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  1. Closed-captioning drives me batty... especially if it obscures the effects. : ) 

    My personal impression is that the writers were trying a bit *too* hard to make her sound Vulcan. Some of her longer monologues or "personal log"-type soliloquies struck me as very wooden and with unrelatable vocab. Some of her explanations could've been just as effective and logical with about half the adjectives and adverbs. It seemed (again, to me), like they were trying to present her as a Vulcan almost entirely through text/script, rather than leaving room for the performer's nuances . Spock and Tuvok etc. represented the nature of their culture through performance as much as language, but didn't seem as burdened by lengthy or wordy exposition... or the smartest-sounding adjectives the writers could find in a nearby thesaurus. Ha. At first, I thought I just wasn't connecting with her acting. Then I realized it was only partly the performance, and just as much (if not more so) the words she was given to say in those pieces. 

    Just my initial take. I'd have to watch it again to see if it still struck me that way the second time around. 

  2. Honestly, as much as I *wanted* to love it... I didn't. Granted, I'll defend it all day long because, let's be real, the entire first season of TNG sucked (IMO). You have to give a series time to come into its own and for the actors to really settle into their characters. I didn't love the premiere episode of any series (DS9 was probably the strongest), so DSC gets a pass. Thoughts below are admittedly based on ONE EPISODE ONLY... as I probably won't be paying for CBS any time soon. 

    Pros: The effects were strong, if a little nauseating (they went a bit overboard with camera angles). Saru was well-acted, and I'm a fan of Michelle even though I couldn't always understand her lines. It seems like it *could* be a strong premise/plot. I don't mind the technology updates or the plot deviations because some of those will be necessary to make the show palatable to modern audiences. 

    Cons: It was too Treknobabble-heavy for the uninitiated. While watching it, all I could think was, "this is far too plodding to gain any new fans", which is what the series needs to survive. Even *I* got bored a few times, not for lack of action, but due to the length of some of the monologues. The writing needed... editing. I also wasn't a huge fan of Martin-Green's acting (sorry, AE). I'm sure she's a fantastic actress, and I was excited about her in this role. But playing an emotional human raised by logical Vulcans would be a tough task for any actor, and I don't think she was as realistic/natural as I'd hoped. I place half the blame on the script (many of her word-choices seemed forced and unnecessarily heady), and I'm sure she'll grow into it. The Klingon parts were probably a bit much for the casual fan. And a ship covered in coffins? ...Just seemed like the show was trying too hard on that one, at least this early. 

    So... points for effort, but not a home run. My "armchair quarterbacking"? More natural dialogue from the writers for Burnham's character would've made a hell of a difference for me. 

    Here's hoping it's successful... without my money. 0_0

  3. Sure, she was an awful human being most of the time.


    Uh, yeah, she was Bajoran but I get what you're saying.


    I really hated her too. She wasn't as evil as Dukat but she wasn't far off.



    "Human Being" = humanoid.


    Bajorans = humanoid.






  4. Healthy = attractive.


    I just want the girl to take care of herself. There are way too many medical issues that can arise from being severely over or under-weight. She doesn't have to fit Hollywood's image as long as I know she values her own health. If she does, then she's alot more likely to value the health of our kids as well as my own.

  5. You scored as Federation.


    You Are The Federation, You prefer to be alone and learn. You enjoy helping people and know how to talk things up. You would help people into the spotlight before yourself


    Federation 65%

    Borg 60%

    Cardassian 55%

    Romulan 55%

    Vulcan 55%

    Dominion 30%

    Ferengi 25%

    Klingon 25%



    B) ....except for that whole "being alone and learn"-ing part.

  6. You scored as Kathryn Janeway.


    You're Kathy Janeway. You are a mad Captain who blames yourself for something in the past but are worshipped like a God by everyone around you. You'll probably save the universe as a Granny from the Borg in the future!


    Kathryn Janeway 75%

    Jean-Luc Picard 69%

    Benjamin Sisko 56%

    James T Kirk 50%




    Good; Janeway's my favorite anyway.

  7. You scored as Data.


    You are logical, highly intellegent and unemotional. You wish you understood other people more, but you find computers easier to work with.


    Data 67%

    Deanna Troi 60%

    Geordi LaForge 53%

    Worf 40%

    Jean Luc Picard 40%

    William T. Riker 33%

    Beverly Crusher 27%



    Well, I'm not good with computers and I'm not unemotional. Guess I got Data since I answered highly on most of the logic questions....

    Real life: more like Picard. I just can't stand Shakespeare B) .

  8. I thought she was incredible character, perhaps one of the most enjoyable non-regulars in all of Trek. Sure, she was an awful human being most of the time, but Louise Fletcher gave her so much depth and realism.


    I loved how she could wring every last drop of condescension out of something as simple as "Bless you my child." Her back-and-forth with Kira was always entertaining.


    I guess I loved to hate her. :veryangry:

  9. What I think of as collectibles now.... were toys when I bought them. Of course they got opened :veryangry: .


    I left 4 or 5 Star Wars items in their packages, but all my Trek stuff is open. I haven't really bought any "collectibles" in about 8 years anyway, though.

  10. It kinda reminds me of ships I design, I tend to take alot of inspiration from the Soveriegn class. I like the design.



    Same here. I've designed alot that are very similar to that. Maybe I should've entered... :lol:


    I like it too. Of course, I love the Akira, the Nebbie and the Sovie, so that's no surprise.


    With a name like "Titan", though, I did expect bigger. :(

  11. VOY was my favorite series, but the first 2 seasons bored the absolute heck outta me.


    IMO, VOY had the most up-and-down run. I think it hit its run near the beginning of season 3, then lost it for a bit, then got it back again at the end of season 3 when 7of9 joined the cast ("Scorpion" pt I).


    Quality dropped occassionally in season 4, followed by another "stride" in late season 4 through all of season7.


    Once 7of9 was introduced, the scripts seemed to increase in quality... by alot. Still, VOY didn't seem to hit a consistent stride until season 5. That gets my vote, even though there were a ton of earlier episodes that I loved.