marine biology, martha jones, mystery science theatre 3000, nathan fillion, nine inch nails, nip/tuck, phantom of the opera, psychology, pushing daisies, retro music, rose tyler, sam raimi, sam tyler, samatha brown (travel), sarah jane smith, shakspeare, shoes, shopping, silence of the lambs, sleep, snowboarding, south park, star trek, star wars, ted raimi, the avengers, the brooklyn dodgers, the cure, the evil dead, the fall, the master, the princess bride, the smiths, the twilight zone, the west wing, tom baker, torchwood, u2, ugly betty, voodoo, wicked, writing, x-files

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  1. happy birthday tina! :D

  2. Reading your interests you seem like a cool chick, sorry you are no longer posting here.


  3. Of course I will! Its Patrick Stewart and Shakspeare! <3
  4. Here is some updated info folks Macbeth@ Bam Review from London
  5. Tix now on sale for members of BAM only. Or if you want to spend 75$ extra you can become a friend of BAM and get tickets now
  6. Yes i am a saint. lol. Not really. It seems about two hundred Trekkies are camping out already making my friends job harder. He isn;t going to be there till Feb for a two month limited run with the Royal Shakspearean Company(then they go on tour). And tix will not go on sale till possibly in Late Nov. Go home..lol..now..bathe or something!
  7. Yes! Its going on Tour. I'll post more info when i get it!
  8. Hey folks. I just wanted to give a heads up to the people that enjoy theatre as i do and live in the NYC area Mr Stewart is going to be appearing at the Brooklyn Acadamy of Music as MacBeth. Although I am unaware of the dates-I'll let you guys know when tickets go on sale (my friend works there in ticketing) She was telling me how her phone is being bombarded with Trekkies asking about the sale date- There are about 100 camping outside the building. I doubt its any of us though,we are much more considerate! Anyway- I happened to see him like during his one man show of "A Christmas Carol"- it was genius. And i hope to see him again. I'll bring the blow by blow when i go see it!
  9. I love Canada. Free Health care No Bush...
  10. Not everyone- I still maintain that Daniel Craig cannot act and his Bond sucked. The movie was ok. Since i read the book i had high expectations. I watched it with a Sold out crowd and the part when he was coming out of the water my friend yelled "FAIL" and that garnered a whole buncha laughter
  11. I am glad they are going with the evil more psychotic version of the Joker from the Tod McFarlen Batman comics Its makes it more interesting Also i for one am glad that Zombie Katie Holmes is NOT in this new movie
  12. I saw this show THREE times when it was on Broadway,with inclusion of a Q & A by Bruce Campbell. It was so good! I was upset when they closed the show and moved back to Canada
  13. The show was ok. But the plot wasn't developed- because there seemed to be no plot at all
  14. I haven't seen it yet. I was a fan of the old show. Is it any good? I haven't seen it yet. I was a fan of the old show. Is it any good?