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  1. Computer generated visuals.

    I've wondered about that,too.I always was puzzled by the fact that when an enemy vessel fires disruptors or some other energy weapon,you can see this brightly colored lance of power surging across space,when in fact,you wouldn't be able to see a thing.

    Of,course,that doesn't explain why the runabouts/shuttles have the same visuals...


  2. I don't have a clue as to why there was the difference.

    But,I'll vote for the two sentient species from the same world theory,although it seems more likely the writers just overlooked the TNG appearance of Talarians,when they were producing the DS9 episode.

  3. Interesting design.No shuttlebay?

    It would appear this class might need to restrict operations to within a certain zone around a starbase of some sort.

    Based on the (apparent) size of the bridge,I doubt very many crewmen would be assigned.But,I suppose that's in keeping with the Defiant-like role of escort.All in all,a nice design.

  4. Sure.

    Just like people all over the world who live in country's with brutal,militaristic government,the Cardassian people are not what they seem.We often fear the government and automatically catagorize all of that governments people as the enemy,and as savages.This usually isn't the case at all.

    I think the ordinary Cardassian isn't so very much different than the ordinary Human,or Bajoran in temperment and desire.They are a simple,spiritual people.I'm sure they detested their leadership as much as the bajorans did.Both people were terrorized by that government's shocktroops and secret police,after all.

    The Cardassians who did seem merciless were either soldiers or younger Cardassians who had,most likely,been brainwashed from childhood to hold the government more dearly than their own family(a common enough practice among tyrannical government's).

    I believe there were many instances on DS9 of individual Cardassians showing good character and many admirable traits.Even garak!

    I wouldn't be surprised to see a Cardassian Starfleet officer in the future.

  5. Does Iliana even count?

    (shrugs)Oh,well,two other people have voted for her and Nana did look spectacular in the make-up.I say Iliana.


    Now,when it comes to an authentic Cardassian woman ( :lol: ),I'd say Natima lang.When she was with Quark,it looked as if she gave great Ooh mox.I know I don't have the ears for it,but I'd still love her to do it.

  6. I'd have to say Ambassador K'Ehylar (I just know I goofed the spelling).

    I think she was a very attractive woman,forhead and all.Maybe her human genes helped?I also liked her self-assured,cocky attitude.There's nothing more sexy than a smart,attractive woman that isn't afraid to assert herself.

  7. I can't say I've ever noticed any great destinction between the Vulcans of any of the era's listed in the poll.Sure,on Enterprise there have been small differences,but this is only because the Vulcans are yet maturing.For the most part,the Vulcans are the same throughout Star Trek.

    Still,for the sake of the poll I'll vote TOS.

  8. I'd love for the Xindi situation to be resolved by the end of season 3.That would leave the TCW storyline unresolved,but before getting back to that,I would enjoy an entire season of pure exploration.No guns a blazing,no MACOs conducting special or covert Ops against anybody.Just mapping the galaxy,investigating new worlds,and meeting new civilizations.This isn't to say I'd be against the occasional action-oriented episode.But,for the most part I'd like to see the "To Boldly Go.." motto put to even greater use.We can always get back to the TCW and smoking phase pistols in seasons 5,6,and 7.

  9. I love baseball.The great American passtime.Its my favorite professional sport,in fact.Growing up I was a Dodgers fan,because my family spent a little time in and around Vero Beach,Florida and I could watch the Dodgers training and playing Grapefruit League games.I remember,I once went to have lunch at a popular little cafe down there and got to sit and eat with Steve Garvey.I was about 14 or 15,at the time.I'll never forget that.Steve was my favorite ball player from that point on.I cried when the Dodgers let him go to the Padres.

    Now,I'm a fan of the Texas Rangers.I take in a couple of games a year.Usually not more than two,though.

  10. Well,I'm new here.


    And maybe I shouldn't be jumping into the middle of all this.But,my friend,redshirt volunteer,is it?Your last post seems,to me at least,to be very uncivil in tone.What you've said about being able to see something from all points pertains to you,too.

    Obviously,most of the people who have responded do not feel the way you do.They have given there reasons.If you don't think their reasons are thought out well enough,what can I say?Drop the subject and move on.What will ranting get you?

  11. Absolutely.Yes,please.Make them :lol:

    I hate most of the programming on television today.If not for Star Trek:Enterprise,I'd probably have my set tuned to PBS all day long (I don't have cable).Well,except for the late local news broadcast and the occasional sporting event.

    I'd love to see made-for-tv Trek.

  12. That's a very hard question to answer.A lot of fans say yes,and begin pointing out different things that weren't supposed to happen,such as mankind's first contact with Klingons,the appearance of the Borg and Ferengi pre-TNG,etc.

    But I say no.We've never had hard proof that humans didn't meet Klingons earlier than the date given in the Star Trek Encyclopedia (which was just conjecture,I believe on Michael Okuda's behalf).And many of the other perceived continuity errors and historical revisions can likewise be explained away.For instance,on the episode "acquisition",nobody knows that it is Ferengi who have boarded Enterprise.Nobody knew about the Borg in "Regeneration".A good storyteller,and I believe Enterprise has them,can weave a great many wonderful tales from all of the loose ends from The Original Series and the other series'.

    The events of First Contact were always meant to happen.Geordi LaForge and William Riker were always the men who accompanied Zefram Cochrane on his first warp flight (lucky bastards).Its paradox.Don't think about it too much.It will only result in a headache.