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  1. The last time I went to a Wal-Mart in my area they were just $99.99 (or about that), but nothing like $139. I you sure they said 139? And that was not there “regular price” (to sweeten up the deal) because it was on sale?


    That just seems odd to be that high.



    I personally bought all the TNG sets at Best Buy because they have a free bonus disk. I do admit that it is a bit more expensive at Best Buy ($110 vs the normal $100), but it is worth it. But the funny thing to that is the fact that the sales paper says $99.99 and then when you go there the label says $110. I tell them each time and sometimes I get a break and I only have to pay the $99.99 (+ tax), but a mostly they make me pay $110.



    Master Q

    B) :wow::laugh::laugh::wow::wow: B) :wow: I know and I read all of your suggestions but I don't have a computer to get kazaa or 88+ dollars to buy any of them. :wow:

  2. one of the reasons TOS did so well dispite the cheap set and props is that the science part of it was acutally researched. (Unlike ENTwhy bother to its "Silly")  The space suits they wore with the tholians were a concept straight from NASA and so were the food cubes but the food cubes never made it.  They had many coraspondances with NASA regarding design and functionability of props.


      I will say that if you have a great futuristic invention what better means of acceptance to the general public then to paste it all over Star Trek. 

      I wonder just how long it will be before transporters or replicators come about.  We already recycle water and air with filters.  hhhmmmm

    :wow: B) B) :wow::laugh::laugh::wow::wow: BINGO!!!!!!!!!! Just what I was hoping someone would think. I love your moving enterprise logo to unforchunitly I guess i don't know the internet as well as you. :wow:

  3. :wow: There has always been controversey surrounding Kes leaving the Voyager series, and Seven of Nine's entry.  Although I was sorry to see Kes leave the show, I found Seven of Nine's struggle to regain her human qualities, and her turmoil with the Borg identity she'd know most of her life, a most interesting addition to the Voyager story.  I never viewed Seven as a mere sex symbol to draw back male sta trek fans to the series.  True Jerri Ryan is an attractive woman.  However, Seven of Nine was definitely more tha just a pretty face.

    Gosh if I didn't know better I'd say you were my twin. Only your probably older B) All I have to say is YOUR RIGHT IN MY MIND. :wow::wow:

  4. I have many favorite episodes which include some from the early seasons such as Faces, Blood Fever, Day of Honor, and Muse........Yes I am a B'Elanna Torres fan B)

    Wa to go nice picture. I'm a belana fan to. And yes the first seasone RULEd. Um :wow: would you e-mail me that picture at

  5. Imo, VOY was pretty much a waste of time. So much potential for creating new and fascinating species to populate that part of the galaxy and what did we get the Kazon! Ok, there were a couple of good species but far and few between.


    Another gripe I have (I'm sorry, I know it suck's to hear rags on a fav. I will try to be gentle.) is with Marquis (sp?) becoming a part of the crew.

    In the beginning it looked like there was going to be great conflicts between the crews but oh so easily everyone got along. I know, everyone was in a struggle to survive and it would not have helped anything to be at each other's throats but for the sake of realism, it would have added to the danger of their predicament, therefore it would have served well as a dramatic element but alas... Etc etc… BUT there are a few episodes that make me glad for the series, I just cannot think of any now.

    wah wo boys and girls here we have a fan who must love........... oh yah reality. :wow: Oops sorry just joking :wow: YEAR OF HELL RULED B) if you saw it I PROMISE :wow: you would LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  6. Does Kazaalite make you pay cause I don't quite have a credit card. Is it hard and will it mess up my moms computer. CAn you save them to a disk or do you have to burn them. Cause i can't burn either. :lol: :lol: :D

  7. Many of you might remeber there was a question on one of the boards what ship would you choose yada yada who would be part of the crew. Well there is a star trek program I found it came out in 1999 it allows you to choose from the 6 different ship styles. And has every crew member from every season except enterprise. :lol: :D :lol: :D

  8. Cool I think you should try to have a media library on here to allow people to come hear and watch the shows. It would be hard for you I'm sure. But there are plenty of people like me who would love to watch. IT might be the boost you needed. :)

  9. thanks jdigs and eminem that was nice. And i'm glad jdigs that people are giving Voyager a chance. I hated enterprise but am forcing myself to watch it so as to pursaid myself to like it for Roddenbury and because so many people want it to stay its the least I can do. :)