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  1. Wow I never would have thought it would have sunk so low. I love the ACC. Right now its tied 63-63 NC state again Georgia Teck. But no matter it still rules and Carolina is going to win. If not they will kick but next year. :D

  2. i'm really wondering about star trek. So many stations around the world are taking them ALL off the air (including mine) with that problem and Paramounts financial problems due you think enter prise will survive? ANYONE WHO READS THIS GIVE YOUR OPINION THAT WAY WE CAN ALL COMPARE THOUGHTS. :D

  3. Nice to meet you. I wigh I was able to watch all those shows where I live ST doesn't come on anymore. Enterprise comes on Wednesday TNG is always on ( THankfully) and Voyager comes on at 4am. So I wish you best of luck that they stay. I'm only 14 so my grammer may sound wrong. Sorry. I hope you enjoy this site as much as I enjoyed the old one. Have fun and Live long and love trek :D

  4. :D Hello all My real name is Billy I live in a town in the middle of growing up. It's one of the fastest growing towns in NC the state I live. I go to a really crapped up school in Harrells this town has a gas station/grocery store a Volunteer fire and EMC and a school. I would love to here from everyone that reads this to learn about you and start sharing info. Thanks