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  1. A somewhat difficult question.

    Well,as much as I'd like to say that I'd be a match for Deanna Troi,I can honestly say that her empathic abilities would drive me up a wall.I can be moody at times,and I wouldn't like to have someone around that could sense that and continually ask me what is the matter?

    Tasha Yar was too emotionally distant and guarded.It would have been very difficult developing any sort of romantic relationship with her.I never liked Ro Laren.And,Dr.Selar is out.I just can't picture myself being with a woman that cannot display her emotions.Perhaps,Beverly Crusher.Yes.I could see myself and Beverly enjoying each other's company.She's a very intelligent woman.Someone I could have great conversations with.She's raising a son alone,and so am I.So we'd have that in common.I am a musician,she was a playright and also enjoyed acting in her plays.Those arts are not so far apart.And I do think she is a very attractive woman.So,she's my pick.

  2. Simple,yet elegant.That pretty much sums up the Starfleet design ethic throughout all the eras of Star Trek.These ships are an excellent example of that.

    It would have been nice to see many varities of starships and shuttles,and different technologies on The Original Series.I just don't think the shoestring budget would have permitted it,even if TOS had lasted another season or two.

  3. Myself,I've never seen,felt,or otherwise experienced any sort of ghostly phenomenon in my life.But I won't say that ghosts do not exist.I'd love to see one,actually.

    I'm afraid that I am very skeptical when it comes to things like this.I always look for the logical explaination first.Supernatural phenomenon is something of a hobby of mine,and I do a lot of browsing on the Internet in search of spirit photograph's,EVP recordings,and the like.To date I've not seen one picture or heard one recording I could honestly call a ghost.Though,there are a handful that are very,very peculiar and not immediately dismissable.

    This picture,I've seen before,I think.

    The "ghost" is a tree stump.The branches and foliage to the side and front make the illusion of semi-invisibility.Very spooky,eh? :lol:

  4. I was always under the impression that the Jem'Hadar only attacked and harassed the non-Cardassian colonists within the DMZ.The Cardassians wanted to make the region entirely peopled with Cardassians,and attempted to strong-arm the Federation settlers out on their own to no avail,and succeeded only in giving birth to the Maquis.The Founders allowed the Jem'Hadar to move into the border colonies and conduct military operations to placate their new Cardassian allies.

    I would imagine that the border colonies are now populated mostly by Cardassians,with a bare handful of other species (those who accepted Cardassian dominion,and those who most effectively "hid").

    Still,all of this is pure speculation on my part.I haven't a clue as to what actually happened.I'd love to find out,though.Might make an interesting book,don't you think?

  5. I am an American.But,my father was a photo journalist and during the early and middle 1970's he covered african political news and any african news that had international implications.He allowed my mother,myself,my brother,and sister (both older than myself),to relocate to Morocco,so we could all be together.We spent a little less than 5-years there,in Ceuta (which,is under Spanish authority,but anybody that's been there knows it is most definitely a Moroccan city).Morocco celebrates it's national holiday,"Throne Day" on 30th,July every year.It is more a celebration of the king,than the country itself.

    Its a very beautiful country.