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  1. I came here for one reason and found out the Joe had passed and trust me I haven't stopped crying. I can't say we were good friends, but I had him on my Yahoo Messanger, so we had obviously talked a bit.


    I had heard he had lupus when he posted it and I hated the idea that he was afflicted so direly with this illness and was suffering so agrieviously.


    I can't believe he has passed, I can't believe it. He was far too bloody young, there is no justice to this, the only thing we can say is that he is loved wherever he is and is no longer in any pain, and he can be back with those he loved.


    Fair sailing on the solar winds.

  2. Thank you guys


    Well the weekend has been exhausting, went to canterbury on friday, went to Bromley both Saturday and Monday and On sunday met up with my fellow David Hewlett fans and had a picnic in regents park. Been a great time.

  3. To be honest the parts of my town are just the low lying parts, not all parts do flood. Parts near rivers are bad, where that photo was taken floods really quick.To my knowldge no major damage was reported due to being away from residentail areas, at the moment we have b een lucky cause the parts that flood, tends to be away from residential areas, although minor damage, i.e. ground floor house damage, carpets, and things like that does get reported housing has been built with flooding in mind and additional preventative methods are helping. It just becomes a pain in the rear getting from A to B when you have to go thrugh x,y and z also.

  4. Its just parts of the town that get flooded like that, to be honest it isn't near in that area to any residences, but other areas are, people don't like to give up their homes. other areas though aren't as bad as that particualr area, its makes life difficult but not impossible.